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Yeti Tundra 250 White
Description: Please note there is NO Expedited shipping for this product.Please note that this product can NOT be shipped internationally. Continental US shipping ONLY. (For Non-Continental US shipping please Contact Us to see if other shipping options are available) .

Store: Clever Training Brand: Yeti Price: USD 899.99

Billy Jealousy Combat Lines Face Moisturizer with SPF30 3oz
Description: Billy Jealousy Combat Lines Face it, in this day and age, you've simply got to use protection. With rates of skin cancer doubling, Combat Lines Face Moisturizer SPF 30 contains the latest in sun technologies for broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Combat Lines incorporates unique AcquaCell and Aesthigel technologies to provide superior hydration while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply nickel-sized amount to face and neck Features: Face Moisturizer SPF 30, 3 oz / 88 ml Colorant-free Oil-free Paraben-free Key Ingredients: AcquaCell: A natural complex containing apple Lentil and watermelon extracts rich in B5 Trisaccarides Polysaccharides that encourage the skin's natural ability to hydrate Antioxidants that combat the effects of aging Aesthigel: Red seaweed extract that absorbs quickly into the skin and provides a superior moisturizing barrier without an oily feeling

Store: Clever Training Brand: Billy Jealousy Price: USD 22.48

HydroFlask Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Bottle 32 oz Wide Mouth Orange Zest
Description: Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Hydrated. The Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth stainless steel water bottle is made for serious hydration and liquid storage. Whether you are trying to drink enough water throughout the day in the office or staying hydrated throughout an intense work out, the hydro flask has you covered. The larger mouth opening makes this bottle great for mixing sports drinks or storing smoothies, and the double wall vacuum insulation keeps your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12. Its 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior is non-porous, therefore no residual bacteria builds up and you get no hints of yesterday's beverage Features: Wide Mouth opening Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Keeps beverages hot up to 12 Hours Keeps beverages cold up to 24 Hours BPA-Free 18/8 Stainless Steel Signature Powder Coat Finish in 10 colors

Store: Clever Training Brand: Hydro Flask Price: USD 33.99

Suunto Vector HR Dark Green
Description: Please note that Suunto products will not ship internationally. Suunto VectorAltimeter with vertical speed measurement and altitude alarmBarometer with pressure difference measurementCompass with leveling bubble for more accurate readingMultiple watch functionsLight plastic housing in a selection of colorsUser replaceable batteryAfter a decade of travels, adventures and courageous expeditions, the Suunto Vector is still the most legendary of all the Suunto outdoor devices. With technology and durability that can take on the harshest of environments, the unique heritage of Suunto Vector has withstood the test of time.AltimeterThe altimeter features a range up to 9,000 m / 29,500 ft, putting all 14 of the world's 8,000+ meter summits within your reach. Suunto Vector also features an altitude difference measurement function for following the vertical progress between different stages of a climb. It has an automatic 24-hour memory that stores the altitude and ascent/descent rate for every hour and also features an adjustable altitude alarm and a number of different memory functions. With the unique logbook function, you can also record your total and cumulative vertical ascents and descents, as well as the number of runs skied.BarometerSuunto Vector displays the current barometric pressure and temperature, enabling you to forecast weather changes when they matter most. It also automatically records barometric data for the past four days: the first six hours in one-hour intervals and in six-hour intervals thereafter. When the reference altitude is set correctly, the instrument also shows the present sea level pressure, making it easier for you to read and understand the barometric pressure at high altitudes. However, when touring the mountains, do not forget that the detected barometric pressure changes when you are moving in a vertical direction, which at times, makes the tracking of weather changes a bit more complicated.CompassThe digital compass of Suunto Vector guides you with cardinal or half-cardinal points and the north-south arrow. The compass can also be set to track a certain bearing, which helps you follow a desired direction in unknown terrain. The declination adjustment function allows you to correct the difference between true north and magnetic north, for a more accurate reading and direction.TimeIn addition to the outdoor-related functions, Suunto Vector also displays current time, in either 12 or 24-hour format. It has three daily alarms, a calendar programmed to the year 2089, a stopwatch with split-time measurement, and a countdown timer.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Suunto Price: USD 227.24

NRS Pilot Knife Black
Description: NRS Pilot Knife Both rescue professionals and recreational boaters will really love the features of the NRS Pilot Knife. Not only does its unique design attract attention, the sheath provides convenient access and release of the knife when you need it most. An excellent knife for freshwater boating and rescue. For saltwater use, choose the NRS Titanium Pilot Knife. The cutting edge has both smooth and serrated sections plus a rope cutting hook. The blunt tip design protects against unintentional puncture of your gear or yourself! Also doubles as a flat-head screwdriver. The unique sheath firmly locks the knife in place and only lets it go when you squeeze both sides of the release. The contoured handle and rubberized grip gives you maximum control of the blade. The sheath clip attaches firmly to a PFD lash tab. The handle has a built in glass breaking tip on the end. Also included is a bottle opener in the handle of the knife Specs: Blade Material: 420 HC Stainless Steel Handle Material: Glass-reinforced polypropylene with TPR over mold Sheath Material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon Total Length: 7.38 Blade Length: 3 Weight: 5.5 oz Knife only Weight: 3.5 oz Blade Edge: Smooth and serrated Blade Tip: Blunt Features: Matte finish on yellow handle model PVD coating on black handle model Rope cutting hook Glass-breaking point at handle end Square hole in handle doubles as a valve wrench for an Oxygen tank Bottle opener hole in handle

