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Garmin Forerunner FR15 GPS Running Watch Small Black and Green
Description: Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Running Watch Morph the Garmin FR10 with the Vivofit and essentially you get the Garmin FR15. Not only is this device a GPS running watch, it also functions as an activity tracker for day to day use! You can wear it all day to track your steps and calorie count during normal activities and transition into GPS mode with just the push of the upper right blue button. This button will also initiate the watch to look for paired sensors, such as heart rate strap or footpod. Measures the metrics that matter, both indoors and out, for your work outs and keeps you moving throughout the day with an auto-generated daily step goal. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours when using the GPS mode and up to 5 weeks in just watch/tracker mode. Get the Garmin FR15 and get moving. Features: Measures pace, distance, calories and speed for workouts; display screen features two metrics at a time based on your choice Activity tracker records your steps throughout the day, calories burned and a progress bar toward your daily goal (automatically generated through Garmin Connect) Alerts you after prolonged inactivity with a chirp, so you know to get up and move 3 display screens: Running metrics, heart rate data, and time/date Auto pause will automatically stop the unit for city runners who encounter stoplights Autolap to track each mile or kilometer you run Virtual pacer allows you to set run and walk paces and will alert you when you reach the threshold Pair with optional heart rate strap or footpod to measure heart rate and cadence Measures distance on treadmills when paired with a footpod Set heart rate alerts to monitor when you are above or below your optimal heart rate zone Use Garmin Connect and Garmin Express to save, share and analyze the metrics and routes of your runs as well as your day to day activity Unit tracks some of your personal bests and will alert you when you have achieved a new personal record Attach the unit to your bike or wear during a ride to see your speed (does not feature cycling mode) Up to 8 hour battery life in GPS mode Comes in two sizes, small tend to fit women's wrists better and large fit men's What's in the Box: Forerunner 15, Charging/data clip, Manual

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 139.99

Suunto Vector with Heart Rate Monitor - Black
Description: Please note that Suunto products will not ship internationally. Suunto VectorAltimeter with vertical speed measurement and altitude alarmBarometer with pressure difference measurementCompass with leveling bubble for more accurate readingMultiple watch functionsLight plastic housing in a selection of colorsUser replaceable batteryAfter a decade of travels, adventures and courageous expeditions, the Suunto Vector is still the most legendary of all the Suunto outdoor devices. With technology and durability that can take on the harshest of environments, the unique heritage of Suunto Vector has withstood the test of time.AltimeterThe altimeter features a range up to 9,000 m / 29,500 ft, putting all 14 of the world's 8,000+ meter summits within your reach. Suunto Vector also features an altitude difference measurement function for following the vertical progress between different stages of a climb. It has an automatic 24-hour memory that stores the altitude and ascent/descent rate for every hour and also features an adjustable altitude alarm and a number of different memory functions. With the unique logbook function, you can also record your total and cumulative vertical ascents and descents, as well as the number of runs skied.BarometerSuunto Vector displays the current barometric pressure and temperature, enabling you to forecast weather changes when they matter most. It also automatically records barometric data for the past four days: the first six hours in one-hour intervals and in six-hour intervals thereafter. When the reference altitude is set correctly, the instrument also shows the present sea level pressure, making it easier for you to read and understand the barometric pressure at high altitudes. However, when touring the mountains, do not forget that the detected barometric pressure changes when you are moving in a vertical direction, which at times, makes the tracking of weather changes a bit more complicated.CompassThe digital compass of Suunto Vector guides you with cardinal or half-cardinal points and the north-south arrow. The compass can also be set to track a certain bearing, which helps you follow a desired direction in unknown terrain. The declination adjustment function allows you to correct the difference between true north and magnetic north, for a more accurate reading and direction.TimeIn addition to the outdoor-related functions, Suunto Vector also displays current time, in either 12 or 24-hour format. It has three daily alarms, a calendar programmed to the year 2089, a stopwatch with split-time measurement, and a countdown timer.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Suunto Price: USD 227.24

BANDI Headband Yellow Racer
Description: BANDI Headband Our pocketed headband can be worn folded narrow or opened up for a wider band. A pocket at the back of the headband is perfect for stashing your really small stuff! The soft, spandex fabric stretches for comfort and you'll never run out of choices with our fun print selection! Features Our unique fold creates a 3 A 1/2 a x 1 A 1/2 a pocket at the back to stash your really small stuff Have fun wearing folded narrow or opened wide to create different looks Soft, spandex knit fabric stretches for a comfortable fit Care Tips Hand wash cold. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron. *Please note, print location varies from belt to belt (item to item) on certain prints. Your product may not look exactly as pictured.

Store: Clever Training Brand: BANDI Price: USD 10.00

The Stick Marathon Yellow
Description: Made popular by world-class distance runners! Most flexible of all short models. It is for those who prefer light massages.It contours nicely to the muscle; primarily used on legs (calf) .LENGTH: 20-inchesTYPE: FlexibleGRIPS: Yellow

Store: Clever Training Brand: The Stick Price: USD 32.00

Cotton Carrier Carry-Lite Belt System Camera Holster
Description: Cotton Carrier Carry-Lite Belt System Camera Holster This Carry-Lite system allows for secure support of one camera on the included Side Holster. This is our most comfortable, stable side-carrying solution yet. The removable Side Holster is made of durable 1680 Denier Polypropylene fitted with a Lexan camera receptacle. Also includes one (1) 10-degree Camera Hub (suitable for ALL camera types) , one (1) Camera Tether, one (1) Hand Strap and one (1) Universal Adapter Plate. Features: Secure Camera Locking System, With Instant Release 1 Camera Carrying Design Holster Can Also Be Attached To Camera Bag Or Belt Perfect For Wedding, Sports, Nature, And Studio Photography Fits Waists From 20-54

Store: Clever Training Brand: Cotton Carrier Price: USD 99.00

Skullcandy Crusher Over Ear Headphones Grey/Hot Lime
Description: Skullcandy Crusher Over-Ear Headphones Crusher brings the sound and feel that you get from sitting front row at a concert. The headphone's design features a slider to control the bass and customize your music. Dual ear cup articulation and premium materials deliver long-lasting comfort. Drop In.

