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ITP Cryptid Tire
Description: The ITP Cryptid tire is a super-aggressive and purpose-built mud slinger for all-terrain vehicles and side-by-sides. The Cryptid is built with a mud proven chevron style tread pattern; with graduated lug height to create paddle-like shoulder lugs for maximum traction in the mud without compromising ride comfort on trails and hard pack. This aggressive; game-changing ATV/UTV mud tire has the largest (by both height and width) footprint of any previous ITP mud tire. Game-changing mud tire with wrap-around lugs and 6 ply rated carcass for added durability Super durable rubber compound protects against abrasions; chips and cuts Proven chevron style tread pattern designed to deliver unparalleled forward traction Graduated lug height; starting at 1.5 inches at center growing to 2 inches at the shoulder; creates a paddle-like shoulder configuration Shoulder lugs provide maximum side bite for climbing in and out of the mud without compromising ride comfort on trails and hard pack Grooved center lugs channel away mud and debris and enhances predictability in deeply rutted areas Computer-aided tread design Largest (by both height and width) footprint of any previous ITP mud tire Stylistic claws and simulated marks complement the tire's overall design; as well as offering unique look and pattern to its sidewall Made in the USA Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 30x10-14; 32x10-15; 34x10-17; and 36x10-17

Store: Chaparral Motorsports Brand: ITP Price: USD 248.88

ITP Ultracross Front Or Rear Tire
Description: Low-profile design provides superior handling onsmooth, hard surfaces - and has eye-catching goodlooks. Tightly spaced, overlapping tread pattern lowers rollingresistance and enhances ride comfort. Tread pattern has been computer designed to reducerolling noise levels. 6-ply radial construction and a new, more durable rubbercompound delivers longer wear and enhanced cutresistance. Super deep rim guard feature offers the best wheel lipprotection in the business.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Itp Price: USD 246.95

ITP A-6 Trac-Lock Wheel
Description: A competition-ready beadlock wheel with a clean, simplified ring design.A beadlock ring clamps the tire to the wheel, increasing tire retention ability and security. It strengthens the wheel and eases tire installation too!6061 heat-treated aluminum intensifies wheel hardness and strength.Tough 0.190"" wall construction.Rugged, precision-formed outer bead retention ring is secured with tough, recessed Allen bolts.The 4/110 and 4/144 bolt patterns utilize tapered, stainless steel lug nut inserts.Note: Requires flat lug nuts (sold separately) .

Store: MotoSport Brand: Itp Price: USD 243.95

ITP Mammoth Mayhem ATV Tire 32x10-14
Description: The ITP Mammoth Mayhem sports an extra-deep, features two inch lugs for maximum thrust through the deepest muck and mud. The mammoth-sized claws are designed to propel ATVs and side-by-sides continuously forward, while channeling the mud out of the tire tread. The extra-deep lugs do not affect ride comfort or handling. The Mammoth's carcass construction and directional tread pattern deliver a remarkably smooth ride on the trail for a tire in this category. The Mammoth is also considerably lighter than most big mud tires on the market today. The 6-ply rated carcass is manufactured from an extended-wear rubber compound, which delivers long-lasting performance.

Store: Rocky Mountain ATV Brand: ITP Price: USD 209.17

ITP A-6 Pro Series Trac Lock Wheel
Description: Constructed with 6061 heat treated aluminum to intensify the wheel hardness and strength Competition ready beadlock wheel with a clean; simplified ring design that eases tire installation Beadlock ring clamps the tire to the wheel; increasing tire retention and security while strengthening the wheel Rugged; precision formed outer bead retention ring is secured with tough recessed allen bolts The 4/110 and 4/114 bolt patterns utilize tapered stainless steel lug nut inserts Polished

Store: Chaparral Motorsports Brand: ITP Price: USD 205.88

ITP Terracross R/T Tire
Description: Tire Features:Specially-designed 14-inch sizes make the TerraCross R/T the new standard in utility vehicle (Mule, Rhino) trail tires.Interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint result in exceptional traction and flotation.Ideal for mud, snow and sand.Radial construction offers a much smoother ride and greater overall control, enhancing operator confidence.Surprisingly light in weight; you won't find a lighter 14-inch tire / wheel combo anywhere.Six-ply construction provides unmatched durability.The wrap-around shoulder lugs offer excellent sidewall protection and traction when navigating rutted trails.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Itp Price: USD 203.99

ITP Black Water Evolution Rear Tire
Description: Building on its history of innovation and applying the considerable tire design and production experience gained with three decades in the business, the Black Water Evolution is poised to set a new standard in the rapidly growing UTV segment.Utilizing the most advanced tire technology, the Black Water Evolution has been developed specifically for the distinct demands of the latest side-by-side vehicles.8-ply-rated radial design.Unique non-directional tread design provides awesome traction while maintaining a smooth ride and precise, balanced handling.All-new ""Tough Tread"" rubber compound offers exceptional wear and abrasion resistance for extended tire life.Exclusive ""Sidewall Armor"" protects the vulnerable shoulder area from penetration, greatly increasing reliability.Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Itp Price: USD 193.93

ITP Ultracross R Spec Front/Rear Tire
Description: Since 1982, ITP has grown into the world's #1 ATV / UTV aftermarket tire and wheel source, and continues to provide a complete line of innovative tires and wheels for virtually all ATVs and UTVs.Unique, multi-surface, non-directional tread design improves off-road traction and versatility.Popular 14-inch wheel diameter expands wheel style choices and provides improved sidewall compliance.More openly spaced tread pattern makes the Ultracross R Spec tire a superb option for desert and slick rock conditions.8-ply radial construction.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Itp Price: USD 192.45

ITP 900 XCT Front Tire
Description: The all-new ITP 900 XCT is engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. to accommodate the unique demands of side-by-side UTVs. It features a rugged 6-ply-rated radial carcass and a unique, directional tread design that promotes predictable, well-balanced handling characteristics. Its radial construction provides plush ride qualities, which are further enhanced by a tread pattern that supplies an ideal level of grip while remaining quiet and smooth on a variety of terrain surfaces.Specifically designed to accommodate the unique demands of side-by-side UTVs.Rugged 6-ply-rated radial carcass for durability, smooth ride and balanced handling.Unique, directional tread design for predictable, well-balanced handling response.Tread pattern provides an ideal level of grip while remaining smooth and quiet on a variety of surfaces.

Store: MotoSport Brand: Itp Price: USD 185.31

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