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ITP Holeshot GNCC ATV Tire 21x11-9
Description: The Holeshot GNCC tire was designed and developed for today's long-travel, high-performance quads. The Holeshot GNCC offers exceptional overall capabilities, with an emphasis on reducing rider fatigue and lowering lap times. Great handling and traction are complemented by a super-tough 6-ply carcass that can easily deal with all the tight trees, rocks, roots and ruts found on a typical GNCC race course. The front GNCC tire has a more rounded profile and angled knob pattern making the tire lighter and easier to steer. The rear GNCC tire has a more open tread and split-knob design to provide exceptional straight-line grip, balanced cornering and unbeatable clean-out.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 112.85

ITP Mayhem ATV Tire 25x8-12
Description: The ITP Mayhem features a unique, deep-lug tread design that mocks the nastiest mudholes but still plays nice on harder trail surfaces. Trail comfort and handling are further enhanced by the Mayhem's lightweight carcass construction. Exceptional acceleration and braking characteristics as well as balanced cornering qualities make the ITP Mayhem a capable, confident all-around performer. With its extended wear rubber compound and durable 6-ply rating, the Mayhem can take a beating and come back for more. Tribal-inspired, embossed artwork, the Mayhem stands out in a crowd not just for its abilities but for its attitude, too. The ITP Mayhem is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 85.13

ITP Holeshot SX ATV Tire 18x10-8
Description: The Holeshot SX has been carefully designed and painstakingly developed to dominate on hard-packed motocross tracks. The Holeshot SX also incorporates a tighter knob pattern and sipped knobs for an increased contact area improving steering response as well as braking control in hard pack conditions. The new rubber compound helps to keep the knob edges sharper longer, while the reinforced carcass also magnifies cornering precision. A secondary benefit of this new carcass design is that it allows for lower tire pressures than in the past, enhancing ride comfort as well as steering traction. 2-ply rating.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 94.88

ITP QuadCross MX Pro ATV Tire 18x10-8
Description: The MX Pro features a revised shoulder profile for greatly improved predictability and side bite. Soft Works like rubber compound sets a new standard on hard-packed tracks. 2-ply rating.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 91.88

ITP BajaCross Radial ATV Tire 25x8-12
Description: Baja proven to handle the toughest and heaviest UTV applications and it performs impressively on 4x4 and utility ATVs as well. Extended-life rubber compound and innovative overlapping tread pattern provides a smooth, predictable ride as well as slow wear characteristics. Stepped lugs provide consistent tread edges as the tire wears, for predictable performance throughout the long life of the tire. Wraparound lugs provide improved shoulder protection; while a super deep rim guard feature offers the best wheel lip protection in the business. Despite its strength, the BajaCross's advanced carcass design delivers the most comfortable, trail-compliant ride available. Radial Construction. Features an 8-ply rating.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 123.99

ITP Sand Star Rear ATV Tire 26x11-12 L/H
Description: Dual scoop design features full width paddles and mini paddles that provide quicker hookup and maximum acceleration. 18 -22 Rear sizes have 8 paddles and 8 mini paddles. 26 Rear size have 10 paddles and 10 mini paddles.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 102.98

ITP Monster Mayhem ATV Tire 30x9-14
Description: Despite what your parents may have told you, monsters do exist. We know because ITP created one. ITP created the Monster Mayhem, a 30-inch-diameter mud/trail tire with 1 3/4 long claws ready to strike fear in the heart of any mudhole. The Monster Mayhem has wickedness in its DNA. The Monster Mayhem's lightweight 6-ply carcass lets it pounce with exceptional acceleration, braking and maneuverability. The fearsome Monster Mayhem boasts an intimidating 1.75 tread depth.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 161.88

ITP QuadCross MX Pro Lite ATV Tire 18x10-8
Description: Features a new 2-ply carcass utilizing a sidewall apex design that stiffens the sidewall during side loads without compromising ride quality. Compared to the QuadCross MX PRO, this tire is a pound lighter in front and two pounds lighter on the rear. Acceleration, braking, cornering and overall balance and feel have all benefited from this new carcass as well as a tried-and true tread pattern, especially on hard-packed track surfaces.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 92.99

ITP Turf Tamer Classic 18x10-8
Description: The ITP Turf Tamer Classic utilizes a strong, lightweight, 2-ply carcass that's been re-engineered to accommodate the characteristics of today's 4-stroke sport quad models. It provides unmatched durability as well as excellent handling and ride. Their proven dimpled knob design and an advanced tread compound delivers exceptional traction and long life.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 66.98

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