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X-Five EVO Gore-Tex Boots
Description: TCX X-Five EVO Gore-Tex Boots Rain, wind, or cold in the forecast? TCX's X-Five EVOs are sport touring boots made with four seasons of hard riding in mind. An all-leather chassis is used for its toughness and dependability, and while relatively simple, it works. Gore-Tex is the real key to the X-Five EVO and being configured into a full length membrane, it provides the boots with their solid weather-handling ability. Light protective reinforcements over the ankle, shin, toe and heel give the X-Five EVO respectable safety and yet best of all, don't negate the slim and flexible feel that is comfortable both on and off the bike. UPPER: full grain leather with front and rear padded area for a better comfort and flexibility LINING: Gore-Tex (R) Performance Comfort Footwear REINFORCEMENTS: PU shift pad integrated in the sole, shin plate with embossed logo, reinforced heel and toe counters CLOSURE: new elastic zip to allow an easier fastening plus wide Velcro (R) band FOOTBED: anatomic and replaceable SOLE: touring sole with specific grip area to allow a superior stability and maximum grip

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 289.99

X-Five WP Boots
Description: TCX X-Five WP Boots The X-Five has been TCX's bread and butter touring boot for some time and now they've whittled it down to just two versions: the X-Five WP and X-Five EVO Gore-Tex. Of the two, the X-Five WP more closely follows the original and this means a full grain leather construction, an all-weather sole, and nicely integrated heel and ankle reinforcements. Completely rain/winter ready thanks to its waterproof membrane, the X-Five WP makes for an affordable and proven year round sport touring boot. Upper: Full grain leather Lining: Waterproof Reinforcements: Shift pad, shin plate, reinforced heel counter and malleolus inserts Footbed: Anatomic and replaceable Sole: Touring sole with specific grip area

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 199.99

Infinity EVO Gore-Tex Boots
Description: TCX Infinity EVO Gore-Tex BootsSoles are made out of rubber as are tires, so why not partner with a tire company when designing a motorcycle boot? That's what TCX was thinking when they went to Michelin for help with designing the adventure touring focused Infinity EVO boots. Featuring a tread pattern straight off the Anakee III, the sole does everything the tire does; channels away water and dirt, grips in multiple types of terrain and provides long life. The rest of the boot deserves attention as well with genuine Gore-Tex underneath the leather construction. Secure locking aluminum buckles with long straps provide even pressure and with reinforcements around the heel, toe and shin, the Infinity EVO has the safety to handle off-beaten adventures. UPPER: full grain leather combined with suede front and rear padded areas to increase comfort. Soft padded, ergonomic upper collar LINING: GORE-TEX (R) Performance Comfort Footwear REINFORCEMENTS: ergonomic shin plate, PU malleolus, toe and heel inserts. New designed shift pad, internal suede heat guard to offer the maximum grip on the bike CLOSURE: 2 interchangeable and micro - adjustable ALU6060 aluminum buckles. Instep Fit System, featuring an ergonomic closure band positioned on the instep to grant a precise fit FOOTBED: anatomic and replaceable SOLE: high performance MICHELIN ADVENTURE rubber sole inspired to the ANAKEE tires, studied to offer high contact surface for excellent adherence and optimal stability. Siping design allows water evacuation and improved grip. Suitable on soft, wet and muddy grounds

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 399.99

X-Blend WP Boots
Description: TCX X-Blend Waterproof BootsOf all TCX's urban leather riding boots, the X-Blend is the most rugged looking with its thick sole and tall profile that evokes WWII era combat boots. Featuring a vintage finish, the leather construction also receives a waterproof membrane and light toe, heel and ankle reinforcements. And while they may look formidable to wear and ride in, TCX has made sure the fit and feel is surprisingly flexible and comfortable. LINING: waterproof UPPER: full grain vintage leather REINFORCEMENTS: toe and heel counter FOOTBED: anatomic and replaceable CLOUSURE: lacing system SOLE: new high wear-resistant rubber sole, vintage look

