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Bostik Ultimate Urethane Remover
Description: Bostik Ultimate Urethane Remover

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Bostik Price: USD 19.99

Bostik Best Adhesive 10oz
Description: Bostik's Best Adhesive- 10.1oz CartridgeBostik's Best Adhesive is a one-part, moisture-cure adhesive. Once cured, its superior elastromeric properties provide a tough, flexible, tenacious bond to wood flooring. Specially formulated for high bond strength and flexibility with a fast cure rate.

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Bostik Price: USD 5.99

Dream Home Foam Underlayment
Description: HF - Dream Home Foam Underlayment100SFT Roll/ underlayment tape includedRoll measures 4' x 25' x 1/16" Use Dream Home Foam Underlayment under laminate flooring or floating engineered real wood floors to even imperfections in the sub-floor and muffle sound.

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Dream Home Price: USD 19.99

Insulayment 100 SFT ROLL
Description: Dream Home InsulaymentMulti-purpose underlayment with 100 square feet per roll. Insulayment is perfect for glued-down, nailed hardwood or engineered wood floors. It insulates sound*and cushions floors. It helps keep floors warm in winter and cool in the summer. All this with the added benefit of an antimicrobial structure. Meets or exceeds most condo associations' sound proofing requirements. Used under glue-down or nail-down Solid and Engineered Hardwood flooring. Approved for use over radiant heated flooring*In order for any isolation barrier to be effective a certain amount of compressibility is required. Although the compression resistance and density are higher than most isolation barriers a certain amount of deflection is to be expected when installing a glue-down or nail-down flooring type. This deflection may cause a mild friction "floor noise", especially in nail-down applications. A minimal amount of "Floor Noise" is not considered a flooring defect. Please note this product is not recommended for nail-down applications where engineered or solid hardwood flooring is less than 3/8" thick.

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Dream Home Price: USD 49.99

6mil Poly Sheeting- 300 sft per roll
Description: Dream Home 6mil Poly Sheeting- 300 sft per roll Used as a moisture barrier under laminate and engineered floating floors when installing over concrete substrates.

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Dream Home Price: USD 19.99

Quiet Walk Underlayment
Description: Dream Home Quiet WalkUnderlayment With Moisture Barrier- 100 sft/ roll Great for laminate and real wood floating floors! Dream Home Quiet Walk Underlayment With Moisture Barrier Floating Floor Underlayment, features an antimicrobial composition, an attached vapor barrier, a reduction in noise both above and below the floor, and is made from recycled materials. - Increased moisture barrier strength- Great Sound Absorption! QuietWalk- filaments are randomly air-laid creating a capillary affect to cushion the floor, absorb sound, and help make laminate floors sound more like real wood- Moisture Protection. When properly installed, QuietWalk can wick sub-floor or incidental perimeter moisture and disperse it through the pad- Smoothes out minor sub-floor imperfections. - Approved for floating and radiant heated floors. Weight20oz/sqyd (2.22 oz/sqft) Thickness0.125"Density13.3 lbs/ft3R-Value@0.125" = 0.52 hr-ft2-degF/Btu (4.19/inch) FlammabilityMeets or exceeds Federal Flammability Standard: CPSC FF 1-70 (Pill Test) Please note this product should not be used for glue-down or nail-down applications.

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Dream Home Price: USD 49.99

Premium Underlayment 100 Sq Ft
Description: Bellawood Premium Underlayment - 100squarefeet perroll The Bellawood Premium Underlayment offers a universal product usage. It's great for all floating floors including laminates with pre-attached pad and engineered wood. In addition, it can beused with nail-down and glue-down flooring. Features:- Use over most industry approved subfloors -Firm support for multiple types of flooring with great acoustic benefits -The vapor barrier is specifically designed for optimal bond with adhesives and also helps to seal around mechanical fasteners in nail-down applications -The self-seal lip & tape system makes it easy to jointhe seams-LEED compliant, made of primarily recycled content - Triclosan-free antimicrobial treatment to safely inhibit mold and mildew -Adds R-value (thermal resistance measure) to chilly floors - Also suitable for use with radiant heat flooring- Smoothes out minor sub-floor imperfections. Weight25oz/sqyd (2.78 oz/sqft) Thickness0.11"Density18.9 lbs/ft3R-Value@0.125" = 0.52 hr-ft2-degF/Btu (4.19/inch) FlammabilityMeets or exceeds Federal Flammability Standard: CPSC FF 1-70 (Pill Test)

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: BELLAWOOD Price: USD 89.99

Butcher Block Food Grade Mineral Oil 12oz.
Description: Williamsburg Butcher Block Mineral Oil 12oz. Williamsburg Butcher Block Mineral Oilprotects your butcher block cutting surfaces to keep them in like-new condition. Specially formulated with vitamin E to safely treat butcher block countertops, cutting boards, wooden serving trays, bowls and utensils to prevent drying and cracking. Williamsburg Mineral Oil can extend the life of your beautiful cutting boards, counter tops or wooden kitchen products for years. Regular application is important to guard against germs, mold growth, and splitting on wood cooking surfaces. The pure food-grade mineral oil helps to protect wood from moisture and stains. Reduces the impact of knives and minimizes the appearance of marks- Rejuvenates and extends the life of wooden surfaces- Prevents drying, shrinkage, checking and cracking- Formulated with pure food-grade vitamin E enriched mineral oil- The oil absorbs into the wood create a natural barrier to moisture and bacteria- Use after every wash to help keep butcher blocks supple and long lasting- Made in the USA! Also available: Williamsburg Butcher Block Conditioner for weekly use on your butcher block and wooden products. Order now through our web site, visit your local store, or Call 1-800-HARDWOOD

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Williamsburg Butcher Block Co. Price: USD 7.99

Bostik Patch Webcrete 95 25LB
Description: Bostik Patch Webcrete 95 Bostik Webcrete 95 is a fast-setting latex-fortifiedPortland cement patch for interior use.

Store: Lumber Liquidators Brand: Bostik Price: USD 12.99

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