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Dior '5 Couleurs Designer' Makeup Artist Tutorial Palette - 508 Nude Pink Design
Description: Inspired by professional techniques and textures, 5 Couleurs Designer is a makeup artist tutorial palette, featuring an easy five-step makeup lesson that helps bring out your eyes with flawless sculpting and color gradation. The color-lock powder base smoothes, evens out and prepares the eyelid for application of eyeshadow and longer-lasting color. The satiny eyeshadows, enriched with colored pearlescent pigments, boast the color power of a pigment and the luminosity of pearlescents for 3D-effect sculpting and exceptional vibrancy. The shimmering highlighter deposits an ultrafine film of light on the eyelid and the dense liner structures and defines the eyes with a sublime matte glow. How to use:- Step 1: Prepare and even out the eyelid by applying the powder base with your fingertips or the oval foam applicator- Step 2: Dress the mobile eyelid in the central color with the eyeshadow brush- Step 3: Contrast and sculpt with the eyeshadow, applied to the eyelid crease and at the outer corner of the eye using the cone-shaped foam applicator- Step 4: Illuminate with the highlighter dabbed beneath the brow arch and the inner corner of the eye- Step 5: Define the eyes by applying liner along the upper and lower lash lines with the thin liner brush. Color (s) : 208 navy design, 308 khaki design, 508 nude pink design, 708 amber design, 718 taupe design, 808 purple design, 818 rosy design. Brand: DIOR. Style Name: Dior '5 Couleurs Designer' Makeup Artist Tutorial Palette. Style Number: 1078184. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Dior Price: USD 62.00

Laura Mercier Matte Eye Colour - Cafe Au Lait
Description: What it is: An innovative eye color that delivers extreme pureness and density of colour in one stroke for superior payoff, extreme comfort and a smooth finish. What it does: It imparts a soft feel and light-diffusing effect with a non-dusting color that is easily layered or sheered. Long-wearing and crease-resistant, it glides on evenly and easily. Color (s) : american coffee, ancient oak, black plum, black plum, black smoke, blanc, blue suede, blue suede, bordeaux, buttercream, buttercream, cabernet, cafe au lait, candied chestnut, caramel, cashmere, cashmere, cherrywood, cloud, coffee ground, coffee ground, deep night, deep night, enchantment, fresco, fresco, ginger, gold river, hazelnut, intensity, khaki, lavender mist, margaux, morning dew, morning dew, moss, noir, nutmeg, paris by night, pink stucco, plum smoke, princess, pure white, sesame, silverscreen, smoky grey, summer sand, sunset, toasted almond, truffle, truffle, twilight grey, twilight grey, vanilla nuts, vanilla nuts, walnut shell, whiskey. Brand: LAURA MERCIER. Style Name: Laura Mercier Matte Eye Colour. Style Number: 10644U. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Laura Mercier Price: USD 25.00

Yves Saint Laurent 'Gloss Volupte' Lip Gloss - 19 Rose Orfevre
Description: Yves Saint Laurent premieres the first lightweight, non-sticky lip gloss with Gloss Volupte, an intense liquid formula with ethereal texture that celebrates pleasure and invites indulgence. Its unique patented applicator envelopes your lips in full color while allowing for precise application for a radiant, reflective, to die for look. Pro tips: Gloss Volupte can be paired with a top coat for even more intense color and head-turning looks. Shade 1 Gold adds a dazzling glitter finish. Shade 201 Pure adds Shine to your final look. Color (s) : 1 gold, 10 or rose, 101 iridescent, 102 rose satine, 103 opium persan, 104 prune organdi, 106 cuir grenat, 107 bordeaux sarouel, 15 grenade pepite, 19 rose orfevre, 2 or saharienne, 20 nude carat, 201 pure, 202 rose jersey, 203 corail gandoura, 204 corail trapeze, 205 rouge shantung, 206 fouchsia oran, 207 rouge velours, 208 fauve, 209 smoking, 210 beige nu, 3 rose fusion, 30 corail lingot, 4 fuchsia vermeil, 49 terriblement fuchsia, 50 orange sagatte, 51 rose lurex, 52 violet sequins, 53 rose strass. Brand: YVES SAINT LAURENT. Style Name: Yves Saint Laurent 'Gloss Volupte' Lip Gloss. Style Number: 225593. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Yves Saint Laurent Price: USD 32.00

