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Blood Circulation Formula Dr. Christopher 100 VCaps
Description: Blood Circulation Formula Cayenne, Ginger, Golden Seal, Ginseng, Parsley and Garlic. This group of herbs feed cayenne a stimulant and ginger stimulant into the circulatory system where the cayenne works from the bloodstream to the heart and arteries and out into the veins. The other herbs in this formula assist these two herbs and work together to equalize the blood pressure whether high or low to bring it to a good systolic over the diastolic reading. This formula is given to assist blood purifying teas to work more efficiently and to also aid the clearing up of allergies, etc. Available in vegicaps and extract.

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Anti-Spasmodic Formula Dr. Christopher 2 oz Liquid
Description: Skullcap herb, Lobelia, Cayenne, Valerian Root, Skunk Cabbage, Myrrh gum, and Black Cohosh. To be used in cases of convulsions, fainting, cramps, delirium, tremors, hysteria, etc, also good for pyorrhea, mouth sores, coughs, throat infections, tonsillitis, etc. Use 1/2 to one teaspoon in a glass of distilled water as a gargle, use until throat clears, also take one teaspoon in distilled water morning and evening. Available in extract.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Dr. Christopher Price: USD 12.08

Cayenne Heat Dr. Christopher 4 oz Balm
Description: Description This is one of natures principle based formulas used historically to help promote the relief of sore and tense muscles and joints. Brings heat to areas that need it the most. When used in combination with Complete Tissue; Bone Ointments or Oils, it helps to speed up the process in which the body uptakes the regenerating components of the Complete Tissue; Bone Formula. Externally Apply liberal amounts to area and massage, if needed or as directed by your health care professional. For optimum results When used if conjunction with Complete Tissue; Bone Formula or other healing ointment, first work the Complete Tissue; Bone Ointment or massage oil into the area, then work the Cayenne Heat Ointment or oil in the area. Special note The Cayenne Heat Ointment acts as a rubefacient, which draws the blood to the surface of the skin. This is normal for this type of ointment. If the heating effects are too hot, use olive oil or other high grade vegetable oil to dilute the Cayenne Heat Ointment. Just massage the olive oil in the same area as the Cayenne Heat Massage Oil. Do not attempt to wash the balm off in the shower or with water. Water intensifies heat! Ingredients Cayenne Pepper 40,000 H.U. , Virgin Olive Oil, Oil of Wintergreen, Menthol Crystals; other pure essential oils as fragrances; Beeswax. Ailments traditionally used for Abrasions, Apoplexy, Arthritis Gout, Arthritis Osteo, Arthritis Rheumatoid, Athletic Performance, Atherosclerosis, Bloating Water Retention, Brights Disease, Bruises, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Degenerative Joint Disease, Dupuytrens Contracture, Fragile Capillaries, Gangrene, Gout, Headache, Hemorhage, Herpes Zoster, Housemaids Knee, Injuries, Intermittent Claudication, Rheumatism, Shingles, Sport Supplements, Sprains, Stiffnecks, Strains, Tumor, Varicose Veins, Directions Apply externally for temporary minor discomfort. Avoid contact to sensitive areas, espe

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Cleanse Quick Colon #2 Dr. Christopher 8 oz Powder
Description: Cleanse Quick Colon 2 by Dr. Christopher 8 oz Powder Quick Colon 2 Powder is a formula designed by Dr. Christopher as the next stage after the intake of Quick Colon 1 Capsule. The Quick Colon 2 formula has been used traditionally for the following benefits It strengthens and stimulates the evacuatory function of the intestine Eliminates chronic diseases of the stomach Removes waste products and toxins increases vitality Improves the normal intestinal flora Eliminates the feeling of heaviness and repletion after eating large meals Improves the liver and helps to release the active bile lowers cholesterol levels Relieves constipation and hemorrhoids by improving the quantity and activity of intestinal normal flora Participates in the processes of hunger regulation promoting a gradual weight loss Dr. Christophers formula includes tonic plants that increase endurance and resistance to adverse factors help to cope with fatigue accelerate the removal of toxins and waste products from the bo

Store: Walmart US Brand: Dr. Christopher Price: USD 20.99

Complete Tissue and Bone Dr. Christopher 4 oz Ointment
Description: Complete Tissue and Bone 4 oz OintmentSuggested Use As a dietary supplement Apply externally as needed - Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Supplement FactsAmount Per Serving% Daily Value; ;;; ;;;; Proprietary Blend - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, White Oak Bark, Comfrey Root, Mullein Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Gravel Root, Wormwood Herb, Lobelia Herb, Skullcap Herb & Beeswax. ;;;; ;;;; * ;;;; * Daily Value not established. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie dietDoes Not Contain Fillers or ChemicalsWarnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information. External use only. Consuming this product may cause Liver damage. This product contains comfrey. Comfrey contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which may cause serious illness or death. This product should not be taken orally used as a suppository or applied to broken skin. For further information contact the Food & Drug Administration. Refrigerate after opening.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Dr. Christopher Price: USD 16.62

