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Kenmore 12812 17.5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer w/ Adapt-N-Store Basket System - White
Description: Kenmore 12812 Chest Freezer with Adapt-N-Store Basketa"Keep Bulk Foods Organized The Kenmore 12812 White 17.5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer is perfect for families who hate grocery shopping. Stock up on bulk foods, treats and pre-made meals without overstuffing the fridge with this 17.5 cu. ft. chest freezer. Heavy duty Adapt-N-Store baskets let you keep often-used items close at hand without blocking off the rest of the freezer while the adjustable temperature control lets you keep your stash of food at the perfect level of chill. Easy to clean and drain, this Kenmore chest freezer makes it easy to stock up on good groceries with less trips to the grocery store. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 524.99

Kenmore Elite 75232 5.6 cu. ft. Gas Range w/ True Convection - White
Description: Kenmore Elite 5.6 cu. ft. Gas Range - Power and Versatility The Kenmore Elite gas range 7523 combines a powerful gas range with a convection oven to create a thorough and fast-acting cooking machine. The 5-burner stovetop features Kenmore's signature Turbo Boil Flex burner and continuous grates that provide a sturdy surface for pots and pans of all shapes and sizes. Traditional convection technology uses a fan and hidden heating element to provide consistent heat throughout the unit. These convenient and time-saving innovations allow you to spend less time cooking and more time entertaining family and friends. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 1359.99

Kenmore Elite 27009 20.5 cu. ft. Upright Freezer - Black
Description: Kenmore Elite 20.5 cu. ft. Upright Freezer - Smart and Efficient Food Storage No other frost-free freezer has more capacity than this extra spacious ENERGY STARA qualified 21 cu. ft. Kenmore Elite upright freezer . It is the solution for all your frozen storage needs, enough space to store over 711 lbs. of all of your summer fruits and vegetables, or your bulk meats and frozen goods. Freeze Fresh Technology freezes food at -20 degrees, colder than other freezer brands, preserving food quality and nutrients and the convenient frost-free design ends the need to manually defrost this upright freezer. The Adapt-N-Store System and adjustable door bins offer optimal food storage flexibility. Kenmore Exclusive Electronic Controls offer easy control of every function right at your fingertips. New LED interior lighting provides plenty of visibility throughout and the security lock promises to keep your favorite foods frozen, secure and tasting great, and the Express Chill option allows for faster preservation and an alarm that notifies you when the freezer is too warm. Efficiency adds cost savings to the mix, along with great organization and style. Color: Black.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 979.99

Kenmore 78043 5.9 cu. ft. Double-Oven Gas Range - Stainless Steel
Description: Kenmore Elite 78043 Double-Oven Gas Rangea"More Cooking Space, More Cooking Power The Kenmore Elite 78043 5.9 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Gas Range gives you more room to embrace your inner chef in the kitchen. From powerful gas burners to the double ovens, youall have plenty of cooking flexibility to whip up a quick dinner or labor over a gourmet recipe. Simmer sauces and soups using the Simmer Burner or get huge pots of water up to a rolling boil in no time with the Gas Turbo Boil burner. The double gas convection ovens ensure even heating and cooking throughout, so you can have a sheet of cookies in one oven and a full turkey in the other. The stainless steel exterior and cast-iron grates easily wipe clean of spills, splatters and fingerprints. Fry up breakfast using a griddle on the center oval burner or use Grandmaas huge cast-iron dutch oven to get a family recipe going without worrying about heating the whole pot. Easy-to-use touch button controls and twist knobs give you full cooking control with this Kenmore Elite double oven gas range so you can always serve up good food. Color: Stainless steel.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 1263.87

Kenmore 5 000 BTU Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner - White
Description: Kenmore Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner - Fast Cooling and Quiet Operation The 5,000 BTU 115V Kenmore window-mounted mini-compact air conditioner 86050 is perfect for rooms up to 150 square feet. It quickly cools a room on hot days, and quiet operation keeps you cool without keeping you awake. This unit features mechanical rotary controls and top, full-width, 2-way air direction control. The antimicrobial mesh filter with side, slide-out access cleans the air removing harmful bacteria. Low power start-up conserves energy and saves you money plus, effortless restart automatically resumes operating at its previous settings when power is restored. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 129.99

Kenmore 40292 24 Manual Clean Gas Wall Oven - White
Description: Kenmore 24 Manual Clean Gas Wall Oven - Accurate Cooking The Kenmore 24 manual clean gas wall oven 4029 offers better cooking accuracy when it comes to your favorite dishes. With Easy Set 105 electronic controls on a digital display, you can get the exact temperatures you need. These easy-to-use controls allow you to heat, preheat, and monitor food so you can achieve that perfect crust on Grandma's apple pie. Handle-style oven racks provide a safe way to remove dishes as they slide out for your convenience. The 3.3 cu. ft. capacity allows you to cook multiple dishes at once, so feel free to host Thanksgiving at your place next year. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 833.33

Kenmore 32683 30 Gas Cooktop - Stainless Steel
Description: The ultra versatile Kenmore 30 Gas Cooktop boasts five burner options designed to capture spills and boil overs for easy clean-up. The full-width, cast-iron continuous grates provide edge-to-edge cooking surface so you can slide pans from burner to burner without lifting. The powerful 18,200 BTU Turbo Boil center burner delivers Kenmore's fastest speed to boil. One 14,000 BTU Power burner, two 8,500 BTU all-purpose burners, plus a 5,000 BTU simmer burner round out the versatile options on this cooktop. Color: Stainless steel.

Store: Kmart Brand: frigidaire Price: USD 833.33

Kenmore 49533 30 Self-Clean Double Electric Wall Oven w/ Convection - Stainless Steel
Description: Kenmore 30 Double Wall Oven - Consistent Baking Delivering True Convection heating power, the Kenmore 30 double wall oven 4953 makes it easy to produce thoroughly cooked meals every time. A fan and hidden third element in the ovens generate constant heat, eliminating temperature fluctuations that can affect cooking times. The 4.6 cu. ft. capacity allows you to easily accommodate multiple dishes, and the hidden heating element makes cleanup simple and hassle-free. As an added safety feature, the 30 double wall oven offers a lockout feature, preventing unintended door openings from ruining your delicate soufflAs, juicy pork roasts, and perfectly browned casseroles. Color: Stainless steel.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 1666.66

Kenmore Elite 49113 30 Electric Combination Oven
Description: Kenmore Elite 49113 Electric Combination Wall Ovena"Sleek Cooking Power The Kenmore Elite 49113 Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven makes it easy to multitask in the kitchen. The upper convection microwave gives you quick and powerful cooking options done in less time. Use the spacious bottom oven to get multiple dishes done at once, perfect for potlucks, or toss in a huge turkey for a holiday feast. Multitask with easy with this combination electric wall oven. The flush-to-cabinet design and sleek interface gives your kitchen a neat and modern look while giving you more room to cook. Make great food with the Kenmore Elite 49113 30a electric combo wall oven. Color: Stainless steel.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 2277.77

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