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Antica Farmacista 'Damascena Rose, Orris & Oud' Body Moisturizer
Description: Antica Farmacista Body Moisturizer is an incredibly luxurious formula that provides superior, long-lasting hydration for even the driest skin. It includes natural moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, green tea and fruit extracts along with sweet almond oil, silk amino acids, proteins, shea butter and honey. Its soft texture is flawless and leaves your skin radiant. The moisturizer is fragranced with the exquisite floral scent of Damascena Rose, Orris & Oud, which combines damascus rose absolute, violet, Tuscan orris root, rhubarb, apricot, oud, amber, musk and cashmere. How to use: Massage into hands and body to leave your skin feeling radiant and smooth. Brand: ANTICA FARMACISTA. Style Name: Antica Farmacista 'Damascena Rose, Orris & Oud' Body Moisturizer. Style Number: 1129683. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Antica Farmacista Price: USD 26.00

Burberry Beauty 'Burberry Kisses' Lipstick - No. 53 Crimson Pink
Description: Burberry Kisses is effortlessly buildable lip color designed to give you multiple lip looks with just one shade. The weightless, gel-texture formula delivers a customizable makeup result-a single kiss of color gives understated luminosity while two or three give intense depth and vibrancy. A rich blend of satin-finish pigments and shiny polymers gives luminous color brilliance. The lipstick is enriched with the brand's signature blend of tea, lavender and rosehip and it glides on with supreme comfort, offering six hours of continuous hydration. Color (s) : no. 01 nude beige, no. 05 nude pink, no. 09 tulip pink, no. 101 bright plum, no. 105 poppy red, no. 109 military red, no. 113 union red, no. 17 english rose, no. 21 nude, no. 25 nude cashmere, no. 29 blossom pink, no. 33 rose pink, no. 37 pink peony, no. 41 pomegranate pink, no. 45 claret pink, no. 49 light crimson, no. 53 crimson pink, no. 57 peach delight, no. 61 devon sunset, no. 65 coral pink, no. 69 golden peach, no. 73 bright coral, no. 77 blush, no. 81 garnet, no. 85 sepia, no. 89 rose blush, no. 93 russet, no. 97 oxblood. Brand: BURBERRY BEAUTY. Style Name: Burberry Beauty 'Burberry Kisses' Lipstick. Style Number: 1074511. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Burberry Beauty Price: USD 33.00

Lancome 'Pure Empreinte Masque' Purifying Mineral Mask
Description: If your skin needs a clean sweep, this five-minute purifying facial removes excess oils and helps reduce the appearance of pores. Leaves skin looking perfectly clean and refined. 3.4 oz. Brand: LANCOME. Style Name: Lancome 'Pure Empreinte Masque' Purifying Mineral Mask. Style Number: 12658U. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Lancome Price: USD 35.00

Yves Saint Laurent 'Or Rouge' Serum
Description: Yves Saint Laurent Or Rouge Serum is the ultimate in skin revitalization and skin tone uniformity. With double the concentration in saffron, a powerful ingredient, it defies 11 signs of aging-roughness, firmness, dullness, elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines, skin tone uniformity, pore visibility, dark spots, redness, sagging, and smile lines. How to use: Apply as the first step in your skincare routine. With the pads of your fingers spread out, perform a series of sweeping movements on each level of your face and neck. With your forefinger and your middle fingers, perform some back-and-forth gliding movements, crossing the fingers of your other hand from the top to the bottom of your face. Repeat twice. Slide upward along the smile lines then place the base of your palms at the center of your face under the cheeks. Using your entire finger length, smooth the forehead area. Then, with the entire surface of your hands, smooth the neck area. Repeat twice. Brand: YVES SAINT LAURENT. Style Name: Yves Saint Laurent 'Or Rouge' Serum. Style Number: 1171851. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Yves Saint Laurent Price: USD 425.00

