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Axis Powers Hetalia School Uniform Cosplay Costume
Description: Axis Powers fans will enjoy dressing just like the classmates from the series with this authentic uniform. It features a button down dress shirt with sleeves and a nice plaid jumper with button accents and wide straps that cross in the back. A handsome blazer is worn over the base and features the series insignia on the pocket as well as double lapels. A coordinating black necktie completes this great ensemble and is included. Product Details:- Includes blouse, blazer and tie- Custom tailoring is offered on this item.

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 75.99

Bleach Tobiume Spirit Cosplay Costume
Description: Bleach fans, here's your chance to dress like your beloved series character Tobiume in this fantastic authentic costume. It features a traditional kimono-style top with wide sleeves and V neckline. The kimono is secured by a bright yellow fringed sash in the midsection. A pair of wide-legged blue pants are worn underneath and a pretty pink scarf completes the design. We think this costume would be great for attending anime conventions or any other fan related events. Product Details:- Made from uniform cloth/satin- Includes kimono, scarf, waist sash and trousers- Custom alterations are offered on this product for an additional fee.

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 79.99

Bleach Coyote Starrk Cosplay Costume
Description: Bleach fans are going to instantly recognize this costume as belonging to their beloved character Coyote Starrk. It's made in a traditional kimono style, but features a high collar, lapels and bold dark trim. A contrasting sash secures the kimono in place and is included. A pair of handy white gloves with dark trim completes this authentic design and are also included. This would be a great costume for an anime convention or any other fan event. Product Details:- Made from cotton- Includes kimono, sash and gloves- Customization options are not offered on this product.

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 76.99

Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo Nylon Cosplay Wig
Description: Bleach fans! If you've been looking for the perfect accessory to finish your Kaito ensemble, this is definitely the one! It's crafted from synthetic fibers in a stylish shaggy bob, but features a spiked top and back in a cool punk rocker style. The bangs blend perfectly into the sides, creating a polished look. The choppy all over look is highly fashionable, both in Cosplay wigs and real life hairstyles. Product Details:-Made from synthetic fibers-Cut in a stylish stacked bob with lots of spiked parts -Cool silver/white color-Available in one size only in the color/style shown

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 25.99

Water Blue Snakeskin Motif Lycra Unisex Zentai Suit
Description: Zentai suits, better known as cat suits, are a favorite among dancers, actors, singers and other dramatic production participants. Some of them are all inclusive, meaning all parts of the body - even the head and hands are covered - while others have varying degrees of openness. They hug the body's form, giving the illusion of a second skin and are worn alone without clothing on top. This one is an all inclusive style in a light blue scheme and has a great snakeskin pattern throughout. Product Details: Made from Lycra/SpandexAll inclusive

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 39.99

Castlevania Vampire Dracula Cosplay Costume
Description: It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark! So exciting! This authentic, Victorian-inspired Dracula costume spares no luxurious detail. It comes with smart black trousers and a stylish button-down dress shirt with bell sleeves. A lace-trimmed neck scarf adds Old World Charm while the traditional red and black capes finish off one of the most recognizable costumes on the market. So charming and dapper for a vampire! Product Details:-Includes: Trousers, dress shirt, black and gold undercoat, neck scarf and cape-Available in sizes from XS to 2XL-Can be custom tailored for an additional fee-Limited kid sizes available

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 85.99

Code Geass Lloyd Asplund Cosplay Costume
Description: Calling all Lloyd Asplund fans! This amazing costume is so much like the one worn by your favorite character, it will be difficult to tell you apart. The costume features a long, white overcoat with long sleeves, high collar and black trim. The off-center hidden closure is embellished with a single button at the top. The arm band on the coat is detachable and is included. A pair of black pants are worn under the coat and are also included. This is a very detailed costume and would be great for costume contests or anime conventions. It's also perfect for roleplaying your favorite series characters. Product Details:-Made from high elasticity cotton-Includes jacket, coat and arm band-Available in women's sizes XXS-XXXL, men's sizes XXS-XXXL and children's sizes S and L-Custom alterations are offered on this item for an additional fee.

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 45.99

Naruto Uchiha Sasuke's Elbow Support Cosplay Accessories
Description: If you're still looking for the finishing touch on your Naruto costume, these arm bands might be just the thing. They are made to fit over the elbow in the crook of the arm. They feature an elastic band on either end for a snug fit. These bands would look great with just about any character costume that called for arm bands. Alternately, you could pair them with your every day wardrobe to create a cool new look all your own. Product Details:-Available in only one standard size that fits most-Made from a stretchy material-Elastic band on each end for snug fit-Includes 1 pair-Custom alterations are not offered on this item.

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 2.99

Naruto Ninja Sand Village Gloves
Description: So you've got everything you need to be a Naruto Ninja - but you can't seem to find the perfect pair of gloves. Look no further! This fantastic pair of fingerless gloves are just like the ones worn by the characters in the series! They are made from a faux leather material and feature the Naruto insignia on a steel plate on the top portion of the glove. And if you're not an anime fan, these gloves would be easily coordinated with a variety of other costumes as well as your every day wardrobe. Product Details:-Made from faux leather and stainless steel-Available only in one size-Custom alterations are not offered on this item.

Store: Milanoo Brand: Price: USD 4.99

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