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MAC 'Mineralize' Eyeshadow Pinwheel - Great Beyond
Description: Four coordinating eyeshadows baked together in a single pan create the Mineralize Eyeshadow Pinwheel by M.A.C. The remarkably blendable colors offer you sheer, lightweight application with a pearlized, softly shimmering finish. Color (s) : fog and mist, golden hours, great beyond, in the meadow, pink sensibilities. Brand: M.A.C. Style Name: Mac 'Mineralize' Eyeshadow Pinwheel. Style Number: 89503. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: MAC Price: USD 22.00

Estee Lauder 'Magic Smoky' Powder Shadow Stick - Charred Plum
Description: What it is: A shadow stick that enables you to create the look you've always wanted in a few bold strokes. What it does: The silky pressed powder shadow sweeps across your lids and under your lash lines like magic. In seconds, eyes appear sultry and smoldering. It's so easy, you won't believe your eyes. Pro tips: Draw a hashtag at the outer corner of the eyelid and, using your finger, blend inward and up to the lid for instant contour- 0.04 oz- Fragrance-free- Ophthalmologist tested Color (s) : burnt black, charred plum, cool ash, indigo smoke, pink charcoal, scorched gold, sea smoke, slow burn. Brand: Estee Lauder. Style Name: Estee Lauder 'Magic Smoky' Powder Shadow Stick. Style Number: 1187363. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Estee Lauder Price: USD 22.00

Chantecaille Cheek Shade Refill - Coy
Description: Chantecaille Cheek Shades are made with microparticles that contribute to their exquisite colors and featherweight texture. Processed with a technology that produces a light, ultrafine coated powder, Cheek Shades go on matte and adhere beautifully to the skin yet blend so well they leave no perceptible surface. Each is designed to fit inside customizable, refillable palettes. Color (s) : cheer, coy, delight, demure, ecstasy, emotion, flair, fun, grace, joy, laughter, lovely, mood, shy, smitten, thrill, wind, winter bloom. Brand: CHANTECAILLE. Style Name: Chantecaille Cheek Shade Refill. Style Number: 344420. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Chantecaille Price: USD 26.00

Creed 'Original Santal' Fragrance
Description: What it is: A robust scent fit for both formal and casual occasions, Original Santal is destined to captivate a roomFragrance story: India's royal and spiritual splendor meet in Original Santal. Looking to Asia for inspiration, Olivier and Erwin combine Mysore sandalwood, fiery cinnamon, warm vanilla and Tonka bean. Prepare for compliments. Style: Wood, oriental, rich. Notes:- Top: orange tree absolute, Jamaican ginger, Sicilian lemon- Middle: lavender, peppermint, rosemary, pinkberries- Base: Mysore sandalwood, Virginia cedar, vanilla, Siam benzoin, ambergris, Tonkin musk. Brand: CREED. Style Name: Creed 'Original Santal' Fragrance. Style Number: 210709. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Creed Price: USD 325.00

Kerstin Florian At-Home Professional Peel
Description: Instantly brighten and refine skin texture with these professional multi-acid, botanical peel pads. The immediate exfoliating action removes impurities, excess sebum and dry surface skin cells to reveal a smooth, radiant complexion. Immediate, visible results are achieved from the first application; skin is visibly smoother, brighter and has a more even tone. Skin is refined, while fine lines and the appearance of pores are diminished. How to use: Gently sweep pad across cleansed face, neck, decollete, and top of hands 2-3 times a week. Avoid eye area. Slight tingling after application is normal. After 3 minutes, rinse skin thoroughly with water to neutralize, peel and pat dry. Brand: Kerstin Florian. Style Name: Kerstin Florian At-Home Professional Peel. Style Number: 383463. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Kerstin Florian Price: USD 75.00

Sisley Paris 'Phyto-Lip Twist' Tinted Lip Balm - Nude
Description: What it is: Phyto-Lip Twist is a tinted lip balm that's colored like a lipstick but shiny like a gloss. Who it's for: Anyone who wants glossy, plumped lips. What it does: It leaves your lips supple, moisturized, visibly smoothed and plumped thanks to its cocktail of original plant-based active ingredients. Its ultra-sensory, melting, glide-on texture reinvents lipstick and it is available in luminous, easy-to-wear shades that match any occasion. Best of all, it never needs to be sharpened. How to use: Applied like a lipstick, the tip is the perfect size for outlining and coloring the lips in a single stroke. Apply a single coat for a glossy sheen, or add more for a stronger, stunning flash of color. Color (s) : baby, balm, berry, candy, cherry, chestnut, coral, kiss, litchi, love, melon, nude, nut, peach, pinky, poppy, sugar, tango. Brand: SISLEY COSMETICS. Style Name: Sisley Paris 'Phyto-Lip Twist' Tinted Lip Balm. Style Number: 445374. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Sisley Paris Price: USD 50.00

Lipstick Queen 'Hello Sailor' Lipstick - Hello Sailor
Description: Lipstick Queen stays ahead of the blackberry lip trend with its Hello Sailor lipstick, a nautical, super-sheer lipstick that tints your pout in a cool berry tone with a hint of sapphire. Wear it alone as a nourishing lip stain or layer it for a more defined look. Color (s) : hello sailor. Brand: LIPSTICK QUEEN. Style Name: Lipstick Queen 'Hello Sailor' Lipstick. Style Number: 957792. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Lipstick Queen Price: USD 25.00

Shiseido 'Perfecting' Stick Concealer - 11 Light
Description: Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer is an incredible concealer that melts into your skin, blending effortlessly to cover any flaws for a complexion that looks naturally perfect. It contains both Reflect Powder and Fit Powder, which effortlessly camouflage the appearance of all types of discoloration without fading or creasing. Its stick shape makes precise application easy. How to use: Choose a color to cover the areas you want to conceal. It should closely match your skin tone. Select another color one to two shades lighter and another color one to two shades darker. Conceal any areas of concern using the matching shade. Highlight using the lightest shade in the inner corner of your eye, the top of your cheekbone, the end of your brow, down the center of your nose and at the center of your chin. Apply the darkest shade under your cheekbone, the side of your nose and under your jaw line. Blend using a foundation brush or your fingertips. Color (s) : 11 light, 22 natural light, 33 natural, 44 medium, 55 medium deep, 66 deep. Brand: SHISEIDO. Style Name: Shiseido 'Perfecting' Stick Concealer. Style Number: 1054058. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Shiseido Price: USD 25.00

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter - Red
Description: Delight in the smoother, more even finish yielded by micronized particles with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic Glitter, available in a wide array of fashion-forward colours that photograph beautifully. How to use: For an unexpected pop of shimmer, mix with your favorite hairstyling products and run a small amount through hair or eyebrows. Or, sprinkle over a nail lacquer as it dries for more pop. It's not for use in the immediate eye area. Color (s) : amber, aqua, beige, blaylock, blue, coffee, fae, gold, magenta, mint, mirrorball, navy, neon yellow, olive, pink, red, slate, spark, violet. Brand: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Style Name: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter. Style Number: 868556. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Price: USD 15.00

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