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Margot Glassware Collection Red Wine Goblet - Set of 2
Description: Designed by Felicia Ferrone for Fferrone, the Margot Collection presents a contemporary interpretation of cut glass. Handcrafted by master glassblowers, the Margot Collection is created from fluted Boroscilicate glass to allow for the pieces to function in a range of temperatures. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Made in the Czech Republic.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 120.00

Boskke Cube Clear Plant Pot - Small
Description: Contemporary gardening company Boskke creates products with urban spaces in mind. The Boskke Cube is an innovative, self-watering planter that only needs to be watered once a month. In addition to this practical feature, the Cube also exhibits a distinctive design the classic pot is deconstructed and recast as a transparent planter, revealing the plant's water, soil, and roots. Featuring space for one large plant, this Cube includes a large water reservoir and a Slo-Flo watering system that keeps the plant nourished during extended watering periods. A clean and original design, the Boskke Cube will make a refreshing addition to a kitchen table or desk.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 29.95

Gridy Me Table Mirror
Description: The Gridy Me Table Mirror from Menu is a versatile piece that can be set in horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on how it is placed in the wood base. Once set in the groove of the base, the mirror rests at a slight tilt. The frameless mirror has rounded corners, which changes the expectation of sharp, rectangular mirrors and enables the mirror to blend well into existing interiors. The Gridy Me Table Mirror has an unexpected twistit has two distinct glass types. The first is a traditional mirrored glass and the other is a sepia tone mirrored glass, which gives a nostalgic quality that is reminiscent of old Polaroid photos.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 99.95

Best Homes in America Special Issue
Description: Featuring homes from coast to coast, Best Homes in America is an editor-curated compendium chock-full of inspiring homes in the modern world.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 12.99

Karakola Aoc Max Umbrella
Description: This item has been discontinued with limited remaining stock. We apologize for any inconvenience.A slightly roomier umbrella opening with a bold and masculine print the Karakola AOC MAX Umbrella from Marimekko is as stylish as it is functional. The a standard AOC auto open/close system is enhanced by an additional ratchet closure safety feature enabling smoother operation. The fabric is made of teon-coated 100% polyester and can withstand rain pressure of up to 350mm. Lightweight and wind-proof aluminum frame. Waterproof carrying case included. Textile print designed by Annika Rimala.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 99.00

Prima Tall Bookcase - 5 Shelves - White
Description: The Prima Bookcase from Tvilum is a simple storage solution for offices, living rooms, and other interior spaces. This Tall Bookcase includes five durable shelves that can hold up to 40 pounds per shelf. It can be used on its own or grouped with other elements in the Prima line to create a cohesive storage furniture system. The Prima Tall Bookcase is available in a white, black wood grain, and coffee finish, and the simple design of the bookcase allows it to easily coordinate with existing decors and interior styles. Each item in the Prima series can be used for storing a variety of items or displaying pictures, ceramics, and other accents. The melamine surface used for the Box series is durable, does not fade, is scratch-resistant, less susceptible to staining than wood, heat-resistant, water-repellent, and very easy to clean and maintain.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 375.00

Kaico Enamel Tea Kettle
Description: The Kaico Cookware Collection is an elegant assortment of white enamelware with turned maple accents. Designed to be durable enough to last for a lifetime, the Kaico collection is an enduring classic that blends function and thoughtful Japanese design. This tea kettle is designed with a simple spout and generously curved maple handle, making it easy to pour boiling water into a mug or teacup. Thermal efficient, the simple enamel kettle heats quickly on a stovetop and is easy to use and clean. The saucepan is neutral enough to coordinate with an existing collection of pots and pans, and can also be used with other Kaico enamelware products to give a cohesive, minimalist look to kitchen cookware.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 150.00

Circa Table Lamp - White
Description: The Circa Table Lamp was designed by the Pablo Studio to be a revolutionary yet familiar producta product that lives on the border of a utilitarian work lamp and a traditional shaded lamp. Circa is defined by its flat-panel LED disc that moves easily on its axis with significant rangeit has 360-degree rotation and a 45-degree tilt. Circa's shade is remarkably understatedit is a thin cover over the LED disc, which keeps the lamp's silhouette simple and refined. Comprised of just two discs and a thin cylinder, the spare Circa offers warm ambient lighting with three stages of dimming. The base of the lamp has a touch switch for simple control and also includes a USB port for charging mobile devices.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 450.00

Teema Large Serving Bowl - White
Description: Simple and versatile, the Teema Tableware collection designed by Kaj Franck for Iittala is based on the fundamental shapes of circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. From these enduring forms, the designer created a range of functional dishes for the home that can be used for more than just serving--meal prep, heating, storing, and even freezing. The Serving Bowl can be used for serving a large salad or a heaping bowl of mashed potatoes, and can be coordinated with other Teema dishes to create a complete table. The timeless and sophisticated Teema collection is adaptable to a variety of occasions, whether it's a quiet meal at home or a lively dinner party.

Store: Dwell Brand: Price: USD 80.00

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