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Help Wanted - Pre-owned - Nintendo Wii
Description: A meteor is hurtling towards Earth, threatening to destroy the entire planet and everything you hold dear. It's up to you to save the world from extinction by shopping for items that will help you stop or delay the meteor's impact. Your mission is to earn money to buy special goods by working successfully at up to 50 different jobs, including CEO, arctic delivery person, dairy farmer, chef, haunted house crewmember, stuntperson and more. Succeed in this daily grind or watch the world get ground to dust by the massive meteor. Assume a wide range of professions in your quest to save the planet from an approaching meteor. Manage your time wisely as an astronaut, body builder, supermarket clerk, pinch hitter, deep-sea diver or even action hero to earn money. Shop with your hard-earned money to buy important goods that will assist you in your bid to save the planet from impending doom. Test your skills in multiple difficulty levels that add increased challenges. Go head-to-head in multiplayer mode on 15 different jobs. Whether you are cleaning, delivering the news, creating games or operating a crane, keep in mind that the world's fate rests on your willingness to complete the task at hand.

Store: Best Buy Brand: Hudson Price: USD 9.99

Deca Sports Freedom - Pre-owned - Xbox 360
Description: You've played sports game after sports game. You've mastered every combination to brutally knock out an opponent in boxing and know exactly when to press the "A" button in order to smash a game-ending serve across the net in tennis. Sure, you get to watch all the sports action - but there's been a wall between you and your sports dreams. Controllers are in the way. Wires tie you down. But all of that changes today. The boundaries between you and the courts, fields and slopes are crumbling down and you're about to live sports competition like a true athlete - with total Freedom. Deca Sports Freedom throws you into the big games, races and meets, totally empty-handed and without any controller - except yourself. Swing your arm in your living room, and watch as your in-court tennis racket slices the ball across the net. Twist your body and watch your skis expertly maneuver around moguls to mirror your movements. Sports dreams become realities when the motion-sensing abilities of the Kinect and Deca Sports collide. Ten high-octane sports competitions are yours to punch, pull, pummel and pirouette through: from boxing to kendo to figure skating. Whether you challenge other athletes online or fight the levels to unlock Adidas equipment, you'll feel the rush that comes from triumph - and total freedom.

Store: Best Buy Brand: Hudson Price: USD 9.99

Fishing Master World Tour - Pre-owned - Nintendo Wii
Description: Set off on a global angling adventure as a Fishing Master. Pack your tackle and brush up on your fish-finding skills as you set out to catch fish in their native waters around the world. Exotic locales and monstrous lunkers await as you travel on a wet and wild fishing safari to Easter Island, under the Golden Gate, on the Amazon River and many more legendary locations. Fishing Master World Tour is an action-packed fishing adventure that lets you experience your favorite hobby on an international scale. With the Wii's intuitive motion-sensing controls, you angle in the game just as you would with an actual rod and reel. Cast with the Wii Remote, reel in with the Nunchuk, pull the Wii Remote to the left and right as the fish fights you and don't forget to adjust your drag to avoid breaking your line. Boss battle controls let you hook, fight and catch rare fish. Troll for massive trophy fish off the backs of fishing boats in places like Hawaii. Wi-Fi laddering even lets you compete online against other Fishing Masters over who will catch the biggest fish. Play against your friends and family in several different battle modes. Ultimately, you will discover if you have the strategy and skills it takes to land more than 200 types of fish.

Store: Best Buy Brand: Hudson Price: USD 14.99

Rooms: The Main Building - Pre-owned - Nintendo Wii
Description: Out of nowhere, an invitation arrives on your doorstep that transports you to a new world filled with mystic beauty. Now that you've arrived, how will you get home? More than 100 rooms hold the key to your trip home - but you must figure out how to escape each one. Slide pieces of the rooms around to find the exit, and move from room to room on your adventure. Can you solve the unique puzzles and brain teasers to find the path that will lead you back home? Rooms: The Main Building is a unique puzzle adventure that places you in a new world that requires your intuition to find a way home. More than 100 rooms have been divided into pieces that you must slide into place to find the exit. Navigate from room to room and discover new tools that help you on your journey. The Nintendo DS-exclusive Level Editor lets you create and share your own levels with friends. Classic brain teasers, a unique adventure and a mystifying art style combine to make an engaging, mystery-filled experience.

Store: Best Buy Brand: Hudson Price: USD 9.99

Beyblade: Metal Fusion Battle Fortress - Pre-owned - Nintendo Wii
Description: Your opponent glares across the arena, one eyebrow raised in challenge. A haughty sneer blankets his face as he raises his Beyblade and flashes it in your direction. You may be new to the arena, but he's in for an unexpected surprise. Your eyes narrow and your jaw clenches as you focus in on the challenge. You take a second to plot your strategy, then let it rip. Your Beyblade throws off flashing beams of light as it spins across the board, flying straight for the enemy. The Beyblades clash and violently clink together then ricochet to opposite sides of the arena. Will you be the ultimate champion, or will you fall under the spinning blades of your enemy? Beyblade: Metal Fusion Battle Fortress provides a world of adventure as you travel to compete in the World Beyblading Championships. Choose to play any of 21 Beyblades and 25 characters from the Beyblade: Metal Fusion animated television series as you hone your spinning skills. Utilize attacks unique to your Beyblade as you fight your way up the ranks of the World Beyblading Championships. Control your Beyblade with the point-and-click controls of the Wii remote as you unlock sweet special attacks that decimate your opponents. Build up impressive offensive and defensive abilities, then challenge a friend in four-player competitions with Battle Mode. Customize your Beyblade with 150 different parts to construct a unique advantage over your competitors and save it to your Wii remote so it's ready the next time you are. Try your hand at a team attack as you join forces with allies in Co-op mode. The control is yours with the ability to choose a stadium shape and the terrain for your next match. Design and play in the stadium of your dreams as you whirl your way into the limelight.

Store: Best Buy Brand: Hudson Price: USD 9.99

Boy's Five-Pocket Twill Pants
Description: Classic denim styling in stretch cotton twill. Belt loops. Zip fly with button closure. Five-pocket style. Cotton/spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

Store: Saks Fifth Avenue Brand: Hudson Price: USD 59.00

Toddler's & Little Girl's Printed Flap-Pocket Skinny Jeans
Description: She'll have a stylish strut in these stretch-cotton skinny jeans, cast in an allover snakeskin print for exotic flair. Belt loops. Zip fly with button closure. Front slash pockets and coin pocket. Back button-flap patch pockets. Cotton/spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

Store: Saks Fifth Avenue Brand: Hudson Price: USD 55.00

Byron Straight-Leg Jeans
Description: Clean, straight-leg fit complete with style and versatility in a sleek dark wash that can dressed up or down with ease. Five-pocket style. Button fly. Inseam, about 34".98% cotton/2% elastane. Machine wash. Made in USA.

Store: Saks Fifth Avenue Brand: Hudson Price: USD 165.00

Blake Slim Straight-Leg Jeans
Description: A slimmer silhouette throughout the leg complemets this five-pocket classic, finished in a rich cotton blend. Five-pocket style. Button fly. Inseam, about 34".Cotton/elastane. Dry clean. Made in USA.

Store: Saks Fifth Avenue Brand: Hudson Price: USD 165.00

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