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 239.99

Heritage WP Boots
Description: TCX Heritage WP Boots Almost slightly gentrified, the TCX Heritage WP boots feature real class regardless if you're on the bike or not. Vintage leather makes up the bulk of the boots and yet like the name implies, the Heritage come with a full length waterproof membrane so fall and winter rides aren't out of the question. Light reinforcements around the toe and heel are your main source of riding protection and together with the thick sole, give the Heritage a nice ruggedness. Don't think they aren't comfortable however, TCX has made sure walking comfort is up to par. UPPER: full grain vintage leather LINING: waterproof REINFORCEMENTS: toe and heel counter FOOTBED: anatomic and replaceable SOLE: new high wear-resistant rubber sole, vintage look

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 199.99

Pro 2.1 Boots
Description: TCX Pro 2.1 Boots A legit player in the off-road scene, the TCX Pro 2.1 has proven itself time and time again with wins in the Dakar Rally with Cyril Despres and the World Enduro Championship with Antoine Meo. Using a slip-on inner bootie to provide excellent comfort and support, the Pro 2.1 also utilizes a hinged Torsion Control System to prevent the ankle from twisting or hyperextending. And as a nice byproduct with this configuration, the hinge system also provides a nice flat surface to solidly grip the bike. Comfortable and with solid durability, the Pro 2.1 is a boot for those who take performance and protection seriously. Torsion Control System: Using three rigid elements joined together by lugs that slide inside special pockets, backwards and forward motion is ensured with its two rear flexion points. In conjunction, sideways movement is based on two points that prevent excessive torsion beyond natural limits and protect the rider's foot from injury. Features: Upper is high wear resistant with water resistant microfiber Inner bootie gives unmatched support through gel inserts and a supple, vented construction Padded ankle area allows for better comfort and flexibility Liner made of breathable fabric 4 fully adjustable aluminum buckles Dual compound rubber sole is interchangeable

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 349.99

Pro 1.1 EVO Boots
Description: TCX Pro 1.1 EVO Boots TCX's premier non-bootie motocross boot, the Pro 1.1 EVO shares many design features with the Pro 2.1 but in a slimmer and lighter package. Highlighted by the Dual Joint System, the design is exclusive to the Pro 1.1 EVO and mimics the hyperextension prevention of the Pro 2.1's Torsion Control System but with more allowance for walking flexibility. High quality buckles are extremely easy to lock down and with a traditional style sole, these TCX boots are extremely durable and long lasting whether it's moto or enduro riding. UPPER: high wear resistant micro fiber, padded front and ankle area for a better comfort and flexibility LINING: breathable fabric with new double compound PU soft padding around the ankle area REINFORCEMENTS: dual joint system; PU shin plate; polyurethane toe guard, steel toe cap, inside HIGH GRIP ZONE heat guard, rear polyurethane heel reinforcement, ankle and malleolus reinforcements BUCKLES: 4 aluminum adjustable buckles, reinforced SOLE: double density, interchangeable CE CERTIFICATION D.J.S.: Dual Joint System presents two sliding pockets that allow a superior flexion and overextension control

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 279.99

Track EVO WP Boots
Description: TCX Track EVO WP BootsA sequel to the popular Track boots, the Track EVO WP borrows a number of the original design ideas but improves upon many of them to create a more protective and weather capable piece of riding footwear. The suede leather and microfiber construction is largely the same, as is the 3 buckles, but TCX has added a waterproofing liner and integrated armor to keep the feet both happy and dry. And a feature dual sport and adventure rides will particularly like is the rugged and grippy traction sole. UPPER: suede leather and microfiber LINING: waterproof REINFORCEMENTS: polyurethane shin plate and shift pad; malleolus inserts BUCKLES: 3 polyurethane adjustable buckles positioned to grant perfect fitting SOLE: new sole with specific tread to offer a superior grip on any terrain

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 259.99

X-Street Shoes
Description: TCX X-Street Shoes Rocking the high top look for the motorcycle world, the X-Street shoe from TCX comes with a unique aged / vintage look that evokes images of cafe racers from yesteryear. Featuring light reinforcements in the sole and ankle, this shoe provides just enough support for the motorcycle ride without spoiling your time off it. UPPER: vintage leather LINING: AIR TECH breathable REINFORCEMENTS: malleolus area, reinforced toe and heel counter FOOTBED: anatomic and replaceable CLOUSURE: lacing system SOLE: high wear-resistant rubber, vintage look CE CERTIFICATION

Store: Motorcycle Superstore Brand: Tcx Price: USD 149.99

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