Widsor 5040HG Attachment Suction Hose 86142650
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Brand: Windsor

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This is the main suction attachment hose for the Windsor Sensor, Sensor XP, and the Versamatic Plus Models. 86142650, WI-5040, 5040HG... Read More

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Sebo 5040HG, Windsor 5040WI Replacement On-Board Attachment & Suction Hose Assembly For Sebo X, G Series, and Windsor Sensor, Versamatic.
Description: This is a replacement aftermarket Sebo 5040HG, or Windsor 5040WI replacement attachment hose assembly for the Sebo X, and G Series, and the Windsor Versamatic, Versamatic Plus, and Sensor Series uprights. This is the main attachment hose that is black on one end, the end that snaps into the vacuum, and the other end attaches to the wand. Fits Sebo Models: X1, X2, X4, X5, 370, G1, G2. Fits Windsor Models: Sensor S15, Sensor S12, Sensor XP SRXP12, Sensor XP SRXP15, Sensor XP SRXP18, Versamatic Models VS14, and VS18, and Versamatic Plus VSP14 and VSP18. Fits Sebo Part Number 5040HG, Windsor Part 5040SB, 1784SB, and 5040sb. Generic aftermarket Hose, Beige in Color. Full money back guarantee on size, fit and quality.

Store: GoVacuum.com Brand: Windsor Price: USD 16.69


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