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BCH-30 Video Head
Description: . Designed with modern videographers and filmmakers in mind SIRUI's new line of BCH broadcast quality fluid heads are sure to meet even the most demanding expectation. Impressive specifications include maximum payloads between 6 and 18kg. Not only loaded with great features The Sirui BCH-30 Video Heads clearly include SIRUI's reputation legendary engineering and build quality. A beautifully smooth fluid system coupled with separately adjustable friction controls for the pan and tilt movements allow individual soft vibration-free camera movements. For precise alignment both the top of the platform and the base each have a spirit level with the lower of them illuminated. The counterbalance system is adjustable in multiple stages helping you achieve the perfect set-up. Listening to customer feedback SIRUI designed the BCH heads with a safety lock system as well as engineering the mounting plate so that it can only be removed backwards helping to prevent mid-shoot mistakes when the pressure is on. The mounting plates have rubber contact surfaces to keep your equipment in good shape and feature both 1/4 'and 3/8' thread screws for attaching cameras. The BCH-30 with 100mm half-bowl. With the permanently installed half-ball (BCH-30) the heads can be optimally aligned and levelled quickly. The pan handle is telescopic allowing extra leverage for helping to achieve very fine adjustments while rubber handles ensure a secure even in cold or wet conditions. BCH-30 feature twin pan handles for greater control of larger equipment. Features: Fluid system provides exceptional soft and smooth movement Friction adjustable pan movement (360 A) plus 0 position with no friction Friction adjustment for tilt movement (-65 A / + 90 A) plus 0 position with no friction Adjustable counterbalance system Safety Lock System - prevents slippage of the plate Release plate- sliding distance: 90 mm (VH-10) 125 mm (VH-15) 2 spirit levels for perfect alignment one with illumination Sliding removable plates with 1/4' and 3/8' thread Rubber finished pan handles - telescopic - left or right side

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 999.00

P-326 Carbon Fiber Monopod
Description: . The legendary SIRUI P-326 Carbon Fiber Monopods are our most popular monopods - with good reason!. They have 6 sections that extend to 60.6' (154.0 cm) when fully opened yet are only 15.0' (38.0 cm) when closed - small enough to fit in a backpack or photo bag! When you first handle these monopods you will be amazed at their light weight and truly impressed by their stability. Thanks to the use of superior materials and precision manufacturing SIRUI has created an extremely portable 6-section monopod with the strength and stability usually associated with 3 or 4-section monopods! Features: Ultra-compact - folds to 15.0' (38.0 cm) Opens to 60.6' (154.0 cm) Lightweight rugged 8 layer 100% Carbon Fiber Retractable stainless steel spike for extra grip during outdoor shooting Foam grip for solid hold in wet or cold conditions The mounting plate comes with a double headed reversible screw that accommodates 1/4' and 3/8' tripod sockets

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 99.94

VH-15 Fluid Video Head
Description: . To create professional looking videos you need to have a video head that provides smooth movements and transitions. The SIRUI VH-15 Professional Fluid Video Head has a fluid system for smooth panning and tilting. The panning resistance is preset to produce very smooth pans and the tilt mechanism has stepless friction adjustment. Since there are many different sizes of video equipment having stepless friction control lets you precisely select the proper friction for your gear. The tilt friction control lets the head tilt forwards or backwards (+70/-90A) quickly when set to the lowest friction setting. The spring-assisted counterbalance mechanism (4 kg/8.8 lb) helps to keep the head in position when the camera is properly balanced on the head - the head will stay in the selected position without any movement. This provides added support and improved tilt control. As you add more resistance (turn the dial clockwise) you smooth out and have better control of your tilts. When you combine panning and tilting motions with drag resistance you will achieve a very fluid professional look to your videos. You can also lock panning and/or tilting so no movement occurs. To make horizontal alignment of the head extra easy there are 2 bubble levels - one on the base of the head to align the tripod and one on top of the video head to align the camera (a SIRUI exclusive!) . The friction of the tilt movement can be continuously adjusted the 360 A rotation is fixed. The heads are exceptionally smooth and extremely precise. They can be operated intuitively. The safety lock system prevents accidental slippage of the removable disk. For precise alignment the heads have two bubble levels one on top and one below. Features: Fluid system provides soft smooth movement Safety Lock System - prevents slippage on the plate Tilt friction is continuously adjustable - 360 A panoramic rotation fixed Two spirit levels for perfect alignment Long adjustable release plate with 1/4' and 3/8' thread Release plate- sliding distance: 125 mm Quick release plate: VP-125X Rubberized arm is adjustable and extendable - usable for left or right hand 3/8' tripod connection in the bottom of the heads