Sen Sei Ointment Menthol Rub (Replaced upc 084783441038) Dr. Christopher 2 oz Balm
Description: Description Commonly referred to as the PORTABLE VAPORIZER! A synergistic blend of herbs for tension headaches and sinus pressure. Traditionally used as a natural decongestant. Can also be used on sore muscles for hours of relief. This balm brings blood circulation to the surface of the skin causing it to temporarily redden. This formula has been used historically to relieve tension and pressure. This balm is great for tension headache or sinus pressure. It should be used sparingly as this formula is strong. Ingredients Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Oils of Cassia, Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Pure Menthol; Camphor Crystals; other fragrant Natural Oils. Ailments traditionally used for Common Cold, Croup, Deafness, Earache, Ear Infection, Flu, Fragile Capillaries, Headache, Influenza, Moles And Warts, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Sore Throat, Thyroid Low, Upper Respiratory Infection. Directions Apply externally as needed or as directed by your Health Care Professional. External Use Only. Refrigerate after opening.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Dr. Christopher Price: USD 14.35

Ear & Nerve Formula (B) Alcohol Dr. Christopher 2 oz Liquid
Description: Ear; Nerve Formula contains Black Cohosh, BlueCohosh, Blue Vervain, Skullcap, and Lobelia in a base of 36-42% puregrain alcohol.A synergistic blend of herbs for the overall nervous system. Thiscombination is commonly used for ear applications. Be sure to clickon the learn more link and click on Ear; Nerve formula to gainmore knowlege on the use of this formula.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Dr. Christopher Price: USD 12.95

Hot Cayenne Extract Dr. Christopher 1 oz Liquid
Description: Description A favorite dietary herb of Dr. John R. Christopher. We have two Cayenne extract. This formula is made from the Hottest Cayenne Pepper with 200,000 heat units in a base of pure grain alcohol. Because of the way this formula is prepared it appears to be much hotter than other 200,000 heat unit cayenne pepper in the marketplace. We believe you will not find a hotter cayenne pepper anywhere. Ingredients Cayenne Pepper 180,000 h.u. .Ailments traditionally used for Aphthous, Apoplexy, Arterial Disease, Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Bleeding, Bursa, Bursitis, Cancer, Canker, Chicken Pox, Cholesterol, Cold Sores, Colitis, Common Cold, Congestive Heart Failure, Constipation, Coronary Artery Disease, Cough, Cystitis, Degenerative, Diarrhea, Digestion, Duodenal, Dyspepsia, Emesis, Emetic, Fatigue, Fever, Fever Blisters, Flu, Gangrene, Gastrointestinal, Gout, Hardening Of The Arteries, Headache, Heart, Heart Disease, Hemorrage, Hemorrhoids, Hernia, Herpes Simplex 1, Housemaid's Knee, Hypercholsterolemia, IBS, Immune Function, Infection, Inflammation, Influenza, Injuries, Irratible Bowel Syndrome, Kidneys, Lack of Energy, Lethargy, Measles, Migraine, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Mucus Colitis, Nausea, Nephrolithiasis, Nerves, Night Blindness, Nyctalopia, Osteo, Palpitations, Piles, Plaque Arterial, Pleurisy, Pregnancy, Renal Calculi, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid, Shock, Sore Throat, Spastic Colon, Stroke, Tiredness, Tonsillitis, Typhoid, Ulcer, Upper Respiratory Infection, Urinary Calculi, Urinary Tract Infection, Urolithiasis, Vomiting, Wounds, Yellow FeverDirections As a dietary supplement start with 1 drop, then increase to taste or as directed by your health care professional.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Dr. Christopher Price: USD 12.59

Herbal Eyebright Extract Dr. Christopher 1 oz Liquid
Description: Description This formula had been used historically for any eye disorder such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy and night blindness. In addition, this formula has been used to help promote the general health of the eyes. Bayberry bark contains astringent compounds that reduce the secretion of fluids, reduce pain and shrink inflamed tissues. Golden seal root is an excellent herbal source of trace minerals, which include cobalt, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc. It is also an excellent herbal source of vitamin C. Eyebright herb also contains astringent compounds that shrink inflamed tissues. It also consists of bitter compounds that relieve pains, are antiseptic and soothe inflamed mucous membranes. This herb is also an excellent herbal source of B-1, B-2, niacin, calcium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Red Raspberry leaves consists of astringent compounds that help to relieve pain and shrink inflamed tissues. This herb is also a great herbal source of manganese. Cayenne is widely used in Dr. Christophers original Formulas as a catalyst herb. Its stimulant effects speed the circulation causing it to enhance digestion and absorption and thus the effectiveness of nearly any Dr. Christopher original Formula. Ingredients Bayberry Bark, Eyebright Herb, Goldenseal Root, Red Raspberry Leaf; Cayenne Pepper in a base of pure grain alcohol. Ailments traditionally used for Black Eye, Blepharitis, Cataracts, Conjunctivitis, Eye Ailments, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Night Blindness, Nyctalopia, Pink Eye, Retinopathy, StyDirections As a dietary supplement take 10-15 drops 3 times a day or as directed by your health care professional. As an eyewash Externally Eye Application. Shake Well. Place 3-5 drops of the herbal eyewash extract into each of the two CLEAN; STERILE eyecups, one for each eye left and right. Then pour some boiling distilled water in each eyecup almost filling it t

Store: Walmart US Brand: Dr. Christopher Price: USD 13.59

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