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Arundel Sport Water Bottle Cage White, One Size
Description: The Arundel Carbon Cage is the envy of many a rider, but when your budget calls for a bit more modesty, its Sport Water Bottle Cage provides the same security for your bottle, at a fraction of the cost. Weighing a mere 20 grams heavier than the carbon version, the Sport Cage is nylon-reinforced plastic designed to wrap your bottle securely. Two sets of mounting holes mean that it will fit virtually any frame.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Arundel Price: USD 16.95

Kali Protectives Chakra Plus Helmet Sonic/Matte Red, M/L
Description: The Kali Chakra Plus Enduro helmet keeps things simple for lightweight, comfortable protection. The Chakra Plus foregoes a bunch of fancy gimmicks to bring you the protection you need at only 330 grams. The Chakra Plus is made with in-mold construction. That means that the lightweight EPS foam is bonded to the polycarbonate shell. This process allows Kali to create the lightest helmet possible. 22 vents keep air flowing through the moisture-wicking, removable pads. An adjustable chin strap keeps the Chakra Plus firmly in place while you ride, and a breakaway visor shields your eyes from sun and branches.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Kali Protectives Price: USD 55.00

Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost Silver, 30.9/410
Description: For riders who prefer a bit more of a stretched-out riding position, the Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost supports your saddle so you can give the pedals your all. The Elite provides 16mm of setback in a bent shaft design. The post is engineered from once piece of machined 7000-seriess aluminum to give you a lightweight, yet highly durable design. The two-bolt saddle clamp design allows adjustability fore, aft, and up and down so that you're able to get the ideal position.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Thomson Price: USD 99.95

Garmin Vivofit 2 Bundle White, One Size
Description: The Vivofit 2 Bundle combines the updated version of Garmin's popular, minimally sized wearable with a compatible heart rate monitor. The Vivofit 2's updates include a backlit screen and automatic synching with the data storage, sharing, and management of Garmin Connect. The heart rate monitor means you can immediately take advantage of the host of features that made its predecessor such a common sight in the active community. Our personal favorites of the returning features include the accelerometer, which tracks indoor, stationary workouts without the need for an additional footpod, and the Move Bar activity alarm, which keeps you on point by actively reminding you to avoid staying sedentary for too long. The Vivofit 2 is also ideal to track recovery between training sessions, with a sleep monitor that marks periods of restless or restful slumber. It also counts calories, including base metabolic rate, and suggests daily goals based on your personal activity history. This means that, even when you're in the office instead of the saddle, the Vivofit 2 helps you maintain a conscious awareness of your overall activity level.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Garmin Price: USD 169.99

Lezyne LED KTV Drive Headlight Red/Hi Gloss, One Size
Description: The road can be a dangerous place, especially for cyclists whose schedules see them on the road before sunrise or after dark. If this describes you, then you know that the importance of ensuring that motorists also see you on the road is impossible to overstate. With its combination of features, the Lezyne LED KTV Drive Headlight offers illumination suitable for partially lit streets and will catch the attention of nighttime drivers. The 15 lumen LED light extends beyond the plane of the body, allowing for 180 degrees of visibility to further protect you in the conditions where you'll be using it. This additional side lighting may not be visible from space, but it's definitely hard to miss in low-light situations like early commutes. Of course, any light is useless without power, and the Intelligent Power Indicator ensures that the light will never unexpectedly die on the road, because red, green, and blue LEDs inside the power button tell you precisely the light's level of charge during use and while charging. An integrated USB stick means that the KTV Drive is USB rechargeable, so you can top it off at work or on campus between trips. The KTV's body features durable aluminum construction and parts that are precisely CNC machined, is water-resistant so you can use it in the rain with relative impunity, and it includes a clip to mount it on straps, clothing, or the provided handlebar mount. The Lezyne LED KTV Drive Headlight is available in Black, Blue, Polish, and Red.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Lezyne Price: USD 19.99

Arundel Dave-O Water Water Bottle Cage Yellow Carbon, One Size
Description: The Arundel Dave-O Water Bottle Cage is one of the company's original designs, and is the cage of choice for everyone from pro roadies to weekend gravel explorers. Why the overlap? The Dave-O won't eject bottles, even on rough ground or in the last 150m of a sprint.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Arundel Price: USD 59.95

Lizard Skins DSP 2.5mm Bar Tape Yellow, One Size
Description: The folks at Lizard Skins understand the feel of a perfectly padded handlebar -- especially for those of us who dislike wearing cycling gloves. The Lizard Skins DSP 2. 5 Handlebar Tape offers the same high-tech feel as the 1. 8 tape but with 0. 8mm more padding to ensure your hands stay comfortable all day long. The tape's unique file tread texture improves grip while allowing your hands to move easily from one position to another.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Lizard Skins Price: USD 41.99

SRAM XX Low Clamp Front Derailleur Top Pull, 31.8/34.9
Description: For those who worry about clearances between front derailleurs and both rear suspension linkages and swing arms, SRAM's XX Low Clamp's cage is shorter and narrower than a triple-specific front derailleur. And it's not just a compact-double road front derailleur, either -- the XX Low Clamp is its own thing, specific for mountain bike use. The aluminum links that shape the travel of the cage are extremely wide, increasing the distance between the pivots for greater stiffness. And the derailleur cage itself is made from steel for maximum durability. Both of these features play into XX's superior gear changes. SRAM claims that the XX front derailleur will work on just about any bike. That's because SRAM has both high and low clamp versions in four sizes each and four different direct mount versions (and there are three different clamps for each chainring configuration within the direct mount line) . In addition, both the high and low clamp versions use a thin, flexible steel band clamp that holds quite well at relatively low clamping pressure -- a safe recipe for carbon fiber frames. The SRAM XX Low Clamp Front Derailleur is available configured as either top or bottom pull. The 34. 9 clamp size is adjustable, and with an included shim kit, it can be used with frames that require a 31. 8mm clamp.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: SRAM Price: USD 135.95

Blackburn Canber UD Carbon Cage Gloss Black/Black, One Size
Description: Blackburn understands that we want to save weight wherever we can. Its sleek-looking Canber UD Carbon Cage uses unidirectional fibers to offer a claimed weight savings of between 11 and 17 grams when compared to steel and alloy cages. The Canber's rib cage design keeps the bottle secure, while its flared opening offers you quick and easy access, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Store: Competitive Cyclist Brand: Blackburn Price: USD 49.99

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