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Remote Control Handset for Gemini
Description: . The pocket-sized Bowens Remote Control Handset for Gemini makes working with Bowens Gemini 'R' and 'Pro' monolights a breeze. Weighing in at just 34g this diminutive device allows precise control of your lighting from up to seven meters away. This multi-function remote with eight IR channels allows you control multiple units without ever leaving your camera position. The remote handset features to control power levels modelling lamp settings test flash photocell channel setting and other functions. The remote handset can also be used to control the Jetstream 250 and Jetstream 350 Wind Machines controlling speed and allowing 'burst' to full power with one touch. It operates from a single CR2032 battery. Features: Extremely lightweight (1.19 oz) remote controller Compatible with Gemini R and Gemini Pro monolights

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 88.88

Gemini 400Rx 2 Head Kit 90-120VAC
Description: . The super-value Bowens Gemini 400Rx 2 Head Kit builds on the success of our best selling photographic lighting sets to bring you an ultra-versatile studio and location kit that is suitable for beginners looking for entry level lighting and professional photographers looking for studio and location lighting with exceptional value for money. Familiar features such as fast recycling (1.2 sec) and quick flash durations (1/1000s) are all onboard as well as a full 5 stop flash power range controlled by a single intuitive dial which also controls the proportional modelling lamp. The bright 250W modelling lamp can also be set to Full (100%) or off when required. Each Gemini 400Rx flash head has a built-in Pulsar Radio Receiver and the Kit comes complete with a Camera mounted Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger. The Pulsar Tx allows flash sync over 24 different radio zones using four channels and six studio settings enabling you to trigger individual light sources or combine them to fire all at once without ever leaving your camera position. The kit includes two 90cm Silver/White Umbrellas perfect for portraiture and many still-life applications. The black cover can be simply unclipped and easily removed to leave just the white diffuser you can then 'shoot through' the umbrella like a softbox. The inclusion of the integrated Pulsar Radio receiver coupled with the versatility of being mains (AC) or optional Travelpak Battery (DC) powered makes the Gemini 400Rx kit one of the most resourceful professional flash kits available today. Features: 400W/s of power Five stops of power control Runs on AC power or optional Bowens Travelpak DC battery power Built-in Pulsar receiver and included Tx Transceiver Multiple modeling light modes Compatible with all S Type attachments Wide range of Bowens accessories available for light control Fast flash durations DSLR-friendly low sync voltage

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 899.88

Quick Ring with Swivel
Description: . The original Bowens -designed Quickring is designed to make the assembly (and disassembly!) of any softbox or Wafer lightbank easier than ever. The Quickring is made of all metal construction and the lock lever will remain secure during normal use. The advanced design allows the center ring to be released and rotated which relieves tension of the support rods as the box is being assembled. Simply unlock the adapter ring insert all four rods in to the Quickring then lock the adapter ring back in place. The softbox is now assembled and ready to use. Features: It features a small lock to secure the QuickRing in place once assembled. Ring inserts for specific light fixtures are available separately.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 48.88

Creo 2400 Generator
Description: . The Bowens Creo 2400 Generator is the pinnacle of performance reliability robustness and value. The professional power pack come in 1200Ws models boasting specifications that until now could only be found on the most expensive generators. The precision performance of the Creo including flash durations as quick as 1/7692 second and colour stability from flash to flash as stable as 40k coupled with the legendary build-quality of Bowens means these packs are perfect for hard-working commercial studios and rental houses alike. Pack power is easily operated with the intuitive control panel allowing all features to be quickly set at the touch of a button. The packs can also be operated without ever leaving your camera position with the optional Creo Infra-Red remote control. 'Creo' means 'to create' the ease and speed of operating these professional feature packed generators allows you to do just that with no complications. The integrated Radio Trigger Card slot allows you to plug in a Pulsar Radio Rx Card delivering wireless freedom. The Creo also features two surface mounted Photocells to sync the pack perfectly with any remote flash. For the traditionalist the Creo pack has two 1/4' jack sync sockets for connecting a sync cord to your camera. Creo packs are equipped with an advanced cooling and protection system designed to prevent heat build-up and ensure that the pack is always operating at optimum performance. Multiple fans automatically switch to increase airflow through the pack when required and the charge limiter monitors system conditions and will automatically adjust the charge rate if necessary to protect the pack as indicated with the Speed LEDs. The intuitive digital control panel of the Creo professional power packs makes precision control fast and simple. Power to each of the two channels can be quickly adjusted in stops or tenths of stops at the touch of a button. Other features such as Modelling control Ready indication and Recharge speed can be easily set with LEDs clearly showing their status. Features: Ultra-fast recycling times. Just 0.9 seconds at full power. As many as 8 flashes per second. Flash durations as quick as 1/7692s. 9 Stop power range. Super high colour stability 80K from 4.0 10.0. Energy stability 1/50 f/stop (flash-to-flash) . Radio-enabled for wire-free sync with Bowens Pulsar Radio Trigger. Self-seeking multi-voltage for world-wide compatibility. Compatible with QUAD system flash heads and Bowens 'S'-Type Accessories.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 6140.88

