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Lazer BOB Infant Helmet White with Flowers One Size
Description: Lazer BOB Infant Helmet Specially designed for children riding in trailers. Very lightweight helmet, 277g. Easily adjustable universal size infant helmet fits head sized from 46-52cm.The BOB helmet provides safety for your child even if he only rides along in the baby seat.Includes six vents and only weighs 277 grams. Features: Specially designed for children riding in trailers Flat back rests easily against back wall of trailer Super soft fit pads are easy to remove and clean Straps with reflective material for extra visibility Special padding to keep chin cool and comfortable; total of 6 vents throughout

Store: Clever Training Brand: Lazer Price: USD 23.38

Tiger Tail 7 To-Go Orange
Description: The Tiger Tail To-Go is a perfect companion tool to our Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager. It's easy to take on adventures where size, weight and packing are an issue. The rolling surface is 7 and the handles are made from slick, nylon webbing. Weighing in at just 5 ounces, you can even take the Tiger Tail To-Go on a long run like a marathon! The Tiger Tail To-Go helps individuals perform solo massage therapy on their feet, calves, shins, hamstrings, quads, IT bands, lower back and neck. It helps relieve muscle tension, aches and pains due to trigger points and overworked, sore muscles.Similar in nature to its parent product, the Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager, the Tiger Tail To-Go is a simple solo massage tool that help individuals push out tension and pain, by assisting with restoring muscular balance mainly in the neck, shoulders and back. Just like its parent product, Tiger Tail To-Go helps reduce tension, work out trigger points, warm up muscles prior to workouts, and helps with faster recovery times when used post-workout.Designed to make muscles happy, the Tiger Tail To-Go offers 7 inches of rolling surface and nylon webbing grips. It's designed to tuck easily into a bag (like for the plane or car) . In addition, Tiger Tail To-Go offers: Hard, firm and smooth surface. Gives deep, penetrating trigger point and muscle tension relief while sliding smoothly over clothing. Non-slip grip feature. Ensures secure, controlled muscle manipulation. Price. This price point is unequalled in the market with regard to product performance and quality. Easy to clean. Simply use soap and water, or an antibacterial gel. Portable, easy-pack design. The Tiger Tail To-Go can go anywhere. Packs easily into sports bags, travel bags, cars, etc. even in office drawers! Made in USA. Patent Pending.NOTE: Product features red handles.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Tiger Tail Price: USD 19.00

Misfit Wearables Grey Sport Necklace
Description: Misfit Wearables Grey Sport Necklace A smooth necklace with a beautiful metal pendant you can attach your Shine to. *Shine is sold separately.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Misfit Wearables Price: USD 49.99

UDAP Premium Bear Spray with Hip Holster 7.9oz
Description: ATTENTION: UDAP products do NOT ship internationally. Bear Spray w/ Hip Holster #12HP Disperses the most active ingredients in the shortest amount of time! UDAP Bear Spray is the most efficient way to dispense large amounts of OC on to a subject in the shortest period of time. The pepper foggeras enhanced range, broad spray pattern and inhalable particle size make it the most effective aerosol tool available to stop a bear attack. Simply by virtue of its ability to disperse large amounts of OC into the area in a very short time. Size: 8.5 x 2 inches Net Contents: 7.9oz. / 225g Spray Pattern: 30 Foot Fog Formula: 2.0% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) (Note: This is the Hottest that bear spray that can be made.) A Continuous Spray Time: Approximately 4 Seconds (Note: Almost twice as fast as our nearest competitor.) UDAP Bear Spray hits the bear hard when you need it! Be Prepared! UDAP bear sprays are known for their High volume Powerful blasts. In most encounters the bear can reach you within 2 seconds. Proven better than a firearm.

Store: Clever Training Brand: UDAP Price: USD 42.49

Garmin Fenix 3 Red Watch Band
Description: Garmin Adjustable Replacement Watch Band Kit for Fenix 3 with ToolsCustomize your Fenix 3 watch with a durable band that matches your style. Bands are adjustable and made from urethane material for comfort in even the most extreme conditions. Simply remove your current watch band and screw on the new colored band. Additional colors, including metal and fabric straps, are available. Band, pins and pin removal tools included.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 24.99

Magellan Echo with Heart Rate Monitor Blue
Description: Echo Blue Now introducing Echo The Smart Running Watch, that plays well with your smartphone Running with your smartphone just got better. The Magellan Echo watch solves the biggest problem when running with a smartphone a viewing and controlling fitness apps while the phone is tucked away. Echo streams data and controls from your smartphone to your wrist. At a glance, you can see distance, pace, and heart rate from fitness apps in real-time. How things work: Stream Fitness App Data Time, pace, distance, heart rate, and more Control Fitness Apps and Music Start, stop, lap, next song, and more Be Informed Get notifications from fitness apps Save and Share Immediate analysis and distribution Features: Smartphone Powered Leveraging the power of your smartphone and fitness apps, Echo leads the pack with connectivity and cutting edge features. Echo uses Bluetooth Smart to connect your smartphone and watch, putting the power of a smartphone on your wrist. Always Ready Always on and ready to go. Echo does not need to be recharged, it uses ultra low power technology and runs off a replaceable coin cell battery. There arenat any cables to lug around or untangle. Time to Run When you are not running, Echo is an everyday watch showing the day, date and time. With Echo, you'll never miss another workout. Always on, always ready. Let the Data Flow While using a compatible running app, the data streams from your smartphone to Echo in realtime. At a glance, you can see your time, distance, pace, and much more. Be in Control With your phone tucked away, remote controls make it easy to perform App functions like Start, Stop, Lap as well as Music controls like Play/Pause, and Next Song. Tapping the screen turns the page to show additional data screens. Plays Well with Apps Apps bring Echo to life on its open platform. Weare working with the leading apps to ensure that your favorite app works with Echo. Wahoo Fitness, Strava,and other apps will be announced when Echo is available in stores. Keepina it Fresh Echo uses the Wahoo Fitness API to give developers control of the watch when connected to their app. This open platform makes it easy for developers to communicate with Echo, and ensures compatibility with the apps of today and tomorrow -- always fresh and up to date.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Magellan Price: USD 97.49

