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Dura Blue E-Brake Block Off Plate
Description: Craft your quad! New anodized accessories to suit your attention-getting lifestyle.Billet aluminum parking/emergency brake block-off plate.For use when parking brake is removed.Fits all rear disc brake three and four-wheelers except Yamaha Blaster.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 20.00

Dura Blue Anti-Fade Brake Hub / Locknut
Description: Anti-fade hubs.Draws heat away from the disk rotor.Stays locked tight.Billet aluminum with steel inserts at wear areas.Increased the surface area and diameter of the threads for more clamping force.These are the ""pro-look"" found on every professional bike.Note: Honda only.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 366.00

Dura Blue Posi-Lock Nut
Description: DuraBlue now has the famous Posi*Lock style axle retaining nuts available for non-DuraBlue as well as DuraBlue Axles. These nuts have fewer parts than the O.E.M. nut assemblies and are less sensitive to vibration and harmonics (the physical motions responsible for loosening) . They are an excellent addition to any well maintained machine. Please note that unless specified as ""steel"", the clamping nut will be aluminum.For use with DuraBlue or non-Dura Blue axles.Finer threads for a solid lock you can count on.Vibration proof.Fewer parts than the O.E.M. nut assembly.Less sensitive to vibration and harmonics.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 88.00

Dura Blue Wheel Hubs
Description: Fiber-reinforced aluminum with ""cast around"" steel insert for superior spline wear & strength. Steel splines, NOT aluminum don't wear out as quickly as other wheel hubs. Lightweight & cool looks. Sold in pairs.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 212.00

Dura Blue Easy-Fit Wheel Spacers
Description: For more safety and stability! The finest and lightest wheel spacers available. These spacers are an exclusive compound of urethane and titanium. They weigh 60% less than aluminum of equal volume. The mounting hardware attaches to the existing press-in studs, providing a well supported foundation for the spacer. Available in 1.5"" and 2.5"" for most models, these spacers will provide both wheel clearance and a more stable ride.Increases wheel clearance.Improves stability.Lightweight.Exclusive urethane compound with titanium.If you're using DuraBlue wheel hubs, you need to use these EZ Fit style of wheel spacer.Sold as a pair.Note: EZ Fit spacers do not require stud removal for installation.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 148.00

Dura Blue Heavy Duty Axle
Description: Ask any racer - any real racer - and they will tell you Durablue is the company to go with when upgrading any ATV axle.The Heavy Duty ATV axle is twice the strength your stock ATV axle could ever be, allowing you more fun on the trail.A durable zinc finish covers the axle to ensure a long life on your ATV.Get your ATV down the trail in confidence with the six-month warranty against bending or breaking.No need to purchase other expensive components to run the this axle on your ATV. Durablue includes everything needed to replace your axle.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 472.00

Dura Blue Eliminator Axle
Description: Features lighter weight & a polished chrome finish. Lifetime warranty. Wheelbase and offset may be adjusted 4"" by simply swapping spine spacer locations. Check with manufacturer for warranty details.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 618.00

Dura Blue Axle End Nut Steel
Description: With an extensive background of manufacturing axles and suspension components for automotive racing, DuraBlue used its vast experience to create the premier ATV axle and high performance suspension company that DuraBlue has become today. You can be assured that a DuraBlue product is the best available, anywhere and at any price. You can be confident that DuraBlue will be here to help you, as they have for the past thirty plus years. No company can make this claim. They guarantee it.High-strength steel nut is compatible with DuraBlue axles and cotter pins.Cap shape protects axle threads.Sold individually.Fits most axles.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 10.00

Dura Blue Axle End Nut Aluminum
Description: The new DuraBlue ""Bullet Axle Nut Series"" provides the flash you want and the weight savings you're looking for! Gives your ride a more finished look. Dura Blue now has the total package, matching ""Bullet Nuts"" for the wheels (see ""DuraBlue Lug Nuts"") , axle ends and front spindles (all sold separately) . Think they may not be strong enough? They broke a 150 ft/lb. torque wrench trying to strip one of these nuts on the end of an axle. You can be confident they will work for you as well. Expect a five pound weight loss if you change all the nuts.Replaces standard castle nuts.Extremely lightweight.Protects threads on the end of the axle.Adds a professional look to your ATV.Heat treated aluminum as strong as steel.Sold as a pair.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Dura Blue Price: USD 74.00

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