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Badlands Intensifier Module
Description: One low input, one high input, one output Will run single or multiple driving lights for High and Low; single or multiple marker lights for Run and Stop Also can do Run and Turn on a pair of turn signals but 2 units are required Will run up to 50-watts total for Driving Lights (2 x 25W) Fits any 12-volt system

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 44.99

Badlands Dual Intensifier Module
Description: Dual version - two inputs, two outputs Does Run and Stop or High and Low Does Run and Turn for a pair of turn signals with one module Runs up to 100-watts total for Driving Lights (2x50W, 4x25W) Fits any 12-volt system

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 68.99

Badlands Load Equalizer II
Description: Get all the features of the original Load Equalizer and keep your emergency flasher capability Returns amperage draw to the correct factory specification when aftermarket marker lights are used to replace stock turn signals Self-canceling ""Brain Box"" must have the correct draw in order to function properly For 1991-99 Harley-Davidson's which have a self-canceling system On earlier models with the old-style turn signal flasher, simply change the flasher unit to381-512, or use the turn signal equalizer For use on bikes equipped with self-canceling turn signals and four way flashers Will not work with LED lights use 381-877 for LED lights

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 39.99

Badlands Illuminator Plug-In Style Run, Brake and Turn Signal Module
Description: Turns stock or custom turn signals into running lights and brake light while keeping their turn signal function The built-in load equalizer works with large and small incandescent or LED units, plus all single-filament bulbs, including halogen Its compatible with OEM alarm systems and comes with easy-to-follow instructions with plug-in connectors for hassle-free installation

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 118.99

Badlands Turn Signal Canceler
Description: Badlands' plug-in automatic turn signal canceler replaces the OEM unit and does not require the stock speedometer for proper operation The module automatically flashes for nine seconds, but can be manually canceled at any time It includes a built-in emergency flasher mode and a load equalizer that runs LEDs of up to 100 watts per side. Measures 2-7/8"" x 1-3/8"" x 7/8""

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 94.99

Badlands Turn Signal Shut-off Module III
Description: Miniaturized module will give the 1991-2007 self-cancelling features to any custom built bike or 1973-90 Harley-Davidson Features 9-second timed flashing that automatically cancels, manual cancel at any time, built-in emergency flasher mode, built-in solid state flasher, and built-in load equalizer (runs LEDs up to 100 watts) Includes wire connectors and simple diagrams Measures 2-7/8""long x 1-3/8 ""wide x 7/8 "" deep

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 74.99

Badlands Load Equalizer III
Description: The Load Equalizer III produces absolutely no heat Emergency flashers may be ran for an unlimited amount of time designed for parade use Works with LED lights

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 65.99

Badlands Plug-In Illuminator with Red Lenses
Description: Kit includes illuminator run-turn-brake controller and red lenses Lenses fit rear OEM turn signal assemblies Increases your visibility by adding the run and brake function to your rear turn signals Plugs directly into OEM harnesses with no splicing

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 126.99

Badlands Metric Load Equalizer IV
Description: Will run emergency flashers for any amount of time The only load equalizer designed for parade use Solid state construction and waterproof Will not get hot like resistor style load equalizers Fits most Metric and European motorcycles (except Honda) American made with quality components

Store: J&P Cycles Brand: Badlands Price: USD 69.99

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