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Petzl Verso Belay Device Lime
Description: Petzl a VERSO Petzl's lightest belay/rappel device with adaptive rope control technology The VERSO is a simplified version of the REVERSO. The asymmetrical V-shaped grooved friction channels adapt the friction for better control using our ARC (Adaptive Rope Control) technology. Ultra-light design : - hot-forged aluminum - weight: 57 g Single device for all ropes : - single ropes ? 8.9 mm - half ropes ? 8 mm - twin ropes ? 7.5 mm ARC technology adapts to the diameter of the rope used by increasing or decreasing the braking friction on the rope according to its diameter and condition Increased friction on thinner ropes Adapted friction for efficiency with larger diameter ropes Asymmetrical grooved sidewalls decrease friction when taking in slack for greater ease of use Super compact design is easy to use and does not take up much space on your rack Rope friendly design separates the two strands of rope when belaying with half/twin ropes or while rappelling, thus helping to prevents kinks Stiff keeper cable will not get sucked into the device and keeps it in the optimal position while also helping to prevent dropping the device Specifications: Weight : 57 g Rope compatibility : For use on single ropes ? 8.9 mm, half ropes ? 8 mm, twin ropes ? 7.5 mm Material (s) : hot forged aluminum body Made in : GB Guarantee : 3 years Reference : D19LI Color : lime green Reference : D19R Color : red Reference : D19TI Color : titanium

Store: Clever Training Brand: Petzl Price: USD 16.68

Kendama USA Tribute Kendama Silk Matte Rasta Red Yellow Green
Description: Tribute Half Split - Red and Black - SILK Matte Ay mon, you wanted it and now it's here! This fiery Silk Rasta is sure to bring some good vibes to your game. The ever popular silk paint has been brought back and spiced up with this new style! Being less glossy than the originals, the Silks have great tackiness while allowing just enough room for small adjustments during balance tricks. The Silk style paint is a player favorite and is proven to help you lace and improve your tricks. Every Tribute Kendama comes in professional packaging, and includes an instruction manual, free stickers, plus a replacement string and bead pack in the box.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Kendama USA Price: USD 21.99

Vortex SPARC II 2 MOA Bright Red Dot Multi-Height Mount System
Description: Vortex SPARC II 2 MOA Bright Red Dot Multi-Height Mount System Get on target fast with the SPARC II. Ultra-compact and lightweight, the SPARC II (Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat) is equally at home mounted on an AR-15 or shotgun. Digital rear facing controls for powering on/off and adjusting the 2 MOA daylight bright red dot brightness at ten intensity levelsaautomatically returning to the last dot intensity used when powered up. Rugged single-piece body machined from aircraft grade aluminum is o-ring sealed for waterproof and fogproof performance. Note The versatile multi-height mount system accomodates most firearms including AR-15s needing absolute or lower 1/3 co-witness heights, and mounts on standard Weaver or Picatinny bases (not included) . A modular three-piece base offers four separate mounting heights for user- and weapon-specific customization: 18.0 mm (.709 inches) , 21 mm (.823 inches) , 37 mm (1.457 inches) , 40 mm (1.575 inches) . Specifications: Magnification 1 x Objective Lens Diameter 22 mm Eye Relief Unlimited Adjustment Graduation 1 MOA Travel per Rotation 45 MOA Max Elevation Adjustment 90 MOA Max Windage Adjustment 90 MOA Parallax Setting Parallax Free Length 3.1 inches Weight 5.9 ounces *Please note this product cannot be shipped internationally.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Vortex Price: USD 199.99

CLUG Hybrid Vertical Bike Clip Wall Mount White-Black
Description: CLUG Hybrid Bike Clip The CLUGTM Bike Clip is the worldas smallest bike storage solution, designed in Vancouver Canada by Hurdler Studios, Inc. It is a stylish, nearly invisible bike storage solution that is perfect for cyclists who are limited for space to store their bikes. Weighing in at less than a kiwi fruit, CLUG magically holds your bike against the wall by squeezing the front tire as the rear tire sits on the floor. You simply lift your bikeas front tire off the ground and CLUG it into place. Features: The CLUG Hybrid is completely comfortable with its role for tire widths of 32mm - 42mm (1.5a - 1.75a) . Hybrid is perfect for commuter bikes and other mid-range slick tires. Hybrid can handle a bit of knob on your tire, but if you have dirt grabbing knobs on your tires, you likely need the MTB version. In the Box: They made the packaging for CLUG just as minimal and useful as the product itself. In the box youall find all the hardware you need to get your CLUG on the wall. Shipped with two screws and drywall anchors (except MTB which should be mounted directly to a wall stud) . For DIY novices an aficionados alike, each CLUG pack folds out to become a handy installation guide. You can even drill through the guide holes so that any dust or mess falls right into the box