Store: Clever Training Brand: SkullCandy Price: USD 98.99

Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope
Description: PARC RED DOT SCOPE It takes a SPARC to light a fire. The new, compact, daylight-bright SPARC (Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat) is packed with performance features and lends itself to a wide variety of firearm platformsaincluding AR15s, shotguns, and pistols. The modular three-piece base offers four separate mounting heights for user- and weapon-specific customization: 18.5mm (.725 inches) , 22mm (.875 inches) , 36mm (1.425 inches) , 40mm (1.575 inches) . Digital rear-facing and side controls for power on/off, dot brightness and night vision mode. Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum body. Get on target fast with the SPARC. --Note-- The versatile multi-height mount system of the SPARC accommodates AR15s needing absolute or lower 1/3 co-witness heights and uses a standard Weaver or Picatinny base (not included) . The SPARC is also threaded to accept accessory ARD and comes with a 2x doubler. Features: OPTICAL FEATURES Fully Multi-Coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. CONSTRUCTION FEATURES One-Piece Tube Maximizes strength and waterproofness. Compact and lightweight. Waterproof Optics are sealed with o-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the scope. Fogproof Nitrogen purged to inhibit internal fogging. Shockproof High recoil rating. Tested with .375 H&H Magnum for 1000 rounds. Parallax Free Allows for rapid shooting with both eyes open, without concern for parallax shooting error. Parallax free beyond 50 yards; less than one-inch error closer than 50 yards. Operating Temperature Rated from -40 degrees

Store: Clever Training Brand: Vortex Price: USD 209.99

Petzl Tactikka +RGB Black
Description: Petzl - TACTIKKA +RGB Headlamp with CONSTANT LIGHTING technology and lighting that allows for stealth and night vision preservation for hunting and fishing The TACTIKKA +RGB headlamp meets the need for versatility in activities where stealth is key: hunting, fishing, nature watching... Its mixed beam (wide base with focused component) is adapted for proximity lighting and movement. Its three lighting modes, red, green and blue, enable stealth and night vision preservation when necessary. CONSTANT LIGHTING technology: brightness does not decrease gradually as the batteries are drained. Maximum brightness is 120 lumens, with a range of 50 meters. Boost mode allows temporary access to a brightness of 140 lumens (60 meters) . Headlamp keeps the hands free CONSTANT LIGHTING: brightness does not decrease gradually as the batteries are drained Several modes and lighting colors adapt to each situation: - a mode adapted for close range vision: mixed beam with wide, uniform flood - a mode adapted for movement: mixed beam with focused component allows user to move around comfortably - Boost mode for temporary access to maximum power - red, green and blue lighting for close range vision while remaining discreet and preserving night vision - strobe mode for signaling one's presence, accessible at any time Burn time management allows user to easily anticipate battery replacement: - automatically switches to reserve mode when batteries are almost drained (signaled by blinking light) - red lighting switches on when batteries are practically empty to preserve maximum visibility Easy to use: - selection of lighting modes from most discreet to most powerful - push-button is easy to use, even with gloves on - headband adjusts easily with buckle, for easy donning - washable headband - battery case opens easily for changing batteries Specifications: a Weight: 85g a Technology: CONSTANT LIGHTING a Beam pattern: mixed a Energy: 3 AAA/LR03 batteries (included) a Battery compatibility: rechargeable Ni-MH, and lithium a Certification (s) : CE a Watertightness: IP X4, weather resistant Reference (s) E89BHB C Color (s) camo Reference (s) E89BHB N Color (s) black Reference (s) E89BHB D Color (s) desert Made in FR

Store: Clever Training Brand: Petzl Price: USD 50.96

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Anti-Stress Drink Orange 16oz
Description: Natural Vitality Natural Calm Anti-Stress Drink 16oz Natural Calm is the solution to both restoring a healthy magnesium level and balancing your calcium intakeathe result of which isnatural stress relief. Natural Calm is the best-selling magnesium supplement on the market for over seven years in a row according to health food supermarket scanner reports. It features a proprietary formula that provides a highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form (having molecular charge that allows the element to easily bond with water) , so it is ready to go to work right away. Natural Calm can gradually reduce accumulated calcium, giving fast relief to many symptoms of magnesium depletion. Stress Relief and Health Millions have experienced the stress relief and health benefits Natural Calm provides. Drink stress away naturally with The Anti-Stress Drink. You deserve the best. We want you to experience a new level of health. Features: A Has a proprietary formula that provides a highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form A Gradually reduce accumulated calcium, giving fast relief to many symptoms of magnesium depletion A Mixes easily with water for a convenient dose of magnesium

Store: Clever Training Brand: Natural Vitality Price: USD 31.12

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