Voluspa 'Maison Noir - Ambre Lumiere' 2-Wick Scented Candle
Description: The modern-luxury candle redefined. Striking packaging and extraordinary scents. Handcrafted candle-making since 1999. Poured with a luxurious, clean-burning coconut wax blend. The classic Maison Noir candle is a story of fragrance written in wax and poured into an iconic decorative tin. An exotic mixture of light amber, vanilla and Indonesian patchouli. Brand: VOLUSPA. Style Name: Voluspa 'Maison Noir - Ambre Lumiere' 2-Wick Scented Candle. Style Number: 531629. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Voluspa Price: USD 16.00

MAC Lip Pencil - Stripdown
Description: M.A.C Lip Pencil is designed for shaping, lining or filling in your lips. It features a smooth, creamy texture that won't skip or drag and applies quickly and precisely. It's available in a wide selection of colors that each work well with many different lipstick shades. How to use: Apply directly to your lips after your lipstick, lip gloss or Lipglass application. Color (s) : stripdown. Brand: M.A.C. Style Name: Mac Lip Pencil. Style Number: 10823U 8. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: MAC Price: USD 17.50

Men's Tumi 'Chambers' Leather L-Fold Wallet - Brown
Description: Well-grained leather adds rich texture to a handcrafted wallet featuring Tumi ID Lock, a proprietary technology that protects your RFID-enabled cards from electronic scanning. Color (s) : black, teak. Brand: TUMI. Style Name: Tumi 'Chambers' Leather L-Fold Wallet. Style Number: 1121003. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Tumi Price: USD 145.00

Clinique 'Beyond Perfecting' Powder Foundation + Concealer - Ivory
Description: Clinique Beyond Perfecting is a powder foundation and concealer in one product for a natural, beyond-perfected look that lasts all day, even through sweat and humidity. The weightless powder makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores, allowing your skin to breathe comfortably while keeping the color true. How to use: Apply where needed. For allover application, start in the center of your face, blending outward using the included applicator. Use the sponge side for moderate coverage and the smooth, velvety side for buildable, full coverage. Use the pointed tip to spot-conceal- 0.51 oz- 100% fragrance-free- Allergy tested. Color (s) : alabaster, amber, beige, breeze, clove, cream chamois, creamwhip, dune, ginger, golden, golden neutral, honey, ivory, neutral, sand, vanilla. Brand: Clinique. Style Name: Clinique 'Beyond Perfecting' Powder Foundation + Concealer. Style Number: 1177597. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Clinique Price: USD 27.00

Clinique 'Beyond Perfecting' Foundation + Concealer - Beige
Description: What it is: A foundation and concealer in one that gives you a natural, beyond-perfect look that lasts all day. Who it's for: Anyone with any skin type who wants adjustable coverage and a natural matte finish. What it does: The lightweight, moisturizing, oil-free formula covers thoroughly without clogging pores, allowing your skin to breathe comfortably and keeping color true even through sweat and humidity. How to use: Using the large back side of the wand, sweep the foundation across your forehead, cheeks and chin. Then use the angled tip of the applicator-that has a slight dip in it to hold more product-to cover down the bridge of your nose and across your jawline. Blend well with fingers. Finish by using the pointy tip to spot conceal any trouble areas, such as under the eyes, around the outside of the nose or on top of blemishes. Pat and blend well with your fingers. One dip of the wand gives you a full-face application, while acting as a spot concealer, too. Its slow-dry formula makes blending easier, with 12 hours of full-coverage wear from a flexible formula that moves with your skin- 1 oz- 100% fragrance-free; oil-free- Ophthalmologist tested- Safe for contact lens wearers- Nonacnegenic- Allergy tested. Due to the rich pigment level that enhances this flawless coverage makeup, shades may appear deeper when first applied. Once blended completely and allowed to dry, Beyond Perfecting Makeup will melt into your skin for a Beyond Perfected flawless look. A little goes a long way! Color (s) : alabaster, amber, beige, breeze, buttermilk, clove, cream caramel, cream chamois, creamwhip, fair, ginger, golden, golden neutral, hazelnut, honey, ivory, linen, neutral, nutty, porcelain beige, sand, vanilla. Brand: Clinique. Style Name: Clinique 'Beyond Perfecting' Foundation + Concealer. Style Number: 1020280. Available in stores.

Store: Nordstrom Brand: Clinique Price: USD 27.00

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