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Logitech M500 Corded Laser Mouse
Description: With hyper-fast scrolling, you control the pace. Fly through long documents and Web pages with a single flick. Or switch to click-to-click mode for precise, line-by-line navigation. Experience smoother cursor control on virtually any surface.

Store: Expansys Brand: Logitech Price: USD 34.99

Case Logic VNB-217 Notebook Backpack
Description: This down to business backpack stores all your daily essentials. Dedicated, 3/4 zip laptop compartment holds up to 17" wide screen laptops. Expansive interior storage holds books, files and folders. Organization panel stores your portable electronics, pens and more. A quick access, secure place for your cell phone, Blackberry, etc. External mesh pocket stores a water bottle, snacks and other miscellaneous items.

Store: Expansys Brand: Case Logic Price: USD 27.99

AMZER Kristal Tempered Glass HD for Samsung GALAXY S5 (Single)
Description: Meet the new edition in our Kristal (tm) series - The Kristal (tm) Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector that has been specially designed to cover and protect your Samsung GALAXY S5 screen from damage and scratches with uniquely processed transparent glass and scratch resistant material. It features Beveled 3D (tm) edges, an Amzer (r) exclusive, which prevents fractures and chipping on the sides of the glass and it integrates seamlessly with your device. It keeps your screen fingerprint and smudge free and provides a quick responsive touch and vibrant clarity. Its new adhesive technology provides worry free installation with a simple swipe. This screen protector is case-compatible, use with the full line of Amzer (r) cases for complete protection. And last but not least the tempered glass technology prevents the glass from shattering while facing heavy impact. MORE INFORMATION Features: *The slimmest & strongest HD screen protector. *Premium Tempered Glass with silicone coating prevents the glass from shattering. *Beveled 3D (tm) edges, an Amzer (r) exclusive, prevents chipped or fractured sides. *Use with the full line of Amzer (r) cases. *Touch sensitivity is not compromised, full navigational control. *Easy install, a simple swipe will install the screen protector. *Scratch resistance hard coating 8-9H. *0.4mm thin. Includes: *1 tempered glass screen protector. *1 6 x 6 inch microfiber cleaning cloth. *1 3.125 x 6 inch de-dusting film. *1 alcohol swab. *1 scratch card. *2 optional home buttons. Specification: *Product Type: Kristal (tm) Tempered Glass HD Screen Protector. *Compatible Model: Samsung GALAXY S5. *Manufacturer: Amzer. *Part No: AMZ96872.

Store: Expansys Brand: AMZER Price: USD 19.99

AMZER Pudding TPU Case for Google Nexus 6 (Black)
Description: Far more advanced than its previous predecessors, this Pudding TPU Case is fashioned from multiple thermoacrylics forming a case that is highly elastic and highly resistant to oil, corrosion and abrasions. Precise cutouts throughout and raised TPU cover your volume and power, for a little extra coverage. The Pudding case delivers everyday wear and tear protection. The matte back finish promotes gripability and minimizes sliding on flat surfaces while the glossy bumper gives you a sleek, polished look. It's the perfect case for protecting your Nexus 6 from scratches, shock, and the elements all while keeping it good as new! Features: The Pudding case delivers excellent everyday wear and tear protection. Provides excellent protection for your Nexus 6. The matte finish promotes grip ability and minimizes sliding on flat surfaces. This case is fashioned from multiple thermoacrylics forming a case that is highly elastic and highly resistant to oil, corrosion and abrasions. Precisely engineered includes custom cut-outs to fit your device perfectly. Plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case. Easy installation, just snap on your device without any tools, also very easy to take off, no tools needed. Glossy bumper gives your phone a sleek and polished look.

Store: Expansys Brand: AMZER Price: USD 3.27

Belkin 6' USB Extension Cable (Black)
Description: 6' USB Extension Cable

Store: Expansys Brand: Belkin Price: USD 1.85

Sony SBH80 Stereo Bluetooth Headset (Black)
Description: Premium listening experience and optimal wearability. Wear it. Enjoy it Designed to be worn and used all day and in any situation, the SBH80 is discreet and suits any type of clothing style. Wear it at work, at home, indoors or outdoors. The main unit and headphone exterior are splash-proof so you don't have to worry if it rains. Worn on the neck, this Bluetooth (r) wireless headset is perfectly balanced; two ultra-thin smart-memory metal strips rest lightly on your shoulders. You hardly know it's there. The SBH80 adapts itself to your body and stays there. Superior Sony sound It's not just the optimal wearability, stunning Sony craftsmanship and ease of use that makes this Bluetooth (r) wireless headset great. The sound is superb. The SBH80 has aptX (tm) audio enhancement, a high-quality audio codec designed to deliver a flawless wireless experience. Enjoy music as it was meant to be enjoyed - with pure deep bass and clean clear highs. Ground-breaking audio technology Balanced armature drivers in the SBH80 deliver the clarity and frequency accuracy required for the best in-ear audio experience. And with specially made double-layer housings, made of high-strength magnesium, you get crystal clear mid to high range sound and overall rich audio. The materials and form of the ear buds in these premium headphones are designed for maximum background noise cancelling. Sealing of the ear opening is so perfect that all you get is the best quality music experience. Best quality calling Stereo Bluetooth (r) Headset SBH80 is HD Voice ready. HD Voice, also known as wideband audio, lets the person you're talking to experience your voice as it really sounds - natural. HD Voice fades or cuts out background noises and makes it easy to recognise voices. The SBH80 has double microphones. Whichever way your head is turned you're always close to the microphone, so your caller gets a clear and even calling experience. A vibrating alert in the main unit discreetly lets you know when a call.