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Gel Brow Pencil - Clear
Description: The Gel Brow Pencil by Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is a gel gliding, styling and shaping brow liner that fully coats your brow hairs for an even appearance. Its waterproof formula dries to a matte finish, with no visible lines. The wax-based pencil is suitable for both hot and humid climates. Color (s) : clear, sheer ash blonde, sheer brunette, sheer dark brunette, sheer warm blonde. Brand: KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY. Style Name: Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Gel Brow Pencil. Style Number: 5016133. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Price: USD 28.00

Guerlain 'Super Aqua-Creme' Day Gel
Description: Guerlain Super Aqua-Creme Day Gel provides your skin with soothing, age-defying hydration all day long. During your waking hours, the formula works to protect your skin, and at night it focuses on restoring so you wake up as fresh, beautiful and youthful as ever. It utilizes Aquacomplex, which purifies cellular water to improve circulation while giving you powerful age-defying hydration. Over time, fine lines and wrinkles will diminish and your youthful radiance will be restored. How to use: Apply two dabs to skin each morning. Brand: GUERLAIN. Style Name: Guerlain 'super Aqua-Creme' Day Gel. Style Number: 688625. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Guerlain Price: USD 135.00

Men's Ted Baker London Dot Silk Tie, Size Regular - Blue
Description: Verdant dots pop against the deep navy background of a dashing Italian-silk tie crafted in the USA. Color (s) : black, fuchsia, navy, orange, royal. Brand: TED BAKER LONDON. Style Name: Ted Baker London Dot Silk Tie. Style Number: 5231196. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Ted Baker London Price: USD 95.00

Burberry Beauty 'Kisses' Lip Gloss - No. 105 Redwood
Description: Burberry Beauty Kisses Lip Gloss delivers a hydrating veil of smooth and intense, mirror-like shine. Inspired by delicate Burberry fabrics and reflective mirror and patent finishes, it glides across the lips for a fuller-looking, blossoming effect. It can be effortlessly applied for a subtle, dewy finish or intensified with layers to create a wet-look result. Color (s) : no. 01 ice, no. 05 trench kiss, no. 09 pale nude, no. 101 oxblood, no. 105 redwood, no. 109 military red, no. 113 poppy red, no. 17 nude beige, no. 21 cameo nude, no. 25 nude pink, no. 29 tulip pink, no. 33 fondant pink, no. 37 blossom, no. 41 pearl rose, no. 45 sugar pink, no. 49 city pink, no. 53 pink mist, no. 57 mallow pink, no. 61 bright rose, no. 65 coral rose, no. 69 apricot pink, no. 73 melon, no. 77 tangerine, no. 81 vermilion, no. 85 antique rose, no. 89 rose blush, no. 93 rosewood, no. 97 plum pink. Brand: BURBERRY BEAUTY. Style Name: Burberry Beauty 'Kisses' Lip Gloss. Style Number: 1166165. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Burberry Beauty Price: USD 29.00

Infant Ju-Ju-Be 'Legacy Be Prepared' Diaper Tote - Black
Description: A timeless pattern covers a totally modern diaper tote designed with Thinsulate bottle pockets to keep meals warm or cold, a full zip-down 'mommy pocket' for super-practical access to all the essentials, and a memory-foam changing pad treated with antimicrobial agION technology. All the pockets have light-colored linings to quickly spot what you need, while color-coded tabs let you know which pocket is for which child. Innovative crumb drains keep grunge from building up, but if bigger messes happen, just toss it in the washer for an easy clean. Color (s) : dandy lines, mystic mani, syrah syrah, the admiral, the commodore, the countess, the dutchess, the empress, the first lady, the heiress, the imperial princess, the marquess, the monarch, the navigator, the queen of the nile, the versailles. Brand: Ju Ju Be. Style Name: Ju-Ju-Be 'Legacy Be Prepared' Diaper Tote. Style Number: 72054. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Ju-Ju-Be Price: USD 200.00

Rizzy Home 'Carmen' Duvet Cover Set, Size Queen - Blue/green
Description: Old-world floral graphics add eye-catching charm to a bright bedding set featuring a duvet cover along with coordinating shams and hand-stitched pillows. Color (s) : teal/ gold. Brand: Rizzy Home. Style Name: Rizzy Home 'Carmen' Duvet Cover Set. Style Number: 994725. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Rizzy Home Price: USD 398.00

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