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Moonshine T-Shirt
Description: Globe gives this basic men's tee a lift with a mellow design and relaxed feel. The Moonshine T-Shirt features a classic crew neck, short sleeves, a woven Globe label on the bottom, and either a colorblocked or a washed design. Colorblocked or washed tee Globe patch sewn on bottom Crew neck Short sleeves Regular fit 100% cotton

Store: PacSun Brand: Globe Price: USD 32.95

Description: Lace upper with elasticised gussets for slip-on entry option Faux vulcanised sole with internal EVA cushioning Waxed lace Full canvas upper

Store: Freshly Landed Brand: Globe Price: USD 55.95

Castro United
Description: Laces on upper Imitation sheepskin lining EVA internal midsole and insole Leightweight & flexible upper Full rubber cup sole

Store: Freshly Landed Brand: Globe Price: USD 55.95

Nurd Berger Cafe
Description: The restaurant offers a casual atmosphere that is perfect for dining with friends, co-workers, and family members. The creative menu features a wide array of great selections, always made from the highest quality ingredients. Be sure to ask your server about daily specials and other notable menu selections.

Store: Brand: Globe Price: USD 15.00

5 QT. Commercial Countertop Mixer
Description: If you need a compact all-in-one food mixer, the 5 QT. Commercial Countertop Mixer (SP5) from GLOBE is a great choice. This model offers an impressive ten speed settings, and is constructed from quality cast aluminium with stainless steel features and tools. With electronic speed and load controls, this machine provides a consistent kneading and mixing performance and is the perfect kitchen assistant in any commercial establishment. Ten Speeds: You can mix and knead a whole array of delicious produce and choose between an impressive ten different speed cycles, from 30rpm through to 200rpm. With integrated speed and load controls, this mixer provides a consistent kneading and mixing experience, and a polycarbonate splash cover is included to prevent unnecessary mess Thermal Overload Protection: Integrated thermal overload protection is included in this model, which helps to protect against overuse and overheating, and keeps you and your staff safe Rigid Cast Aluminum Body: With a cast aluminum body, this machine is a strong and durable choice. It includes a powerful DC motor with extra ventilation and stainless steel tools to do the job right Out-the-Box Ready: With a 5 quart bowl, a flat beater, wire whip, spiral dough hook, polycarbonate splash cover and in-built ingredient chute, this machine comes packed with everything you need to start mixing delicious cakes and other foods. With an industry-standard #10 hub, you can add extra attachments should you see fit

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: GLOBE Price: USD 637.00

13 Heavy Duty Manual Frozen Meat Slicer
Description: Negate lengthy defrost times with the 3600NF frozen meat slicer from Globe, that allows you to effectively slice through frozen meat ahead of time and allow slices to defrost separately to help keep up with demand. The strength behind slicing frozen produce means you or other users could stand to become very tired very quickly, but this model of slicer takes all of the fatigue and effort out of the slicing process. Fitted with a 13 serrated blade from PreciseEdge, that slices through tough frozen produce with no trouble. The 45 degree slant helps the slicing process, as does the powerful gear drive and 1/2 HP motor that powers this slicer. The slicing is done in both a safe and sanitary manner, utilizing a knife cover and knife ring guard for heightened safety, and a specially designed work base that sends acid and liquids down a drip groove to prevent spillages and mess. Razor Sharp Blade:Globe slicers all utilize a highly durable and sharp PreciseEdge blade - this machine is equipped with a 13 serrated steel alloy blade for easy slicing of frozen meat Comfortable Operation:Handle is ergonomically designed to allow for long use without the user getting tired User Friendly:The moisture-resistant touch pad controls allows simple on/off operation and the simple thickness gauge dial allows slices as thin as 0.5625 Safe Operation:The knife ring guard, knife cover interlock and zero voltage release keeps this machine safe to use Corrosion Resistant:The stainless steel exterior of this machine makes it highly resistant to potential corrosion and gives it a long, dependable life-span Clean Operation:A kick stand that comes packaged with this machine allows you to raise the device for easy underside cleaning - liquids do not spill onto countertop thanks to the bases drip groove and the special splash zones Compact Design:Easy to position on any countertop, and is the perfect height to operate from