Store: Expansys Brand: Sony Price: USD 79.99

Lexar 32GB microSDHC card class 10
Description: Do more with your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile deviceIn today's mobile world, we're all trying to store more and more content on the go. Available in 4GB-64GB capacities, Lexar (r) microSDHC (tm) /microSDXC (tm) cards increase the storage capacity of your mobile device, helping ensure you won't run out of space. Store more high-quality photos, HD video, movies, songs, and moreDo more with your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Lexar microSDHC/microSDXC cards help ensure you won't run out of space. They provide reliable, high-capacity performance that allow you to store more high-quality photos, HD video, movies, songs, and files on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Serious storage. Lexar microSDHC/microSDXC cards give you the ability to store up to 8 hours of HD video; 24,800 photos; or 14,200 songs* So whether you've got a basic mobile phone or the latest tablet, you can download and store a huge number of media files-great for your mobile lifestyle. Rigorously tested. All Lexar product designs undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs, facilities with more than 1,100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability. When memory matters, the choice is Lexar. With a history of more than 15 years in the industry, we know memory. We move quickly with technology to design the solutions you need, and work with device manufacturers to make sure our products are compatible. Then we stand behind them with outstanding warranties and helpful customer service. We're dedicated to performance, reliability, and expert support, so when it comes to storing the memories that matter, trust Lexar. Lexar offers a comprehensive line of innovative, award-winning memory products in several categories, including memory cards, card readers, and USB flash drives. With so many options, it's easy to find the right Lexar solution to fit your needs. Lexar. When Memory Matters. (tm) Some of the listed storage capacity is used for f.

Store: Expansys Brand: Lexar Price: USD 10.99

Dual SkyPro GPS Receiver for iPad/Android Tablets (Black/Red, XGPS 160)
Description: Meet the SkyPro - a new GPS Receiver with fast signal acquisition and 10Hz positioning updates, making it an ideal GPS for pilots. The WAAS receiver is compatible with both GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia) systems and it connects via Bluetooth to up to 5 tablets or laptops simultaneously. Dual SkyPro GPS receiver XGPS160 works with all EFB apps on iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch devices, as well as Bluetooth-enabled Android, Windows (include Surface) and OS X devices. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours. Just like its predecessor, the popular XGPS150, it comes with a free Status Tool app available on the iTunes App Store. The app also allows you to turn on and off the automatic route recording feature, and to export the stored log file information. The Dual SkyPro GPS receiver XGPS160 includes a non-slip pad for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces, and a 12-28V adapter to recharge in the cockpit. Key Features: Multiple device connectivity (up to 5 simultaneously) 10 hours battery life vs. 8 on the 150 Route tracking capability Faster refreshing speed at 10X per second Automatic route recording Works with EFB apps and other apps that require GPS; car racing, navigation, marine chart plotters, etc. Free status tool app available from the App Store 12-30V charger included

Store: Expansys Brand: Dual Price: USD 185.99

Sony SmartBand 2 SWR12 (for iOS/Android, Black)
Description: Track today, for a greater tomorrow Keep track of it all. Your heart rate, movements, sleep, even your moments of calm and excitement. Then SmartBand 2 will measure your pulse and stress level, so you can decide if today is a day to take it easy or go for it. Be more you SmartBand 2 keeps an eye on your pulse and stress level, checking how your energy rises and falls. Then you can see what keeps you calm, what makes you excited and everything in between. So you can start doing more of what makes you, you. Stay on the pulse With an inbuilt heart rate monitor, the SmartBand 2 constantly checks your pulse, whether you're on the move or sitting at a desk. See what activities raise your heart rate, and how your heart returns to its normal resting rate. Move your own way Walking, running or just rushing between meetings. However you move, the SmartBand 2 captures it all so you can see how active you've been. Even while you sleep the tracker is still working hard, monitoring how long and how sound your zzz really is. Your life, logged Check SmartBand 2 data from the past week, month, year and beyond on the Lifelog app. View on the timeline alongside other Lifelog entries, including events, photos and music. See how different activities, like a holiday or listening to your favourite tune, can alter your pulse and stress levels and learn how to balance your life. Messages and calls, without a sound The SmartBand 2's gentle vibrating alert and optional coloured LEDs let you know when a call or message is coming in on your phone. The LED lights change depending on the notification type, so you get to decide if you should reach for your phone. A wardrobe essential Ergonomically crafted from the smoothest silicone, the SmartBand 2 is so comfortable you can wear it round the clock. And with interchangeable coloured straps the band will match your style whether you're dressing for a meeting or a party.

Store: Expansys Brand: Sony Price: USD 89.99

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