Strutz Pro Cushioned Arch Supports Foot Shock Absorbers Black
Description: Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports HUMAN SHOCK ABSORBERS Whether youare an athlete seeking to improve your performance, an on-the-go mom, or a busy corporate executive, youall notice the difference the first time you try these Human Shock Absorbers. The cushioned arch support provides relief and comfort for feet from all walks of life. Donat let pain keep you from the active life youare meant to live. When your feet are energized and refreshed, you are, too! Strutz are just what your tired, aching feet need. Strutz have shock absorbing power that give you relief from foot pain and give you better alignment to rejuvenate your legs, knees, hips and back, too. Wear Strutz with every shoe you own a including sneakers, sandals and heels a or even barefoot! BENEFITS Optimizes athletic performance Enhances recovery from injuries Promotes better balance and body alignment A Provides relief from common foot, knee, hip, and back pain A Relieves discomfort caused by planter fasciitis and other common foot ailments Energizes and refreshes If you are diabetic, suffer from chronic foot pain, persistent joint problems, have numbness in your feet or circulation problems, please get your doctoras approval before wearing Cushioned Arch Supports.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Strutz Price: USD 19.99

Garmin Forerunner FR15 GPS Running Watch Small Teal and White
Description: Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Running Watch Morph the Garmin FR10 with the Vivofit and essentially you get the Garmin FR15. Not only is this device a GPS running watch, it also functions as an activity tracker for day to day use! You can wear it all day to track your steps and calorie count during normal activities and transition into GPS mode with just the push of the upper right blue button. This button will also initiate the watch to look for paired sensors, such as heart rate strap or footpod. Measures the metrics that matter, both indoors and out, for your work outs and keeps you moving throughout the day with an auto-generated daily step goal. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours when using the GPS mode and up to 5 weeks in just watch/tracker mode. Get the Garmin FR15 and get moving. Features: Measures pace, distance, calories and speed for workouts; display screen features two metrics at a time based on your choice Activity tracker records your steps throughout the day, calories burned and a progress bar toward your daily goal (automatically generated through Garmin Connect) Alerts you after prolonged inactivity with a chirp, so you know to get up and move 3 display screens: Running metrics, heart rate data, and time/date Auto pause will automatically stop the unit for city runners who encounter stoplights Autolap to track each mile or kilometer you run Virtual pacer allows you to set run and walk paces and will alert you when you reach the threshold Pair with optional heart rate strap or footpod to measure heart rate and cadence Measures distance on treadmills when paired with a footpod Set heart rate alerts to monitor when you are above or below your optimal heart rate zone Use Garmin Connect and Garmin Express to save, share and analyze the metrics and routes of your runs as well as your day to day activity Unit tracks some of your personal bests and will alert you when you have achieved a new personal record Attach the unit to your bike or wear during a ride to see your speed (does not feature cycling mode) Up to 8 hour battery life in GPS mode Comes in two sizes, small tend to fit women's wrists better and large fit men's What's in the Box: Forerunner 15, Charging/data clip, Manual

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 139.99

Garmin Edge Explore 1000 GPS Cycling Computer
Description: Garmin Edge Explore 1000 When adventure calls, answer it on two wheels with Edge Explore 1000. This easy-to-use GPS bike computer features cycling-specific maps and points of interest. You can also input a distance, elevation guidelines and starting direction and choose from up to 3 round-trip ride options. Incident detection1 offers automatic or manual alerts to your emergency contacts should you need assistance. Itas also compatible with Variaa rearview radar and smart bike lights2 for even greater awareness while you ride. Connected features1 include instant uploads to Garmin Connecta Mobile, incoming call and text alerts, live tracking and weather. Features: Edge Explore 1000 is the first GPS cycling computer with Incident detection that offers automatic or manual alerts to emergency contacts should you encounter difficulty on your ride Includes round trip routing which allows users to input a distance, elevation parameters and starting direction and choose from up to 3 round-trip ride options Features a large 3.0 display so you can See what you need with ease, and stay focused on the road ahead. Edge Explore 1000 uses a glove-friendly, touchscreen display that adjusts automatically for low-light areas, such as shade and tunnels Garmin cycle map allows mapping for on-road or off-road navigation and cycling-specific points of interest Connected features includes instant uploads, incoming call and text alerts, live tracking, weather ANT+ compatible and pairs with VariaTM cycling awareness products, heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, remotes and VIRBA Offers Garmin Connect to download courses and analyze post-ride stats with Garmin Connect to get the most out of your training

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 449.99

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