Tiny Miracles And Angels Danced Emmy Realistic Baby Doll: So Truly Real

The smile on little Emmy's face will bring a smile to yours! This collectible lifelike baby girl doll is a So Truly Real Tiny Miracles exclusive from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. With her bright, baby-blue eyes that twinkle right at you, this realistic baby doll is a petite 10-inch princess you can't resist! You'll be enchanted by each tiny detail of this collectible vinyl doll, lovingly created by Master Doll Artist Linda Webb.Emmy wears a cozy pink-and-white ensemble with tiny heart-shaped buttons and a pink bow in her soft, micro-rooted brown hair. Each of her features looks authentic, from her hand-painted fingernails and toenails to her wispy, baby-soft eyelashes. She's perfectly sized for all of the Emmy's World outfits and accessories Strong demand is expected, so order now!

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