Store: Clever Training Brand: NRS Price: USD 44.95

Strength Wraps Wrist Wraps Night Ops
Description: Strength Wraps Light Weight Wrist Wraps Light weight fabric, Black gridded Ripstop Fabric with various colors of stitching. Sold as a Pair This gridded ripstop medium/light weight fabric is a polyester/cotton blend. This fabric has a specific thread count density to produce structure and tightness in the function of the design. Our chosen fabric makes Strength Wraps like no other cloth wrist wrap on the market that provides maximum joint support with minimum bulk. If you've used athletic tape for joint support in the past, you'll love the support, increased range of motion, and versatility of easily tightening and loosening your wrist wraps in a quick second! Cloth wrist wraps designed to tighten down on themselves, functioning as a tightening mechanism for wrist support with full range of motion. Choose the desired amount of support by picking from our different weight fabrics. While originally designed for Crossfit, Strength Wraps can also be used for Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength Training, or any other applications where joint support is needed. Strength Wraps are machine washable. We suggest washing them in a mesh garment bag so that the string does not get twisted around other clothing or parts inside your washing machine. Lay flat to dry. Products are made in the USA.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Strength Wraps Price: USD 25.00

Saris Locking Cable 8'
Description: Please note that this product can NOT be expedited or shipped internationally Saris Locking Lightweight Cable Durability and Style meet! Who says you have to give up style for substance with the Saris 8a Locking Cable. Eight feet of cable allow you to secure 1-2 bikes together to your car. Product Features: A Eight feet of 10mm braided stainless steel cable Rubber keyhole cover Lightweight, Attractive design Easy to use

Store: Clever Training Brand: Saris Price: USD 29.99

Nebo Redline Select Flashlight
Description: Specifications Settings 310 lumens / 155 lumens / 31 lumens / S.O.S. / Defensive Strobe Runtime 100% - 2 Hours Run Time / Viewing Distance 216 yards 50% - 5 Hours Run Time / Viewing Distance 105 yards 10% - 12 Hours Run Time / Viewing Distance 41 yards S.O.S. - 60 Hours Run Time / Viewing Distance 216 yards Strobe - 60 Hours Run Time / Viewing Distance 216 yards Length a 5a Head Diameter a 1.5a Barrel Diameter a 1a Weight a 0.7 lbs. Batteries a 3 AAA batteries (included) Description Our newest addition to the REDLINE series, the REDLINE Select combines maximum performance with extreme convenience. Our brightest flashlight to date, the Select features 310 lumens of intense white light which can be seen over 200 yards away (in spot light mode.) 310 Lumens is maximum performance, but what is extreme convenience? The convenience features of this flashlight prove one thinga/that we listen to our customers. In addition to the steel belt clip, the Select also has a lanyard to make sure it is always within reach. The ergonomic body is suited with heat-sinks which are used to disperse heat from the flashlight during extended periods of time. The signature red ring is now coupled with a stealth ring. To go into stealth mode, simply turn the stealth ring clockwise to block light from shining through the red ring. The REDLINE Select is named aSelecta for a reason. To improve functionality of the 5 lighting modes, a smart select dial has been added to quickly and conveniently choose your lighting mode while the light is on or off. This feature keeps you from having to cycle through each setting to get to the mode that you need. And thata/is extreme convenience. Features One high power LED bulb outputs 310 lumens of light (bulb rated for 110,000+ hours of life) Smart Select Dial changes light modes with ease Stealth Ring gives the option to block light from shining through the signature red ring 4x adjustable zoom changes the light from spot to flood Anodized aircraft grade aluminum water-resistant compact body design Magnetic base for hands-free lighting Aggressive self-defense face Rear glow-in-the-dark button Steel belt clip Lanyard included Battery indicator causes the button to glow red when battery life is less than 20% Heat-sink bezel design disperses heat from the bezel during extended periods of use Signature red ring enhances each of the different lighting modes Convex lens evenly distributes the light without dull or dark spots

Store: Clever Training Brand: Nebo Price: USD 40.99

Recon Instruments Personal Wearable Eyewear Computer Recon Jet White
Description: Recon Jet - The World's Most Advanced Wearable Computer Recon Jet is our heads-up display for sports that unobtrusively delivers relevant information at a quick glance. The Jet features a powerful microcomputer and a full-color widescreen display designed for active outdoor use, mounted on high-performance polarized sports eyewear. The Jet comes loaded with software catering to endurance athletes such as cyclits, triathletes and runners. These sunglasses allow them to see their key performance metrics at a glance and connect to their smartphone to receive caller ID & SMS alerts on the fly. Features: Performance metrics always at a glance, including: distance, speed, pace, ascent/descent Use your smart phone and Bluetooth or ANT+ sensors to retrieve even more data like heart rate, power and cadence Crisp, high quality display equivalent to 30A screen viewed from 7 feet away; wakes up when you look down but turns off when you look away Built in camera to capture photos and video instantly, always capturing the perfect shot In their small frame, the Recon Jet hold a smartphone-class processor and built-in GPS with comprehensive sensors (accelerometer, altimete, magnetometer, gyroscope and barometer) Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi and ANT+ Connectivity Interchangable lithium-ion battery snaps on opposite the engine for weight balance Easy to use two button rocker with optical touchpad, so interacting with Jet is a breeze on the move More than just cool technology, the Recon Jet is true performance eyewear. Four interchangeable lens options that are complete UVA and UVB protected for maximum visual clarity Recon Engage lets you analyze and share your data from anywhere, with a customizable dashboard with up to six activities Even more great features coming soon Developers. What Will You Build? Developers, our SDK and API enable you to use Jetas sophisticated hardware to build amazing native applications. Experiences like none other Develop rich experiences using Jetas powerful dual-core CPU, dedicated GPU, and high resolution display Our platform puts you in the driveras seat of application development

Store: Clever Training Brand: Recon Instruments Price: USD 499.99

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