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Warm Glass: A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming Techniques Warm Glass: A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming Techniques
Description: Here's the first and only full-color book on the subject of warm, or kiln-fired, glass in print. It provides a comprehensive look at one of the most popular skills for those working in the studio. With lavish illustrations, and all the processes involved in kiln-firing explained, the versatility of the dazzling technique of warm glass comes into clear focus.From fusing and slumping to casting, everything is covered--complete with a corresponding graph on the firing cycle and information on the various types of glass, their compatibility, and their behaviors during firing. Valuable tips tell how to avoid unexpected and unwanted effects, and also how to create a range of different results and finishes.Close-up pictures show each step in the process being carried out, and breathtaking photos display an inspirational gallery of finished works that are richly colored and gracefully shaped. A brief historical overview of glassmaking provides useful background.

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 24.55

Dogs by Design Book
Description: Specially mixed breeds are all the rage. That's right: according to such media outlets as The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The New York Times, such designer dogs as the puggle, labradoodle, schnoodle, and bagel hound are today's pick of the litter. Filled with more than

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 12.95

Caring for Your Aging Cat Book
Description: Since cats have a natural talent for looking better than they feel, it may surprise owners to learn that felines are considered "senior" at 7 and "geriatric" at 14. This invaluable guide explains such things as how to help an older cat with grooming, how to recognize the diseases that come with age,

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 16.95

Arthur Christmas The Movie Storybook Book
Description: Six-year-old Gwen writes a letter to Santa Claus because she believes in the magic of Christmas and she wants a pink winkle Bike! At the North Pole, Santa's son, Arthur, wants to make sure her wish comes true. But on Christmas Eve, Gwen's bike accidentally gets left behind. Christmas will never be t

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 9.95

Weird US A Freaky Field Trip Through the 50 States Book
Description: The weirdest spots in the U.S. all in one book! Written by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman For reading levels grade 3-7.

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 14.95

The Awkward Human Survival Guide Book
Description: Guide for life's most uncomfortable situations. Written by Adam Dachis and Erica Elson, popular bloggers Perfect as a guide for yourself or as a gift to others trying to get through awkward situations

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 14.95

The Rolling Stones Book
Description: The story of the Rolling Stones: greatest rock band in the world Written by Glenn Crouch Perfect for any music history buff or avid Stones fan

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 19.95

Its All Fun and Games Until Someone Ends Up in a Cone Book
Description: More than 25 dog sayings on adorable postcards Part of the Dog is Good series Fun designs remind you of what's important-like "Keep Your Eye on the Ball," "Unleash Your Potential," and "Chase Your Dreams.

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 7.95

Hellaciously Hard Fireball Crosswords
Description: 45 incredibly difficult puzzles Edited by Peter Gordon Perfect for fans of the Friday and Saturday New York Times crosswords

Store: Brand: Sterling Price: USD 6.95

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