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Concealed CarryThe Shooter's Guide to Selecting Handgunsy Wiley Clapp
Description: Once you've made the all-important decision to get a concealed-carry weapon permit, you face a dilemma'97how to select the perfect day-to-day carry piece from the dizzying array of choices available in modern handguns. You want a gun that's light enough to be comfortable, small enough to hide and powerful enough to do the job. It must fit your hand, your holster and your lifestyle.

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Jim Grover Defensive Shooting Serieswith Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover
Description: Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann, Personal Security columnist for Guns and Ammo magazine, is a world-renowned expert on close combat, counterterrorism, executive protection and firearms tactics. In this explosive four-volume video series, Grover teaches you the secrets of his firefight-proven methods of defensive handgun shooting. This series covers every aspect of employing the handgun as a fight-stopping defensive weapon, including grip, stance, trigger control, reloading, use of cover, position shooting, weak-hand shooting, malfunction clearances, shooting on the move, low-light shooting, defenses from a vehicle and many more.

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How to Become a Master HandgunnerThe Mechanics of X-Count Shooting, Revised and Updatedy Charles Stephens
Description: This revised and updated edition of the best-selling How to Become a Master Handgunner can make any novice or master pistol shooter a better handgunner by taking advantage of the latest techniques, handguns, ammo and gear.

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Shoot Him to the GroundTactical Point Shooting for the 21st Centurywith Matthew Temkin
Description: Most gunfights involving an armed civilian occur within the range of zero to three feet. At that close-quarter distance, you're not going to have the room or opportunity to push the gun out, get on the sights, and fire a perfect double-tap into your assailant's ""X-ring."" So how do you end the threat, even at contact distance, without shooting yourself or someone you didn't mean to? In this video, firearms expert Matthew Temkin teaches you how to get man-stopping accuracy at that critical close range using total target focus, also known as point shooting.

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The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper
Description: Riflecraft has been completely ignored since World War II, says Jeff Cooper, America's foremost rifle instructor. To remedy this situation, he took it upon himself to set down the fine art of the rifle before it was lost forever. In his no-holds-barred style, Cooper instructs you in everything you need to know about shooting the rifle, while entertaining you with tales of marksmanship, combat and big-game hunting.

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Surviving a School Shooting By Loren Christensen
Description: Most books about school violence focus on anti-bullying programs and counseling; Surviving a School Shooting by retired cop Loren Christensen takes a hard, realistic look at teaching kids what they will need to know if a gunman walks into their school. What was once unimaginable and rare is now, tragically, part of life, and it's all too easy to summon that terrible image of a school surrounded by police officers, emergency vehicles and frantic parents and kids. Shootings have happened at large, urban schools and at small schools in sleepy little towns with low crime rates, because all it takes is one disturbed person to turn a seemingly safe school into a grim statistic. Unfortunately, even responsible parents who warn their kids about drunk driving and other risky behaviors commonly send their children off to school without having what may be the most important talk of all: ""What would you do if someone showed up with a weapon?"" In Surviving a School Shooting, Christensen teaches parents how to work with their children - from elementary schoolers to teens - to develop an age-A appropriate plan of action that includes developing an awareness of surroundings and critical thinking skills. Within the pages of this book are ideas and techniques to teach kids how to feel safer at school; when to tell adults about rumors or threats; how to mentally rehearse a response to a shooting; and what to do when a shooting occurs: when to run and how to run; when to hide and how to hide; when to fight and how to fight. Just as a fire drill prepares a child to calmly follow a path to safety in a burning building, the information in Surviving a School Shooting will train students to begin thinking strategically, defensively and offensively in case violence erupts at their school.

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Computer Security Guide For Paranoids
Description: This is a downloadable product and must be downloaded within 48 hours of purchase. Download instructions will be provided in order confirmation. You make sure that you lock the doors and windows in your house to keep out thieves, and you secure valuable papers in a locked cabinet or desk. But what about all that personal information stored on your computer - Social Security number, banking accounts, credit card transactions, tax returns, date of birth? This easy-to-read handbook outlines the most common online risks to your privacy and provides simple, inexpensive measures to avoid them. You'll learn how to Prevent unauthorized access to your files by data harvesters, hackers and government agents Use a wireless network without exposing yourself to the neighborhood - and the world Choose passwords that cannot be cracked Recognize keystroke-recording programs Search the Web without leaving an embarrassing or damaging trail Restrict your exposure on social networking sites to real friends Select a printer that doesn't leave an electronic fingerprint Encrypt files easily and inexpensively Spot email hoaxes instantly Technology isn't the problem; in fact, it can be the answer if you know how to use it properly. All the security measures discussed are inexpensive (many are absolutely FREE) , and you don't have to be a computer genius to implement them. It's not paranoid to be vigilant about protecting your online privacy. In today's brave new cyberworld, it's essential.

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How to Customize Your Glock
Description: You can take your state-of-the-art Glock straight out of the box and start shooting. And that's what you should do if you plan on using it for personal defense. Nothing you can do will make it work any better in that definitive role than it already does. But what if you want something that makes your Glock a little different from everybody else's, a little more suited to your specialized needs? The same design simplicity that makes the Glock easy to manufacture and use also makes it easy to customize. This mini-""Glocksmithing"" course by Glock enthusiasts Robert and Morgan Boatman first explains why you would make a specific modification and what you gain in terms of improved performance - or lose in the trade-off. It then presents step-by-step procedures for altering triggers, extending magazines and slide releases, adding new sights and incorporating other alterations for practical carry and use, as well as providing detailed instructions for basic disassembly and assembly, cleaning and routine maintenance. The workbook format makes the manual simple to follow as you work on your Glock, and high-resolution photos illustrate each part and step precisely.Make your Glock work even more effectively for you by thinking outside the box. Learn more from Bob's website.Warning: Actual construction of the firearms described in these books and videos may be illegal under federal law. The BATF actively pursues and prosecutes anybody who violates firearm statutes.

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The Fighting Tomahawk
Description: The low-tech, high-impact tomahawk has been carried by American soldiers in every conflict since the Revolutionary War. The same versatility and effectiveness that endeared the multipurpose tomahawk to frontiersmen and Native Americans also make it a valuable addition to the arsenal of modern combatants. It saw service in Vietnam, and it is currently being used by Special Forces members in Afghanistan and Iraq, including U.S. Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, for everything from engaging enemies to digging foxholes to opening ammo containers.In The Fighting Tomahawk, Dwight McLemore traces the origins of the tomahawk and the fighting techniques that make it so brutally effective. Then, just as he did for the Bowie knife in The Bowie and Big-Knife Fighting System, McLemore utilizes his dynamic drawings to show how the tomahawk can be used singly or in combination with the long knife to win in both single- and multiple-opponent engagements. The illustrations depict offensive and defensive uses of the tomahawk and long knife, including the chop, cut, rake, deflection, intercepting punch, circular catch and pull, stab and more.McLemore's home-study package for the tomahawk also includes step-by-step fighting scenarios, solo and two-person training schedules, instruction in throwing the tomahawk and applications of the war club.

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