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Gel Memory Foam Micro Cushion Pillow
Description: This Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Microcushion pillow gives you the soft comfort of a down pillow with the cradling support of a memory foam pillow that your looking for. + Standard size pillow with a 90% polyester/10% brushed cotton cover and gel infused memory foam microcushions fill. + Gel infused memory foam combines the comfort of memory foam with the smart support of gel. + The memory foam bed pillow is classically shaped with a lower profile to support back, side and stomach sleepers.

Store: Shopko Brand: Sleep innovations Price: USD 49.99

Comfort Co. Kitchen Mat 20 x 30 x 0.75 - Zinnia
Description: Comfort Co High Density Polyurethane Kitchen Mat 20 x 30 x 0.75 - Zinnia/ Walnut Color: Brown.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 39.99

Comfort Co. Kitchen Mat 20 x 30 x 0.75
Description: Comfort Co High Density Polyurethane Kitchen Mat 20 x 30 x 0.75 - Tuscany/ Walnut Color: Beige & Tan.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 49.99

Serta 2.5 Memory Foam Mattress Topper Cal King
Description: Dimensions 72 X 84 X 2.5, 233tc 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Weave, Double S Quilted Pattern Size: California King. Color: Off-white.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 331.79

Serta Cool Renew Gel Memory Foam Pillow
Description: Slumber in total luxury on the cool renew pillow from Serta. The inside of this thick, supportive pillow is full of gel memory foam to keep your body temperature cool and regulated as you sleep. Improve the quality of your sleep with this must-have firm support pillow. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 49.99

Serta 3 Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Description: Experience the ultimate in cool, comfortable sleep with Sertaas 3 Gel Memory Foam mattress topper. It takes the pain-reducing qualities of cradling memory foam and swirls them together with a gel infusion that optimizes airflow for the perfect sleeping temperature. Itas like having the best of both worlds! The topper also absorbs and isolates movement, so a restless sleeping partner will never interrupt your slumber. The result is a perfectly plush sleeping surface that enhances the quality of your sleep and adds years to the life of your mattress! Includes a machine-washable cover that protects and keeps the topper in place. Cover stretches to fit up to a 17-inch mattress. Size: Queen. Color: Blue.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 234.49

Serta Reversible Gel Memory Foam Pillow
Description: A Gel Pillow Built For Years Of Comfort Not all memory foam pillows are made alike, this Serta Pillow , is designed to deliver the cool comfort that you need for restful sleep night after night while eliminating hot spots and irritation. Set your head on this pillow and feel thousands of microscopic air cells shift and shrink to conform perfectly around you, dispersing weight and pressure for an even, comfortable sleep you can snuggle up to. Encased in a removable 100% cotton cover, this gel pillow is not only supple and responsive to the touch, but provides you with a super soft surface that will soothe your skin every time you lay down. Designed for simple care, the pillow cover removes easily, so it can be washed and ready for bed in no time at all. If you like to switch it up, this reversible Serta Pillow was designed to give you twice the options of regular cushions. So whether you want the kind of traditional memory foam pillow you feel like youare melting into, or need a little more pressure and firm gel support to get that deep sleep you need, just flip it and quickly meet your needs. Convenient, cool and conforming, this pillow is the perfect spot to rest your head. Trouble sleeping? Make sure to give yourself all the advantages and comfort so you can rest easier. Designed to deliver supreme comfort, no matter which way you flip it, this Gel Pillow combines the sheer touch and feel of sateen woven cotton, the dual comfort of tradition memory foam and gel memory foam and a solid, worry free build that will have you catching Zas for years to come. At a great price, this pillow is the perfect way to bring your nighttime comfort to a whole new level. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 27.49

King Classic Gel Memory Foam MicroCushion Pillow
Description: Get the Comfort You Need In a Cool Gel Pillow Kick back and relax in the soothing comfort of a King Size Memory Foam Pillow . Built to adapt to a variety of sleeping positions, itas loaded with thousands of micro cushions, which bend, flex and shrink to fit, pulling weight from pressure points and redistributing it toward often neglected areas like the crook of your neck and lower back for superior comfort that will help soothe you night after night. A simple and extremely effective advance in comfort technology, micro cushion cells not only adapt quickly to changes in pressure and weight distribution, they increase the level of air movement on this pillowas interior, leading to cooler, more comfortable nights. A great way to increase the effectiveness of already cool and satisfying gel memory foam, microcells help deliver a whole new level of conformity, so youare not simply resting your head on this pillow, youare nestling into a sleep experience that will ease pain, help you heal and have you waking up fresh and ready every morning. Sheathed in an incredibly soft microfiber case, these memory foam microcells feature a unique blend of traditional and gel memory foam that deliver both comfort and support so you get just the right level of comfort for years to come. Built with a blend of polyester and nylon, this gel pillow will easily outlast others. Made for nights of solid, undisturbed sleep, this pillow is more than just a place to rest your head, itas an investment in rest, relaxation and bright days for years to come. Blending the best of both types of memory foam and built to stay with you for years of restful sleep, this King Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect addition to any bedroom. At a great price, itas a simple investment in a great nightas sleep. Color: White.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 33.99

Bag of Comfort Twin
Description: Dimensions 39x75x1 Topper, Pillow: 16 x22x2 Microfiber: 88% Polyester 12% Nylon Size: Twin. Color: Off-white.

Store: Kmart Brand: SLEEP INNOVATIONS Price: USD 56.00

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