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Arms Bfm 50Cal Plus Mkii Throw Lever Mnt
Description: A.R.M.S. ; #72; -LII; .50 Cal. MKII Lever; Mount & The A.R.M.S. ; Inc. .50 Cal. Plus #72 mount features a built in harmonic spring dampener system that significantly reduces damaging shock waves, allowing sensitive electro/optic aiming devices to better survive, high volume firing on all caliber man portable and crew served weaponry. & Description: The #72 mount also include the new MK ll Levers featuring a built in precision adjustment wheel allowing finger tip (no tool) selection to desired tension to fit variations in 1913 mil-standard dimensionsPrecision tension means Precision accuracyThe mounts adjustment wheel comes pre-gauged and locked to the center of the mil std. dovetail specsThe hash marks to the left or right of the adjustment wheels white marked indicator line, represent .002Also available in Ext. model for 5.56 cal. Graph clearly demonstrates that the ARMS #72 series of mounts offer a tremendous reduction in harmonics and initial shock impact to an electro optical device100% MADE IN THE USA

Store: Walmart US Brand: A.R.M.S. Price: USD 394.99

Arms Multibase Mount Alum Mil-Spec Blk
Description: Glue-On Base Pads - 3 PackIncrease your stock magazine's length by .360 - Fits all solid base magazines - Roughen and degrease all contact surfaces prior to gluing - Properly installed, the base pad will stay on forever

Store: Walmart US Brand: A.R.M.S. Price: USD 74.99

Arms M16A1A2 Scope Mount
Description: F325 Deluxe Shotgun; Rifle Field Pad & Brown with White Line BaseLarge & Stipple Field Face & 5.70L x 2.05"W x 1.15"Thick & Classic appearance; excellent recoil absorbing abilityExcellent for those who prefer a softer side for collar bone comfort

Store: Walmart US Brand: A.R.M.S. Price: USD 74.99

Arms Trj Reflex Mount Spacer
Description: A.R.M.S. #15 SpacerRaises the #15 Trijicon Reflex Mount approx. .125.Description: One or more can be stacked for desired height.100% MADE IN THE USA

Store: Walmart US Brand: A.R.M.S. Price: USD 28.99

A.R.M.S #71L Series Polymer Combat Sight Set ARMS-71L-SET
Description: The GG;G Spring Actuated Flip Up Front Sight is the latest and greatest version of their already highly successful front sights, and a natural progression from the newly developed spring actuated A2 rear sights. Like the Spring Actuated A2 Rear Sights, the Spring Actuated Flip Up Front Sight is quickly deployed by depressing the actuator button located on the left side of the body. Once up, it locks solidly in place until the actuator button is depressed again, allowing the sight to be lowered. This model is specifically designed for free-float and drop-in rails on the same plane as a flat-top receiver, and will even work when mounted to gas-blocks that are at the same height. They're also robust enough to be used on the AR-10. The sight post is military standard, allowing easy replacement with Tritium inserts. All models of GG;G's Spring Actuated Flip Up Front Sight are manufactured from 6061 T-6 aluminum, dehorned, bead blasted and hard coat anodized to provide non-reflective, corrosion resistant matte-black finish meeting all mil-spec requirements.

Store: Walmart US Brand: A.R.M.S Price: USD 93.82

A.R.M.S. #41-B Silhouette Folding Front Site Barrel Mount
Description: A.R.M.S.; #41;-B Silhouette; Folding Front Site Barrel Mount Folding Front Sight with integral gas block. Fits Standard size AR15 (750) barrel. 100% MADE IN THE USA. The NEW A.R.M.S.; #41;-B SILHOUETTE; Front Folding Sight solves the problem of trying to fold the well known triangle shape of the conventional non folding front sights. Barrel mounted in place. Utilizes a rugged spring loaded angled support system to eliminate getting caught up in brush and other combat hazards. Made of steel and also uses the standard front sight post. Optional Bayonet Lug also available.

Store: Walmart US Brand: A.R.M.S. Price: USD 245.99

A.R.M.S. Number 71L-R Rear Sight ARMS-71L-R
Description: The #71L-R features the same metal dual apertures, utilized in the A.R.M.S. #40L under contract with Crane Naval Special Warfare Center, for both CQB and long range shooting applications. Made from durable, metal-reinforced polymer and are a good option when seeking a quality sight. Measures .610-Inch when in the folded position, from the top of the receiver. Designed to allow attachment to all universal dovetail 1913 and Weaver style rails.

Store: Walmart US Brand: A.R.M.S. Price: USD 64.30


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