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 299.94

TY-LP40 Arca-Type Quick Release Plate
Description: . The Sirui TY-LP40 Arca-Type Quick Release Plate features a universal design that fits most cameras. This plate fits Sirui C K and G Series heads and features a rubberized non-slip surface to help prevent the camera from twisting during use. It also features a second 1/4'-20 strap mount with which to mount a camera strap. A tightening hex key is included. Features: Universal Mounting Arca-Type Compatible Plate Rubberized Anti-Slip Surface Fits Sirui C K and G Series Heads Standard 1/4'-20 Mounting Stud Tightening Hex Key 1/4'-20 Camera Strap Mount Forged Aluminum Construction

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 29.94

VSK-5 Video Survival Kit
Description: . The SIRUI VSK-5 Video Survival is a compact kit that lets you build the gear you need when you need it! The kit lets you construct a Cage Rig Lowboy Roller or Slider in minutes! You'll never have to worry about being in the field without the right tools to do the job! You would need to buy 5 separate pieces of equipment - much heavier and costlier gear - to do what the SIRUI VSK-5 kit can do! It comes in a portable backpack that neatly stores all the components until you need them. All major hardware is forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy - precision crafted for maximum strength and long life. All rods are strong lightweight 8 layer 100% Carbon Fiber and can be setup or disassembled quickly and easily. Each configuration can be done in minutes without the need for special tools! Start working with the VSK-5 as a Shoulder Rig then quickly change to a Lowboy for that low angle shot! Need to track a subject or smoothly move in? Attach your gear onto the Roller or Slider instantly! The SIRUI VSK-5 Video Survival Kit is the perfect tool for shooting videos on the go! You? l never need to decide if you should bring all of your gear to an assignment. With the VSK-5 their always with you! The SIRUI VSK-5 is a multifunctional kit with 5 main functions which can each videographer's heart beat faster. The tubes are made of carbon fiber (carbon) and therefore particularly light vibration and stable. The entire kit is in a comfortable backpack supplied (46x36x15cm) so that all parts are well protected and can be stowed away quickly. The total weight of this VideoA 1/4 berlebenskit including rucksack is only 6kg (without backpack 3.8kg) . Slider and Dolly can be used simultaneously with Cage or rig. Only the Cage and the rig share some parts so are not yet usable. Features: SLIDER - VIDEO rail for soft and gentle camera movements DOLLY - camera car for curves and circular trips (rolling resistance adjustable) CAGE - CAGE for mounting zahreichem 1/4 'accessories LOWBOY - cage with TOPGRIFF for stunning videos from the worm's-eye view RIG - shoulder stand for smooth leadership on the shoulder (ideally adaptable)

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 799.94

L-10 Monopod Tilt Head
Description: . For ultimate stability nothing but a tripod will do. However there are times when a tripod is not practical or allowed. A monopod offers excellent stability when working with long telephoto lenses and makes a difference in low-light situations. They're easy to carry set up instantly and are ideal in tight spaces. The Sirui L-10 Monopod Tilt Head is ideal for use with large telephoto lenses on monopods. Make handling and adjustments fast and repeatable. The patented Sirui designed dual safety lock design and Sirui standard and custom quick release plates prevent the camera from accidentally sliding off of the L-10 head (when the quick release clamp is slightly loosened) and offer superior locking performance and reliability. Most Arca-compatible quick release plates can be used on Sirui Heads. The Sirui L-10 Monopod Head can be attached onto 3/8 screw bases and Sirui or Arca-compatible Quick Release platforms. With the ability to hold up to 33lb. (15kg) the Sirui L-10 Monopod Head can be used with large fast telephoto and zoom lenses for sports and fast moving action situations! Plus it can greatly improve your low-light photography especially when tripods are not allowed or convenient! Features: Tilts 90deg. with calibrated markings on the head Built-in bubble level Quick-release base

