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Yuna Braided Leather Sandals
Description: Braided monochrome leather sandal with fringed pompoms. Self-covered heel, 4.75" (120mm) .Leather upper. Wraparound ankle ties. Leather lining and sole. Padded insole. Made in Italy.

Store: Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH Brand: Brian Atwood Price: USD 1995.00

BRIAN'S Gnetik Pro 3 Leg Pads- Sr
Description: Brian's Gnetik Pro 3 Leg Pads feature the Smart Strap X System that's been revamped to allow a single connection point to provide a more secure and open strapping option. Re-engineered hybrid foam core with flexible core options. The Hex-Air Knee Cradle i

Store: Perani's Hockey World Brand: Brian's Price: USD 1749.99

BRIAN'S Sub Zero Pro 3 Leg Pads- Sr
Description: The BRIAN'S Sub Zero Pro 3 Leg Pad is new for 2016 and builds off of the Sub Zero line dating back from 2011 that brings innovation, lightweight features and incredible performance. The Sub Zero Pro 3 feature more of a gradual ""S-Curve"" shape than the

Store: Perani's Hockey World Brand: Brian's Price: USD 1699.99

Brians Sub-Zero 3 Custom Sr. Goalie Leg Pads
Description: Design90 Degree Boot - First ever 90 degree boot by Brian's provides ultimate seal; stability; and coverage allowing a wide stance without interference or slip out.Thinned Out Profile - Thinner engineered foam core pushes the limits by reducing weight while enhancing flex and overall shape.In-Set Knee Cradle - New knee block design is in-set deeper into the pad to increase performance and seal the pad. Knee Cradle is wrapped in Primo Material and allows for a tight or widefit depending on strap placement.Stabilized Calf Wing - New calf wing design provides unprecedented stability while in the butterfly allowing complete control while on the ice.Extended Calf Wrap - New calf wrap design increases overall ankle stability and works with the calf wing to provide a flush feel throughout the pad.Seamless Inner Gusset - Allows pad to have maximum slide ability by preventing ice/snow buildup.No-Break Outer Roll - New designed outer roll gives maximum durability and coverage while enhancing the shape and curvature of the pad.Knee Guard System - Detachable velcro integrated knee guard system allows for an additional connection point to the leg providing full protection and maximum mobility.InnovationFull Hexair Shin Cradle - Hexair calf fully wrapped in SBA material allows wrap to mold completely around the leg providing optimum rotation while enhancing air flow and overall comfort/feel.Smart Strap Calf Strap - Smart Strap allows for most customized fit and feel; elasticstrappingworks with the leg and reduces overall weight.Smart Boot/Toe Strap - Smart Toe allows for a more ''live'' feel compared to ''dead'' lace to give a more reactive feel in the boot. Smart boot allows for fully customized feel while enhancing durability.Knee Double Elastic Strap - Double elastic strap increases durability of the strap and reduces elasticity while your leg is bent.Defender Vents - Descreases weight of the overall pad by using high performance nylon in certain areas.Laceless Face Constructi

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 1699.99

Brians G-Netik Pro 2 Custom Goalie Leg Pads
Description: Continuing the extraordinary success of the Gnetik Pro line of gear; Brian's Custom Sports introduces the new Gnetik 2 Pro goal pad. With its soft; flat face; this pad is designed to offer maximum coverage to a hybrid style goalie looking to take their game to the next level. Beginning internally; the Gnetik 2 Pro features Brian's proprietary E Foam construction (10% lighter than Gnetik Pro) ; resulting in an ultra-lightweight pad near the lightest in its category. The E Foam core is molded with a Hyperflex 4 flex profile at each of the boot; lower knee; and upper knee locations; resulting in one of the most flexible pads Brian's has ever produced. An improved Full Flex knee system allows the pad to not only flex at the breaks; but all throughout the knee section of the pad; allowing the goalie to close off the 5-hole easier. The inside sliding edge of the Gnetik 2 Pro has been left bindingless to initiate effortless sliding across the crease. Like the Subzero 2 pro and the Gnetik Pro; Brian's has continued the use of the wildly successful Smart Strap system at the calf and taken it to a whole new level. Now for the first time; the toe ties feature a simple elastic and Velcro system designed to drastically cut down dress time in the locker room. Additionally; the traditional leather boot strap has been replaced with an ultra-strong nylon strap with Velcro (for those who prefer the traditional style leather boot strap; it is still included with the leg pads) . Lastly; an 80 degree toe taper allows the pad to fully rotate in and out of butterfly; ready for the next save. If you are a competitive level goalie looking for a flat-faced hybrid style pad that offers excellent rebound control and a wide variety of new designs and features; look no further than the Brian's Subzero Pro 2.

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 1699.99

Brians Sub Zero 3 Pro Goalie Leg Pads
Description: New for 2015; Brian's brings you the SubZero Pro 3 Leg Pad. Continuing their push in innovation and their Canadian made pro gear; the SubZero 3 pad features is the lightest pro pad Brian's has built. A newly redesigned EFoam Core which has further reduced weight and has an entirely laceless face for a cleaner look. Combined with the recessed inner knee block landing gear and the new 90 degree boot taper the pad has a "slam shut feel" which gives the goalie a seamless butterfly while down on the ice. To reduce wear on the pad; Brian's continues their use of Primo material which is in all high wear areas.Brian's has increased the overall stiffness of the pad to give maximum coverage and cater to the needs of a butterfly goalie. Coupled with hyperflex boot; this pad engages at the boot to give the goalie the flex and movement they need to make key saves. The smart strap system has continued on the SubZero 3 pad; with the smart toe and boot strap being added as well.The SubZero Pro 3 Leg Pad is optimized to give butterfly goalie's their best in innovation; weight; performance and durability.

Store: GoalieMonkey Brand: Brians Price: USD 1699.99

Adriana Fringed Leather Flat Sandals
Description: Layers of long fringe add swing to knee-high sandal. Shaft, 18".Leg circumference, 10".Leather upper with fringed trim. Adjustable ankle straps with back zip closure. Leather lining and sole. Padded insole. Made in Italy.

Store: Saks Fifth Avenue Brand: Brian Atwood Price: USD 1450.00

25 Certified Sales Trainer Workbooks
Description: X

Store: Brian Tracy Brand: Brian Tracy International Price: USD 1425.00

Description: The Brian's Gnetik Pro II leg pads come with an all smart strap toe and boot attachment system. Smart Strap elastic and Velcro strap over calf for added comfort and mobility. The new Gnetik II leg pads are now 10% lighter than the original Gnetik Pro leg

Store: Perani's Hockey World Brand: Brian's Price: USD 1299.99

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