Store: Clever Training Brand: CLUG Price: USD 24.95

Polaroid XS100 Extreme 1080p 16MP Waterproof Action Camera
Description: Polaroid XS100 Extreme 1080p 16MP Waterproof Action Camera The Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition Waterproof Action Camera is the most exciting and most professional Action Camera offered by Polaroid yet! Are you ready to jump off a cliff or a plane? How about surfing, skiing, biking, rafting etc? Then this is the camera you want! The Functions, Quality and Durability equals and in some features (G Sensor, Dual File Recording, Vibrates, Ultra Light ) even surpasses the cameras offered by other brands in the professional market. Features: Professional sensor with low-light performance. Very light weight at just 4.8 oz. Vibrates: confirms functions when visual confirmation isn't practical. G-Sensor (Auto Rotation) for which end is up assurance. Waterproof up to 30' or 10m. Distortion-Free ultra wide angle lens provides 170 degrees of coverage. Aerodynamic design and shock-proof exterior minimizes wind noise. Single button record that's easy and ready for action. Video Options: 1080p, 960p or 720p. Dual file recording; with every HD video an additional smaller file is created for more efficient uploading and sharing. Still image options: 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1 x or 10x (burst) Shooting Mode + Time Lapse. Adjustable frame rate for 720p allows effects like slow or fast motion shots-even in HD. Full helmet and handlebar mounts included. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Included In Box: Camera HDMI Cable USB Cable Mount-Lock Mount-Lock Key Secure string Carrying pouch Helmet Mount Handlebar Mount Manual

Store: Clever Training Brand: Polaroid Price: USD 125.49

Kestrel 4000 Series Interface-USB Port
Description: Kestrel Meter Interface - USB Port The Kestrel USB Interface transforms any Kestrel 4000-series meter into a weather station and data logger. Simply connect the interface into the proper USB port on your computer, rest the Kestrel 4000, 4200 or 4500 on the cradle, and upload the data. With the easy-to-use software you are able to view the data in a text editor, spreadsheet or database. Simply connect the interface cable to the serial port on your PC, rest the Kestrel 4000 on the cradle, and upload your stored data. The included software is easy to use and saves the data in a comma delimited text file for use in your choice of applications: text editor, spreadsheet or database. Download Stored Data Download your data, chart it, and export it to save or us in other applications. Included in Box: Cradle for Kestrel Meter (only suitable for Kestrel 4000 series and up) Communicator disc/software 6- foot USB cable Computer Requirements: Compatibility: PC Connectivity: Serial Port (Com 1-4) Operating System: Windows 3.1 or Higher Memory: 4MB Hard Disk Space: 1.4MB Included in Box: Cradle for Kestrel Meter Communicator disc/software USB cable

Store: Clever Training Brand: Kestrel Price: USD 89.00

Saris Sentinel Trunk Mount 2 Bike Rack
Description: Please note that this product can NOT be expedited or shipped internationally Got a hatchback? A four-door sedan or a passenger van? Then the Sentinel two-bike trunk rack from Saris is designed with you in mind. Fits atypical body styles and can be mounted over most spoilers or lighting arrays. Carries up to three bikes. Made with adjustable arms that can be mounted securely in multiple positions or can fold flat for storage. The hold-downs wrap around each bike independently so to keep them crashing into one another and to keep then from wobbling while in transit. The hooks that secure the rack to the trunk seam are neoprene coated so they will not scratch your car's finish, and the bottom bar brace has a vinyl covered foam pad to separate the rack from your trunk lid. No assembly required. Just take it out of the box, strap it on and go.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Saris Price: USD 74.99

Petzl William Tri-Act Carabiner
Description: Petzl a WILLIAM Pear-shaped carabiner for belay stations and belaying with Munter hitch A large carabiner can come in handy in many places. This one's shape and size means it's useful for belaying and rappelling with the Munter hitch with single or double ropes, anchoring multiple ropes and slings and keeping the belay station organized. Pear shape facilitates use with the Munter hitch for single or double ropes Large shape and gate opening can fit multiple slings and ropes Keylock system Available with manual locking system (SCREW-LOCK) or auto-locking systems (BALL-LOCK, TRIACT-LOCK) Specifications: Material (s) : aluminum 7000 Certification (s) : CE EN 362 CE EN 12275, types B, H (SL) , types K, B, H (BL and TL) UIAA 121 (SL, BL only) Reference (s) :M36 SL Weight: 88 g Locking system: SCREW-LOCK Major axis strength: 25 kN Open gate strength: 7 kN Minor axis strength: 7 kN Gate opening: 25 mm Made in: US Guarantee: 3 years Reference (s) :M36 BL Weight: 92 g Locking system: BALL-LOCK Major axis strength: 25 kN Open gate strength: 7 kN Minor axis strength: 7 kN Gate opening: 24 mm Made in: US Guarantee: 3 years Reference (s) :M36 TL Weight: 92 g Locking system: TRIACT-LOCK Major axis strength: 25 kN Open gate strength: 7 kN Minor axis strength: 7 kN Gate opening: 24 mm Made in: US Guarantee: 3 years

Store: Clever Training Brand: Petzl Price: USD 16.00

Lizard Skins Lizard Skin Bar Tape 2.5 - Green
Description: DSP 2.5MM BAR TAPE Experience the best in bar tape. DSP has excellent durability, increased shock absorption and great feel in any condition. 2.5mm thick for that extra bit of comfort and 82 inch rolls will fit any handlebar. At 56 grams per set (including plugs) , DSP is the lightest bar tape.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Lizard Skins Price: USD 34.20

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