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MapPoint 2013 - Download for Win
Description: MapPoint 2013 Download Microsoft MapPoint 2013 is powerful mapping software that makes it easy to combine business data with mapping and location. Using MapPoint, you can turn complex business information stored in spreadsheets and data tables into easy to understand maps. Use MapPoint with your compatible GPS locator to add real time routing and directions. Updated maps of the United States and Canada, new look, and 2.5 million points of interest. Create sales territories and share performance maps to clearly visualize, analyze, and communicate performance. Include pushpin images from previous versions of MapPoint. Combine business data with demographics to find and target potential customers, and focus your business decisions. Insert maps into the work you do in Microsoft Office, and build custom solutions and Office add ins

Store: Academic Superstore Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 299.99

Windows Server 2012 R.2 Essentials 64-bit for N/A,Win
Description: Windows Server 2012 R.2 Essentials 64 bit Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, the cloud enabled solution for small business The ideal server for small business, Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials simplifies the integration of optional cloud based applications and services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure. Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials can help minimize the time, effort, and money you spend on IT. Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials is a flexible, affordable, and easy to use server solution designed and priced for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices. It is an ideal first server, and can also be used as the primary server in a multi server environment for small businesses to protect, centralize, organize, and access their applications and information from almost anywhere by using virtually any device.

Store: Academic Superstore Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 548.99

Windows Server 2012 R.2 Standard 64-bit 5-CAL (Academic) for Win
Description: Greater flexibility and agility with Windows Server 2012 R2

Store: Academic Superstore Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 584.99

Windows Server 2012 R.2 Standard 64-bit (5 CAL) for Win
Description: With Windows Server 2012 R2 you can scale to run your most important workloads with robust recovery options. Youll achieve value quickly with a wide range of cost effective, high performance storage options and simplified delivery of multi tenant IT services. You can build, deploy, operate, and monitor applications on premises and in the cloud. Empower users with secure access to corporate resources on the devices they choose. Enterprise class Improve performance and scale capacity more efficiently to run your largest workloads while enabling robust recovery options to protect against outages. Simple and cost effective Deliver multi tenant aware storage and networking multi tenancy capabilities for storage and networking on low cost, industry standard hardware. Application focused With enhanced support for open frameworks, you can build, deploy, and scale applications and websites with more flexibility by unlocking application portability between on premises environments and public and service provider clouds. User centric Deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure and lower storage costs significantly using a broad range of storage options and VHD deduplication

Store: Academic Superstore Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 1208.99

Ethernet Adapter
Description: Use the Surface Ethernet Adapter to connect your Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro 3 to your network when Wi Fi is not available.

Store: Academic Superstore Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 39.99

Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360)
Description: Enthralling cinematic story. Experience the epic finale to the "Gears of War" trilogy and fight alongside Delta Squad to rescue humanity. Play solo or with up to three friends cooperatively through the campaign on Xbox LIVE, and discover the fate of Marcus and his surviving comrades in this immersive and emotionally charged story. Unparalleled gameplay. Gears of War 3 builds upon the series' genre-defining third-person shooter gameplay and captivates players in an intimately intense action game. The latest chapter in the saga introduces new playable male and female COG characters and fresh challenges with ferocious new enemies. Explosive multiplayer action. One of the definitive multiplayer experiences on Xbox Live, Gears of War 3 features new cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences for veteran players and rookies alike. Four Player Campaign Co-op. Featuring multiple playable characters, including female Gears, the introduction of the four player cooperative campaign mode brings Delta Squad to life. Players and their buddies can fight as brothers-in-arms against the monstrous Locust and Lambent threats in a desperate bid to save humanity. Beast mode. Introducing a new five player cooperative multiplayer experience in the "Gears" saga, Beast mode lets players assume the role of the Locust army, taking on waves of humans (including Marcus, Dom and the rest of Delta Squad) . With up to four friends on Xbox Live, the goal is to wipe out the ground walkers who advance with increasing strength and ruthless force. Horde mode. Evolving the cooperative multiplayer mode pioneered in the previous title, Horde in Gears of War 3 will feature more gameplay upgrades and distinct new challenges as players work together to take on wave after wave of Locust enemies. Competitive multiplayer. The award-winning multiplayer experience continues with new maps and game types that will bring the competition to a whole new level. Amazing visuals. Gears of War 3 pushes the envelope for st

Store: Walmart US Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 9.43

Screamride - Pre-Played
Description: This action-packed construction game lets you design, build, and test ride absurdly over-the-top sci-fi roller coasters. Think RollerCoaster Tycoon with an action twist and way bigger explosions. With easy-to-use tools, you can build truly frightening coasters complete with loops, flips, turbo sections, and more. You'll get points for constructing terrifying and exciting rides, but be careful: a design mistake can send your foolhardy test riders flying out of their seats to certain doom. If you get bored of building coasters, it's time to bring everything crashing down! All the parts of your

Store: GameFly Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 8.99

Fable: The Journey - Pre-Played
Description: Take a new kind of journey through the land of Albion: One you experience firsthand in this adventure built from the ground up for Kinect! At the core of the high-impact storyline is Theresa, a character who's made an appearance in every one of the franchise's installments. Fifty years after Fable III, she sends out a call for help. If you're brave enough to answer, you'll embark on a journey crawling with danger, brimming with action, and filled with fun characters. Experience the story from inside the game. Explore visually-stunning environments in new areas of Albion, wielding magic, crus

Store: GameFly Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 17.99

Dance Central 3 - Pre-Played
Description: There are dance games that let you experience flashback favorites. This one challenges you with full-on time travel! As a new recruit to Dance Central Intelligence headquarters, you must travel back in time to spark the biggest dance sensations of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s, while grooving to the biggest hits of each era. Dance through songs to collect enough power moves to spark a Dance Craze, then move on to the next decade. New modes include a Crew Throwdown that lets two teams of four battle it out across a variety of challenges and an expanded Party Mode for up to eight players.

Store: GameFly Brand: Microsoft Price: USD 19.99

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