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Taqueria Los Gueros
Description: Enjoy the fresh flavors and enticing presentation of traditional Mexican cuisine. Come experience the unmistakable flavors that make this cuisine well know across the world. With our friendly staff you will surely leave with smile.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 10.00

Finny's Delicatessen Inc
Description: Finny's Delicatessen is the best stop for good sandwiches.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 15.00

Taqueria Brenda Lee III
Description: We make Mexico City D.F style tacos. Everything is cooked and prepared fresh daily. If you're not sure which taco you want, take a look at our menu page to see a description of all the tacos we make.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 5.00

Besan Lounge & Cafe
Description: The best hookah lounge in New Jersey's best hookah lounge flavors, outdoor seating, private parties for all occasions. Reservations Accepted.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 15.00

Syraan Restaurant & Cafe
Description: Expand your horizons and indulge in the culinary delights of Syraan Restaurant & Cafe. Known for its impressive menu and authentic Middle Easter cuisine, Syraan Restaurant keeps guests coming back to enjoy its superb cuisine and friendly service. Choose from an enormous selection of options that include chicken, beef and lamb dishes. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just looking to escape your own kitchen, Syraan Restaurant & Cafe won't leave you disappointed.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 15.00

DR Tropical Restaurant
Description: Our flavorful menu includes all of your Caribbean favorites; chicken, steak and seafood, utilizing only the freshest ingredients towards each plate. Here you will find our island inspired dishes not only delicious, but plentiful as well, so stop in and let us bring the traditions of the islands to you.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 15.00

LA Brasa Restaurant
Description: Choose from multiple dishes and receive top notch service. Sit, eat, relax, we look forward to serving you.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 25.00

La QUEEN Latin's Food
Description: We love our food and we are sure you will as well. Grab your friends and family and come have a meal with us.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 15.00

Larios Pizza Pan & Cafe
Description: Looking for the perfect place to end your long day? Look no further. The Larios Pizza Pan & Cafe restaurant will welcome you with its friendly service and aromatic Larios Pizza Pan & Cafe kitchen. Located in the heart of Paterson, Larios Pizza Pan & Cafe should not be missed.

Store: Brand: Paterson Price: USD 15.00

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