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GoPro Dual Battery Charger
Description: GoPro Dual Battery Charger Charges two GoPro Li-ion camera batteries at once. Compatibility: HERO3+, HERO3. Features: Conveniently charge two GoPro Li-ion batteries simultaneously with the Dual Battery Charger. Featuring USB compatibility, you can power it with most standard USB chargers, the GoPro Wall or Auto Charger or a computer. Dual LED indicator lights display the charging status of both batteries: in process (amber) and fully charged (green) . Conveniently charge two GoPro Li-ion batteries simultaneously Power with most standard USB chargers, the GoPro Auto or Wall Charger or a computer Dual LED lights display charging status of both batteries What's in the Box: Dual Battery Charger USB Cable Please note that GoPro products will not ship internationally.

Store: Clever Training Brand: GoPro Price: USD 29.99

UK Pro Camera Pole 54HD Electric Blue
Description: UK Pro Camera Pole 54HD For a truly exceptional range, go with the 54HD. It extends from 22.5a to a massive 54a, making it the longest retractable GoPro Pole on the market. Use it in climbing to get a wide angle shot from the top, while hiking to capture the true beauty around you, or in any sport activity to really get above the action. Features: Standard attachment point for GoProA camera Retracts to 22.5 for easy travel Light weight, high-strength anodized aluminum High visibility grip colors (Easy to find even in the snow!) All sports capable : skate/snow/team sports Rubber grip for solid, tactile hold Size: Retracted: 22.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 / Extended: 54 x 2.5 x 2.5 Lanyard & UKPro Knob Included

Store: Clever Training Brand: UK Pro Price: USD 50.99

Strength Wraps Wrist Wraps Army Green
Description: Strength Wraps - Classic Medium WeightWrist Wraps Put these on and you will TEST POSITIVE FOR AWESOME! Medium weight fabric, Black gridded Ripstop Fabric with various colors of stitching. Sold as a Pair A Our medium weight fabric is a polyester/cotton blend. This fabric has a specific thread count density to produce structure and tightness in the function of the design. Our chosen fabric makes Strength Wraps like no other cloth wrist wrap on the market. A If you've used Velcro wrist wraps in the past, you'll love the support, increased range of motion, and versatility of easily tightening and loosening your wrist wraps in a quick second! A Cloth wrist wraps designed to tighten down on themselves, functioning as a tightening mechanism for wrist support with full range of motion. Choose the desired amount of support by picking from our different weight fabrics. A While originally designed for Crossfit, Strength Wraps can also be used for Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength Training, or any other applications where joint support is needed. A Strength Wraps are machine washable. We suggest washing them in a mesh garment bag so that the string does not get twisted around other clothing or parts inside your washing machine. Lay flat to dry. Products are made in the USA.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Strength Wraps Price: USD 17.00

Garmin VIRB Action Camera External Microphone Adapter
Description: External Microphone Adapter (VIRB Accessories) Overview: Connect any external 3.5 mm stereo mic to your VIRB with this adapter. Compatible Devices VIRB VIRB Elite

Store: Clever Training Brand: Garmin Price: USD 13.99

BlackRapid Double Camera Strap - Black
Description: BlackRapid Double Camera Strap - Black This Double R-Strap (along with the Double Slim) is the most flexible BlackRapid straps available. Not only does it allow you to comfortably carry two cameras for extended periods at the same time, but you can even separate the two straps for use as a single strap. The Double is MODs compatible. Features: Topside Material: Ballistic Nylon Underside Material: 1.4 cm thick Foam Pad with Knitted Mesh Width of webbing: 2.5cm Length of front adjuster: 40cm Hand/machine washable, air dry

Store: Clever Training Brand: BlackRapid Price: USD 134.95

Custom SLR Glide Strap with C-Loop Black
Description: Glide Strap The Glide Strap with Split Strap Technology is designed to make it easy to draw the camera from your side. The camera glides up the strap so you are ready to shoot quickly. This Glide One Strap System includes the Glide Strap and C-Loop in a ready to go kit. The Glide Strap (Strap Only) must be used with a C-Loop (purchased separately) or sliding hardware from an existing strap system. Strap length is fully adjustable up to 70a. Split Strap Technology : Distributes weight evenly to reduce pain/fatigue and provides superior ventilation Unique Ergonomic Design: Conforms to shoulder for unparalleled comfort Swiveling Quick Release Buckles: Rotates for maximum flexibility and detaches for increased mobility Silicone Print: Reduces slippage High Quality Material and Construction American Design and Innovation

