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Cressi Clio Fins
Description: Simple to use and highly durable, the Clio is a favorite snorkel fin for anyone on a budget. It combines a responsive blade and soft, easy-to-don foot pocket and works well for all ages. The Clios great value also makes it a good choice for dive schools and rental departments.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Cressi-Sub Price: USD 24.95

Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer
Description: Leonardo first and only dive computer designed and built completely in the CressiAn elegant expression of simple, functional design, the Leonardo is a must-have for divers entering the sport and those who just want to dive.A single button interface makes it effortless to program Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes the first time a diver picks the computer up, and an edge-to-edge, high-definition screen gives large numerical displays in a computer that is still compact and travel-friendly. The clearly visible battery life indicator and distinct audible alarms deliver critical information as well as peace-of-mind during the dive. The Leonardo can also be fully re-set after each use, making it an excellent choice for rental departments-Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes-FO2 adjustable between 21% and 50%-PO2 adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar-CNS oxygen toxicity graphic indicator-Single button interface (short push changes function, longer push selects functions) -Three levels of user-adjustable conservatism-User-selectable Deep Stop function-Modified Haldne and Wienke algorithm-Tissues: 9 with saturation hemi-phases between 2.5 and 480 minutes-Ascent rate alarm (10 m per minute) -Log book for 60 dives/75 hours of information with 20-second sampling rate-Battery life indicator-Distinct, easy-to-hear audible alarms-User changeable battery-Adjustable unit of measure: English or Metric-Backlit display-Built-in calendar and clock-The instrument may be fully reset, in case of renting-PC/Mac interface with simulator and dive profile (optional)

Store: Walmart US Brand: Cressi-Sub Price: USD 199.95

Cressi Start BCD
Description: If you're looking for a durable, strong and almost bulletproof BCD jacket than the Start is what you are looking for. Constructed from extremely strong 500 and 1000 denier Cordura, with excellent buoyancy, even on smaller sizes the Start full jacket BCD fits the bill. Designed with the demanding use of Dive Training and Rental Facilities in mind this BCD will give the sport diver years of dependable use. The BCD has three over-pressure relief/dump valves with two located on the left and right shoulders and a third lower valve on the rear right of the air cell. All three can be manually dumped two with pull cords and the other with the power inflator mechanism. There are two plastic D-rings and two additional snap hooks for attachment of instruments and accessories. If used at Dive Facilities, a size indicator is highly visible on the right shoulder. BCD has two large accessory pockets with Velcro closures, and the adjustable sternum straps along with both torso adjustment straps are equipped with quick-release buckles. The waist strap/cummerbund assembly is independently suspended from the air cell allowing the air cell to inflate away from the diver preventing the squeeze effect when inflated. The back pack is rigid for support and stability of the cylinder, yet is fully padded for comfort. Size Chart. tg (border-collapse: collapse;border-spacing:0;) .tg td (font-family: Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style: solid;border-width:1px;overflow: hidden;word-break: normal;) .tg th (font-family: Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight: normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style: solid;border-width:1px;overflow: hidden;word-break: normal;) .tg. tg-wr85 (font-weight: bold;background-color:#efefef;text-align: center) .tg. tg-7fle (font-weight: bold;background-color:#efefef;text-align: center;vertical-align: top) .tg. tg-s6z2 (text-align: center) .tg. tg-baqh (text-align: center;vertical-align: top) .tg. tg-e3zv (font-weight: bold)

Store: Walmart US Brand: Cressi-Sub Price: USD 189.99


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