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: GLOBE Price: USD 4116.00

13 Heavy Duty Automatic 2 Speed Slicer
Description: This machine is well suited to slicing in bulk for long stretches of time without slowing down its output. The 3850N automatically slices meats and other produce at a rate of 40 - 60 slices per minute, and has the meat feed through to it via gravity assistance, with a 45 degree angle slope for meat to be fed down. You can control this output with the two different speeds available - for quicker bulk you can utilize the higher speed to meet the demands of customers, or slow the rate of slicing down for slower hours. There may be less manual labor involved, but the 3850N still features a lot of safety features to prevent injury during operation. This machine will not work without the knife cover being fit on for the added protection, and a knife guard ring prevents accidental cuts to users and food contamination. the design is compact and clean, making it a welcome addition to any butchers or deli shops countertop. Highly Efficient Blades:This machine utilizes 13 PreciseEdge steel alloy blades for cutting, helping it deal with even the toughest produce with little effort Stainless Steel Construction:The high-end components of this machine are housed in a case of stainless steel, to give the machine a prolonged lifespan Easy To Use:Thickness is controlled with an adjustable dial, and the machine can be switched between automatic and manual with the push of a button if you wanted to control it yourself No Injury:A knife guard ring keeps fingers from getting too close to the blades, and they won't begin slicing until a knife cover is detected, to prevent further injury Knife Sharpener included:A knife sharpener comes packaged with this machine to help extend the lifespan of the included knives - the sharpener itself is easy to dismantle and clean in a dishwasher Keeps Itself Clean:The base directs liquids and acids from cut meat and other food into its center, keeping the countertop clean - a kickstand also allows you to raise the apparatus to clean underneath Very Compact:The measurements of this machine makes it suitable for any countertop, without needing too much clearance

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: GLOBE Price: USD 5743.00

13 Heavy Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer
Description: To get professional quality slices of meat and other food, the best option is a gravity feed slicer. With the Globe 3600N model of heavy-duty slicer, you can be sure of the best possible results. This device is fitted with a 13 PreciseEdge steel alloy blade that is sharp enough to cut through any produce, no matter how stubborn. The cutting process is assisted by the food carriage, which sits at a 45 degree angle to incorporate added force from gravity. The blade operates over a reliable base with coved corners and a design that directs liquids to the center to avoid creating a mess on the countertop. The machine itself is easy to clean too, with the sharpener being fully detachable and dishwasher friendly. You can get perfect results every time with the precise cuts you can control with the easy thickness gauge and user-friendly moisture-proof touch pad. Razor Sharp Knife:Comes fitted with a 13 PreciseEdge steel alloy knife that won't dull easily and can cut through even the thickest produce Well Built Stainless Steel:Constructed with stainless steel - this machine is highly corrosion resistant, making it suitable for slicing a wide range of foods Simple Operation:A simple dial on this machine lets you customize the width of the cut, and starting the machine is as simple as pushing the moisture-free touch pad Very Safe:There are several safety features included, such as a knife ring guard to prevent cut fingers, zero voltage release to prevent blades reactivating unexpectedly, and a knife cover interlock that prevents use of the machine until the knife cover is attached Knife Kept Sharp:This machine features a knife sharpener on its top, perfect for keeping the knife from dulling for an even long lifespan Clean Operation:Base redirects liquids to the middle to prevent them leaking out onto the countertop, for easy wiping - knife sharpener can be detached and placed in a dishwasher with no issue Sharpener Is Removable:The interior sharpener can be removed and is also dishwasher friendly to allow for easy cleaning

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: GLOBE Price: USD 3724.00

10 Light Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer
Description: The GLOBE 10 Light Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer (C10) provides all of the tools necessary to offer freshly sliced meats, even in small catering or kitchen environments. This powerful machine slices meats and other foods easily with a highly-durable razor-sharp 10 blade, and with removable parts and wipe-clean buttons, this machine is easy to clean and maintain. Non-Skid Design: With four strong, rubber feet, your slicer is kept securely gripped to your worktop or countertop during operation Clean with Ease: This model's parts such as the chute, knife cover and sharpener make cleaning a breeze. With a large oil supply included with your product, your parts can remain well-lubricated for maximum efficiency, reducing maintenance and replacement costs 10 Blade: A razor-sharp 10 blade is included with this slicer to give you a great cutting capacity. To keep your staff safe, a knife ring guard keeps sharp edges hidden away when not in use Protected On/Off Buttons: You can operate this machine even with dirty hands using its protected stop and start buttons with wipe-clean design Space-Saving Design: With a small, compact design, the C10 is a great solution for caterers tight on space Quality Meat Gripping: This machine can grip even large slabs of meat with its small gripping teeth, and with an ergonomically designed user handle, slicing is an easy task 15 Thickness Settings: Whether you want wafer-thin ham or a thicker cut of beef, you have complete control over your meat with 15 different thickness options, measuring up to 0.5625

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: GLOBE Price: USD 800.00

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