Grid for 21 In. Beauty Dish
Description: . The Bowens Grid for 21 In. Beauty Dish is an optional attachment for the beauty dish that creates a unique lighting effect. The honeycomb allows photographers to take full control over light spill which is essential when working in confined spaces or close to a background. This grid is a lightweight rigid light-shaping tool that uses 3/8' honeycomb cells to narrow the 75-degree beam spread of the Beauty Dish control spill light and provide greater directionality and control. It's an ideal tool for achieving Rembrandt-like lighting effects. Features: Tunnels the Light Controls Spill 3/8 inches Honeycomb

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 209.88

Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger and Receiver Card Kit
Description: . The Bowens Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger and Receiver Card Kit contains a Pulsar Tx radio transmitter as well as a Pulsar Rx receiver card and antenna. Together they enable you to banish sync cords and your Bowens Gemini lighting to become wire-free! The ultra-compact transmitter with its discreet 'camera-hugging' low profile ensures that photographers can shoot comfortably without their camera becoming unbalanced by unwieldy attachments. The Pulsar Tx features a unique new 'click-lock' system for attaching the unit to the camera hotshoe securely without the need for further tightening via a thumbscrew. The 'click-lock' holds the trigger firmly in place whether the camera is being used in landscape or portrait position - and there is no loss of connection as with some heavier triggers. The lightweight Pulsar Tx weighs in at just 34g and is powered by a single CR2032 cell battery the trigger's power management system ensures long battery life by making sure that the unit is always in low-power mode until more energy is required. Functionality couldn't be easier! The Tx is controlled by just two simple push buttons allowing full control over the 24 radio zones and the test flash function - with no external switches there is nothing to break and nowhere for dust to collect and compromise the unit's performance. The solid antenna adds to this durability. Channel and studio selections are indicated by a row of LED's. By simply plugging a Pulsar Rx radio receiver card into the slot on the back Gemini lights instantly become compatible with the Pulsar radio trigger system. Because the radio receiver card becomes an integral part of the unit it is much more reliable than an external receiver which can only be as good as it's cord connection. Simply insert the Radio Trigger Card into the slot on the back of the Gemini unit and fit the antenna into the socket on the side and your monolight can now receive signals from a Pulsar Radio Trigger unit mounted onto your camera. NOTE: For this kit to function your Gemini monolight must have a Pulsar Card slot on the rear control panel. Never be let down by unreliable sync cords or connections again. Compatible Gemini Units: Gemini Classic 250C Gemini Classic 500C Gemini 250R Gemini 500R Gemini 500Pro Gemini 750Pro Gemini 1000Pro Gemini 1500Pro. Features: 24 Channels 80' Range Transmitter Only 2.0 oz (8.0g) No Battery Needed Includes Antenna

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 211.88

Large Travelpak for Gemini Monolight
Description: . The award-winning original and unrivalled Bowens Large Travelpak for Gemini Monolight battery system is now even better. The restyled Travelpak makes working on long location shoots easy thanks to its unique new hot-swap battery feature. Now if a battery starts to fade on a lengthy assignment photographers can simply unclip the control panel unit from the depleted battery and clip on a fully-charged battery - no more waiting to charge up the whole unit. The Travelpak system has two sizes of battery - allowing photographers to choose the power and size to suit their own specific needs. Able to support up to two Bowens Gemini monolights the Travelpak can provide power up to a massive 3000Ws recycle to full power at speeds up to 2 seconds* and offers up to 750 shots on a single charge. The Travelpak comes supplied with one 3m cable to link it to a Gemini light. There is an optional extended 8m cable available if you need to site your lights further away from the pack. Only the Travelpak from Bowens offers location photographers such portable versatility. Features: Easy battery swapping Fast/slow recycling options Charging offline Recessed switches and sockets Robust all-metal construction Easy-to-read battery indicator

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 767.88

7 In. General Purpose Grid Reflector
Description: . The Bowens 7 In. General Purpose Grid Reflector is a good general purpose direct reflector. With a rolled rim and indent. With a rolled rim and indent this medium-angle reflector will hold a 7 inches honeycomb grid.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 101.88

Jetstream 250 Wind Machine
Description: . When precision pin-point control over the speed and direction of air-flow is needed a fan simply will not do. You need an industry-standard professional Bowens Jetstream 250 Wind Machine . The cylindrical design of the Jetstream wind machines allow you to create a 'tube' of air which means you can point the air anywhere you need it without disturbing another part of your set - this is not possible with a regular fan. The volume of air-flow can be varied from gentle breeze to intense bluster and beyond with control from either the on-board digital control panel or via the infra-red remote control. The remote control has eight unique IR channel settings allowing you to control Jetstreams individually or in banks to create different effects. The Jetstream can be sited on the floor and angled to suit or mounted onto any 5/8' support stand or ceiling track system. Jetstream 250 standard sized professional wind machine has become an industry standard seen in photo and TV studios and fashion runways all over the world. Features: 12.5 inches (315 mm) Width Variable Speed Operates on 117V Includes Infra-Red Remote Floorstand with 5/8 In. Mount

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Bowens Price: USD 1171.88

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