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 109.94

P-204S Aluminum Photo/Video Monopod
Description: . SIRUI has introduced the perfect support system forvideographers on the go! The SIRUI P-S Series Multi-function Photo/Video Monopod. SIRUI Sirui P-204S Aluminum Photo/Video Monopods have three sturdy fold-down support feet that provide stability and flexibility not possible with standard monopods! The rugged feet allow you to pan the monopod 360A and tilt 20A in any direction without worrying that the monopod will move out of position! And you can step on the feet for even greater stability! The SIRUI designed and patented 360A panning hand grip produces smooth pro-level panning effects. This unique feature lets you easily follow moving subjects even if your video head or monopod head does not have a panning base! Only the top section of the monopod turns - not the entire shaft. That means you can hold onto the monopod for added stability and control! No other system has this important capability. It's foam padded for a comfortable feel and secure hold in cold or wet conditions. And if you don't need the panning function simply tighten the locking collar. To tilt the monopod 20A in any direction SIRUI utilizes a precision ball head mechanism in the base of the monopod. SIRUI P-S Series Photo/video monopods are equally at home with photo and video equipment. And if you need to get your equipment up high or want an unusual perspective you can thanks to their rugged construction and lightweight design! SIRUI P-204S is made of high strength aluminum alloy. Features: Three sturdy fold-down support feet that provide additional stability and flexibility. Removable for use as a standard monopod. Patented panning grip smoothly rotates 360A Adjustable friction control on the base ball head lets you adjust tension for different weight equipment and resistance requirements. Patented base locking collar keeps the monopod rigid Patented removable feet can be used as a table top tripod Foam grip for solid hold in wet or cold conditions Mounting plate comes with double headed reversible screw that accommodates 1/4' and 3/8' tripod sockets Rubber foot for use on wooden stone surfaces. Replace with spike for use outdoors in grass and dirt.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 159.94

TY-LP70 Arca Type Quick Release Plate
Description: . The Sirui TY-LP70 Arca Type Quick Release Plate features a universal design that fits most cameras and is compatible with all Sirui G K C and E series ball heads and any Arca-Type quick release head. This plate features two embedded anti-twist pins that can be raised to keep the camera from twisting and a rubberized non-slip surface. It also has a 1/4'-20 strap mount and mounting slots with which to attach a camera strap if desired. This plate can be mounted on Sirui heads without removing the strap. Features: Arca-Type Compatible Fits Sirui G K C and E Series Heads Universal Mounting Standard 1/4'-20 Mounting Stud Embedded Anti-Twist Pins Forged Aluminum Construction 1/4'-20 Camera Strap Mount

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 44.94

W-2004 Waterproof Aluminum Alloy Tripod
Description: . The Sirui W-2004 Waterproof Aluminum Alloy Tripod has waterproof leg locks incorporate waterproof and leak-proof materials used in the automotive industry. The rubber locking components firmly grasp the legs without any gap when they are tightly locked - preventing water dust or small particles from entering the legs or the locking system. This waterproof (not just water resistant) system lets you safely shoot in extreme environmental conditions (also ideal for use with spotting scopes and binoculars) . Equally impressive is SIRUI's ability to extend and contract the legs as smoothly as their standard models. And with A 1/2 twist leg locks setup and break down is fast and easy. Using the highest quality materials and precisely manufactured leg tubes lets SIRUI achieve uncompromising stability. The redesigned Leg Angle Locks make adjustments faster and easier than ever before. Push the lock and it stays open until you select the desired position. Extremely convenient with wet or gloved hands! The slip-resistant rubber feet can be replaced with stainless steel spikes (included) for added grip and stability. The SIRUI W Series tripod's unique leg mechanism lets you invert the legs 180A - for compact storage and easy transport. And the split center column makes changing from standard center column to short center column fast and easy. One of the legs can be converted into a waterproof monopod! Ideal when a tripod is not allowed or when you're shooting in tight spaces. Attach the center column to increase the height of the monopod. Features: Waterproof leg design - SIRUI designed waterproof ring system prevents water from seeping into the tripod legs and causing damage. Not just water resistant - actually waterproof! Ergonomic Leg Angle Locks make adjustments fast and easy. Extremely convenient with wet or gloved hands! For speed and convenience each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism. Tripod leg converts into waterproof monopod. Center column can be attached for increased height. The center column can be detached and inverted for low angle or macro shooting. Legs fold up 180A for extra compactness. Three leg angle positions for uneven terrain. Bubble level for fast horizontal alignment. Slip-resistant rubber feet can be replaced with stainless steel spikes (included) . Hook on bottom of the center column can hold a weight bag for added stability.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: Sirui Price: USD 229.94

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