Store: Clever Training Brand: Custom SLR Price: USD 69.95

Native Eyewear Sunglasses Highline Asphalt Black Frame with Gray Lens
Description: Native Highline Sunglasses FIT SIZE - Best fits a Medium to Large profile All Native Eyewear features: Interchangeable Lens System: All Native eyewear is designed to quickly and efficiently utilize all of Native's lens options (sold separately) , so you can adjust to varying light conditions. Rhyno-Tuff Air Frames: A proprietary, high-performance thermoplastic material, which is extremely lightweight yet durable enough to withstand high velocity collisions and temperature extremes. Venting Systems: Exhaust vents incorporated into the design framework enhance airflow, which virtually eliminates fog and condensation. Cushinol Template Boots: The proprietary composition of Cushinol creates a non-slip grip that keeps sunglasses in place during athletic activity. Self-adjusting Cushinol Nose Pads: This material ensures a soft feel and custom fit, regardless of nose shape or size. Mastoid Temple Grip: This proprietary design feature ensures the temple ends hug the mastoid bone (behind your ears) , which allows for a secure and comfortable fit. Polarized Crystal Carbonate (PCC) Lenses: Optical quality, impact-resistant lenses that block 100% of the harmful UV light and eliminate glare for sharp, clear vision with increased contrast and depth perception. PCC lenses provide outstanding vision and protection in any lighting condition. Lifetime Warranty Native Eyewear sunglasses include a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Benefits of polarization Glare is reflected light that travels on a horizontal plane, and virtually any surface can be a source of glare, including water, sand, pavement, ice, and snow. All of Native's Polarized Crystal Carbonate PCC lenses incorporate a polarized filter, which absorbs horizontal light, thus eliminating glare. you are left with sharp, crisp, glare-free vision with increased contrast and depth perception. Sunglasses are fashionable, durable, and technologically-advanced shades that offer optimal fit for small to medium profiles Proprietary Rhyno-Tuff Air Frames made of thermoplastic material, which is extremely lightweight yet durable enough to withstand high velocity collisions and temperature extremes Polarized Crystal Carbonate (PCC) lenses are optical quality, impact-resistant lenses that block 100% of harmful UV light and eliminate glare for sharp, clear vision Comes with extra SportFlex lenses, zippered hard case, microfiber soft case, and lens cleaning cloth Includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Store: Clever Training Brand: Native Eyewear Price: USD 59.34

Toesox Grip Full Toe Low Rise Wild Love Citrus Size Small
Description: Toesox Full Toe Low Rise Grip Socks How low can you go? It's like you're bare foot...but even better. For all barefoot activities like Pilates, yoga, dance, barre, and martial arts. Stick to your practice. 90% Organic Cotton 10% Spandex. Machine washable. Wash inside out in gentle cycle. Line dry or low heat in dryer. No bleach or iron. Features: Unisex sizing Made with organic cotton Hygienic alternative to bare feet Arch support band gently lifts and supports Patented non-slip grip keeps your feet in place Five toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally Fitted heel keeps sock in place to eliminate bunching and twisting

Store: Clever Training Brand: Toesox Price: USD 15.00

Nike Sportwatch GPS US Edition Black Volt
Description: Nike+ SportWatch Powered by TomTom The Nike+ SportWatch GPS (with Sensor) powered by TomTom offers GPS tracking, takes splits, reminds you to runaeven remembers your PRs. With a customizable display and both GPS and indoor tracking capabilities, itas a watch you can take on the road, trail, treadmill or any other terrain. GPS combines with the Nike+ Sensor (included) to accurately track your distance, pace, time and calories burned, indoors or out. (The Sensor fits into Nike+ ready shoes only.) Outdoors, GPS technology pinpoints your location to accurately record your time, pace and distance. Indoors, the included Nike+ Sensor uses an accelerometer to give you the same data. Used together, GPS and the Sensor seamlessly calibrate to your pace so you get accurate stats wherever you run, even if the GPS signal gets interrupted. Upload to to see your runsaincluding route and elevationaand set goals. View routes that your friends have run or shared, find the most popular areas to run and share your run activity on Facebook or Twitter. Simply plug the USB contacts on the watch strap into your computer's USB port to upload run data and charge the battery. Features: Tracks your time, distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned. Stopwatch: You can start, stop, pause and mark up to 50 laps by tapping the screen. Once you are done, you can review your total time, best lap time, average lap time or individual lap times. This data is stored on your watch until you rest it and will not be uploaded to Alarm: You can set an alarm on your watch. When the alarm is set there is a visual indication on the watch face. Time Set: The time of day or date can be set on the watch without needing to plug it in and use Nike+ Connect. Runners can now choose between displaying pace and displaying speed on the watch. Nike+ SportWatch GPS works with the Polar Wearlink Transmitter to track your beats per minute. Runners can choose between displaying lap time or a different favorite metric when in auto or manual laps mode. In addition to pushing the buttons to scroll through secondary metrics, runners have the option for their metrics auto-Aloop.

Store: Clever Training Brand: Nike Price: USD 199.99

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