Brians G-Netik II Pro Goalie Leg Pads

Continuing the extraordinary success of the Gnetik Pro line of gear; Brian's Custom Sports introduces the new Gnetik 2 Pro goal pad. With its soft; flat face; this pad is designed to offer maximum coverage to a hybrid style goalie looking to take their game to the next level. Beginning internally; the Gnetik 2 Pro features Brian's proprietary E Foam construction (10% lighter than Gnetik Pro) ; resulting in an ultra-lightweight pad near the lightest in its category. The E Foam core is molded with a Hyperflex 4 flex profile at each of the boot; lower knee; and upper knee locations; resulting in one of the most flexible pads Brian's has ever produced. An improved Full Flex knee system allows the pad to not only flex at the breaks; but all throughout the knee section of the pad; allowing the goalie to close off the 5-hole easier. The inside sliding edge of the Gnetik 2 Pro has been left bindingless to initiate effortless sliding across the crease. Like the Subzero 2 pro and the Gnetik Pro; Brian's has continued the use of the wildly successful Smart Strap system at the calf and taken it to a whole new level. Now for the first time; the toe ties feature a simple elastic and Velcro system designed to drastically cut down dress time in the locker room. Additionally; the traditional leather boot strap has been replaced with an ultra-strong nylon strap with Velcro (for those who prefer the traditional style leather boot strap; it is still included with the leg pads) . Lastly; an 80 degree toe taper allows the pad to fully rotate in and out of butterfly; ready for the next save. If you are a competitive level goalie looking for a flat-faced hybrid style pad that offers excellent rebound control and a wide variety of new designs and features; look no further than the Brian's Gnetik Pro 2.

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