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Brians Sr. Goalie Knee Pads
Description: 3-Piece molded high density plasticWrap around poly knee capRemovable sportmesh interior cushion3-Point velcro closure

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 79.99

Brians Sub-Zero II Pro Custom Goalie Chest Arm Protector
Description: For over 30 years; Brian's Custom Sports has produced some of the most revolutionary goalie equipment in history. The brand new Subzero Pro II chest and arm protector continues this legacy with a long list of features in a unit that is fully customizable and oriented towards a butterfly style of play. The Subzero Pro II chest and arm protector takes a more traditional approach to achieving maximum protection and net coverage. The Subzero Pro II continues the use of the floating belly flap to allow the goalie to get deeper in their stance. The flap is now constructed form Brian's proprietary E-Foam; offering unmatched protection with incredibly light weight. Newly redesigned shoulder floaters offer contoured protection for improved range of motion while still remaining wide enough for maximum net coverage. Full multi-layered rib protection is designed to give a perfect seal between the body and arms while protecting the ribs fully. The arms of the Subzero Pro II are constructed with thick HD foam to maximum legal NHL specifications with Airknit lining the outer side for increased air flow to the goalie's body. The arms are very adjustable; featuring five elastic adjustments combined with laced in arms for a wide range of fitting options. All five elastic adjustments are integrated into the plastic molded elbow caps to allow for precise control of the arm and body. Taking note from the success of their Gnetik line of gloves; Brian's has incorporated X-Static silver material into a majority of the components of the unit; effectively reducing odor buildup over time. Brian's has taken extreme measures to ensure that the chest protector can fit any style of play; offering adjustments on nearly every design feature of the unit. With this wide range of fitment; this lightweight; well balanced unit is ideal for butterfly goalies looking for a chest protector that will protect against the most advanced level of shots.

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 599.99

Brians Pro Goalie Knee Pads

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 109.99

Brians BStar Double Diamond Sr. Goalie Jock

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 79.99

Brians BStar Single Diamond Jr. Goalie Jock

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 39.99

Brians G-Netik Pro 2 Custom Goalie Leg Pads
Description: Continuing the extraordinary success of the Gnetik Pro line of gear; Brian's Custom Sports introduces the new Gnetik 2 Pro goal pad. With its soft; flat face; this pad is designed to offer maximum coverage to a hybrid style goalie looking to take their game to the next level. Beginning internally; the Gnetik 2 Pro features Brian's proprietary E Foam construction (10% lighter than Gnetik Pro) ; resulting in an ultra-lightweight pad near the lightest in its category. The E Foam core is molded with a Hyperflex 4 flex profile at each of the boot; lower knee; and upper knee locations; resulting in one of the most flexible pads Brian's has ever produced. An improved Full Flex knee system allows the pad to not only flex at the breaks; but all throughout the knee section of the pad; allowing the goalie to close off the 5-hole easier. The inside sliding edge of the Gnetik 2 Pro has been left bindingless to initiate effortless sliding across the crease. Like the Subzero 2 pro and the Gnetik Pro; Brian's has continued the use of the wildly successful Smart Strap system at the calf and taken it to a whole new level. Now for the first time; the toe ties feature a simple elastic and Velcro system designed to drastically cut down dress time in the locker room. Additionally; the traditional leather boot strap has been replaced with an ultra-strong nylon strap with Velcro (for those who prefer the traditional style leather boot strap; it is still included with the leg pads) . Lastly; an 80 degree toe taper allows the pad to fully rotate in and out of butterfly; ready for the next save. If you are a competitive level goalie looking for a flat-faced hybrid style pad that offers excellent rebound control and a wide variety of new designs and features; look no further than the Brian's Subzero Pro 2.

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 1699.99

Brians G-Netik Pro 2 Custom Goalie Glove
Description: X-Static finger gussetsFlared cuffNew one piece thumb and cuff designUltra wide Double T web35 degree break angleNew concave palm ''No Slip Grip'' internal palm and wrist padHigh density foam finger plateReinforced Primo Synthetic on heavy wear areasNash interior catch surface

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 469.99

Brians G-Netik Pro 2 Custom Goalie Blocker
Description: X-Static finger gussetsWide; flared cuff openingRemovable sidewall cushionCenter palm position''No Slip'' SBA palm Beveled noseRigid HD / E Foam blocker boardBindlingless face for maximum coverageWrap around HD forefinger protectionLarger high density side wallPrimo Synthetic on heavy wear areasAccordion style HD finger protection

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 339.99

Brians GSP1 Custom Sr. Goalie Stick - 6 Pack
Description: Pro Aspen core/carbon filled shafts with Birch veneerSimilar ''Soft Lam'' construction found on other high end pro style sticksFull carbon reinforcements on the front and back of the paddle for added stiffness and durabilityHigh End Urethane Foam Paddle construction

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 779.99

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