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Kenmore 32533 30 Gas Cooktop - Stainless Steel
Description: The Kenmore 30 Gas Cooktop features a recessed design to capture spills and boil overs for quick and easy cleanup. The burner controls are upfront, so you don't have to reach over the cook surface for adjustments, and the full-wide, cast-iron grates are continuous providing an edge-to-edge maximum cooking surface. Enjoy versatile burner options from a low 5,000 BTU simmer to 14,200 BTU power burner. Color: Stainless steel.

Store: Kmart Brand: frigidaire Price: USD 399.99

Kenmore Elite 45413 36 Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel
Description: Kenmore Elite 36 Electric Cooktop a" Compact and Powerful The Kenmore Elite electric cooktop 4541 packs quick cooking power into a compact, stylish design that's easily maintained and cleaned. This cooktop is designed to fit nicely in any kitchen and was built to last. With a triple ring element, a 9 in. Turbo Boil Flex, and 7 in. and 6 in. elements, this Kenmore Elite cooktop can handle any sized pot or dish. It also features glass touch cooktop controls and electronic surface element controls that can turn each element into a simmer element. Color: Stainless steel.

Store: Kmart Brand: frigidaire Price: USD 1111.10

Kenmore 73432 4.2 cu. ft. Gas Range w/ Broil & Serve Drawer - White
Description: Kenmore 4.2 cu. ft. Gas Range - Built For the Home Chef The Kenmore gas range 73432 offers the best of all worlds with a powerful oven, broiler and versatile cooktop. With its five sealed burners, every technique from boiling to searing is simple. A large center burner is perfect for odd-shaped pans. The oven and Broil & Serve drawer make an easy time of cooking roasts, baking and browning. Extra-large oven windows, electronic controls and an LED display allow for superior temperature control. Every home chef deserves a Kenmore electric gas range. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 504.99

Kenmore 70351 3/4 Horsepower Standard Garbage Disposer - Cool Gray
Description: The Kenmore Standard 3/4 Horsepower garbage disposer 70351 generates 2,700 RPM, 50% faster RPM than the previous Kenmore model. With the Magna-Torque motor, this disposer makes quick work of even the toughest post-meal messes by generating exceptional grinding speeds, to deliver finer grinding performance. To make things easier for our members who choose to install the disposer themselves, we have made the new Kenmore models at least 25% lighter and easier to handle. With Quiet Pak I, this disposer is equipped with an updated Sound Insulation. This disposer is built to last! Inside the disposer, the durable stainless steel grinding components resist corrosion for longer product life. The stainless steel sink stopper is both durable and attractive, and a 5-year warranty is provided. Color: Gray.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 161.99

Kenmore 32602 4.5 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range - White
Description: 30 Slide-In Gas Range - Style and Functionality The white Kenmore 30 Slide-In Gas Range 3260 features a self-cleaning oven and recessed porcelain cooktop to help contain spills. The 14,200 BTU and 12,200 BTU power burners help you boil multiple pots of water rapidly, while the 5,000 BTU Simmer Burner gives you maximum control over delicate sauces. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 1083.33

Kenmore 80322 1.6 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave - White
Description: Kenmore 80322 Over-the-Range Microwave-Convenient and Versatile Cooking The Kenmore 80323 Over-the-Range 1.6 cu. ft. Microwave makes getting dinner on the table nice and easy. One-touch controls, sensor cooking and preprogrammed cook cycles give you more cooking versatility and power, perfect for cooking meals on the nights where you simply donat have time or just donat feel like it. Heat up leftovers, cook frozen meals and defrost meat with ease; 10 power level settings and the 1,000 watt cooking power ensures that your food is heated, cooked and defrosted the right way. Simplify meal times for the family with the Kenmore over-the-range white microwave. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 189.99

Kenmore Elite 95059 6.1 cu. ft. Electric Range w/ Dual True Convection - Black
Description: Kenmore Elite 6.1 cu. ft. Electric Range - Dual Convection Prepare food faster with this Kenmore Elite 6.1 cu. ft. electric range 9505 . Dual convection means less prep and cook time to complete a meal. Easy Set 586 electronic controls let you to program the ideal oven temperature with just the touch of a button.The convenience of Turbo Boil Flex technology brings water to a boil more quickly on the sleek, smooth ceramic glass cooktop. Easy to maintain, the self-cleaning oven cycle and flat cooktop make cleanup a breeze. For convenience and rapid cooking, this Kenmore electric range with convection oven can't be beat. Color: Black.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 1089.99

Kenmore Elite 48359 30 Electric Single Wall Oven - Black
Description: The Kenmore Elite 30 Electric Single Wall Oven has a convenient self-cleaning feature. Its flush-to-cabinet design lends a stylish, built-in look to your kitchen. Enjoy the many features this oven boasts, such as the Warm & Hold feature that keeps foods warm until you're ready to serve them, and the lockout feature that is activated by the simple push of a button. Color: Black.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 1277.77

Kenmore Elite 18500 BTU 230V Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner - White
Description: Kenmore Elite 18,500 BTU Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner - Efficient Cooling with Easy Controls Offering heating as well as cooling, the 18,500 BTU 230V Kenmore Elite heat/cool room air conditioner 76185 features a full-function remote so you can easily and conveniently control all functions. The 24-hour on/off timer and sleep mode add to its convenience. It can cool or heat an area up to 1050 square feet and fits into windows at least 18.5 inches high. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY Price: USD 599.99

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