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Fuji Feather City Bike - 2016
Description: Fuji Feather City Bike - 2016. Classic track styling meets urban utility in the Fuji Feather city bike. This simple, elegant machine is designed to help you get around easily, and look good doing it. The custom drawn Elios 2 chromoly steel frame is light, durable, and fun, while the traditional track fork gives the bike nimble handling. A flip flop hub puts a fixed gear cog on one side, and a freewheel on the other so you can choose your riding style. 700x25mm tires give you some extra traction on the road--especially important for wet days, as well as a Phalanx flat protection to help keep you rolling, no matter what is on the road. Front and rear caliper brakes make stopping easy and reliable in any riding conditions.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 419.00

Fuji Ace 650 Kid's Road Bike - 2016
Description: Fuji Ace 650 Kid's Road Bike - 2016. Sized for the smaller rider, the Fuji Ace is a full-featured, performance-oriented, kid's road bike loaded with all the components found on adult road bikes. Slightly larger than the Ace 24 Kid's Road Bike, the Ace 650 has a strong and lightweight A1-SL compact alloy frame with low standover, 14-speed drivetrain with Shimano shifters and derailleurs, powerful alloy dual-pivot brakes, alloy cockpit, and aero alloy wheels -- everything the budding young roadie could ask for.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 379.00

Fuji Wendigo 1.1 Fat Bike - 2016
Description: Fuji Wendigo 1.1 Fat Bike - 2016. Sometimes oversized is the only size. The Fuji Wendigo 1.1 fat bike follows in the same vein as Fuji's other innovative and high-quality hardtail mountain bikes, save one glaring difference --- it's absolutely massive, and legitimately earns the name Wendigo (meaning half-man, which is your part, and half-beast, which is the bike) . Made from Fuji's proprietary aluminum and featuring PowerCurve bike geometry, the Fuji Wendigo is meant to be comfortable, powerful and an animal on the trail. The Wendigo is tough enough to withstand the most adverse environments, whether it's a technical mountain trail or a cush fire road. It's constructed of A2-SL alloy with an over-sized seat tube, S-bend chain stays for better vibration displacement, and Fuji's PowerCurve down tube. The PowerCurve places you in the best position for comfort, control and pedaling performance. A rigid and tapered fork and frame rear triangle are equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power in virtually any condition. A bike this unique needs a custom drivetrain. Shimano Deore Rapid Fire 10-speed shifters and an XT rear derailleur are married to a SRAM X7 front derailleur and a Samox 2x10 36/22 crankset. The result is that precision is placed where it matters most. An 11-36 Shimano cassette gives you great trail gear possibilities, from grinding out a big ascent, to throwing it into the 36x11 for a hair-raising descent down the trail. No matter your preference, the Wendigo's gear development has something for you. Finally, a set of burly Weinmann rims and Vee Bulldozer 26 X 4.7 wide tires let you run a lower pressure to great advantage. Try cornering or riding a berm on the Wendigo and you'll easily stick to it. Additionally, the Wendigo really makes a name for itself where other bikes perform poorly: the snow and sand. That stability and wide footprint will make anything from sand dunes to billowy snow easy to navigate.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 979.00

Fuji Roubaix 1.3 Road Bike - 2016
Description: Fuji Roubaix 1.3 Road Bike - 2016. Now, we say this quite a bit about Fuji bikes, because we love them after all, but the Fuji Roubaix 1.3 hits the sweet spot when it comes to road performance and body comfort. After all, you can't just throw a bunch of nice parts on a bike and expect it to ride well. Bikes need to be engineered for the demands of their riders. Fuji knows that as well as anybody. Bikes have been around for over 100 years and they've been endlessly tinkered with and refined for longer than cars have been around. Fuji, one of the oldest brands still in existence today, continues to produce their Roubaix model, but doesn't tinker with it for one reason: you. You say so. The Fuji Roubaix 1.3 road bike is exactly what you want, and has been for years. It has a superior design, competent components, and it's dependable as can be. It's one of our best-selling models and will continue to be for years to come. The Fuji Roubaix is designed with more aggressive race geometry to improve critical aerodynamics for maximum speed, and meet the end goal of elevating your performance. Fuji uses their proprietary aluminum tubes, which are butted, to increase the frame's durability and maximize rider energy output through enhanced stiffness. A Press-Fit BB86 bottom bracket shell provides more surface area to attach a larger down tube and chain stays for better stability and rigidity under load. The internal bearing design is also lighter than traditional external cups as well. The shorter head tube of the Roubaix lowers the handlebar position and consequently puts you in a more aerodynamic riding position. Additionally, the head tube is tapered to improve front-end handling and increase strength under rider torque. Finally, the Roubaix frame is designed with shorter chainstays, which results in a shorter wheelbase for precise handling at a moment's notice, and a full carbon fork (carbon steerer too) to smooth out the road ahead. Every Roubaix has a mix of great components. The 1.3 features a Shimano 105 11-speed drivetrain parts and an Oval 520 mid-compact crankset. A forgiving 11/28 cassette allows you to handle grades of all kinds without sacrificing big gears for power. Oval's luscious suede tape and road tuned saddle make every ride enjoyable and sturdy alloy bars, stem and seatpost keep you confident and in control. Fuji has packed a ton of great detail into the Roubaix 1.3 and we think you'll agree it makes a terrific all-around bike.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 919.00

Fuji Supreme 3.0 Women's Road Bike - 2011
Description: Fuji Supreme 3.0 Women's Road Bike - 2011. Ridiculously quick and designed with the woman rider in mind, the Fuji Supreme 3.0 carbon road bike is as comfortable to ride as it is fast and agile. Shimano components, a Fuji proprietary carbon frame layup and Oval Concepts parts make short work of any climb or descent. The Supreme frame, with women's specific geometry, is made from Fuji's C4 carbon fiber blend, custom configured to maximize the frame's strength-to-weight ratio. Their premier C4 high-modulus carbon gives you a super light frame with an extended fatigue life. Both the frame and fork utilize Fuji's RibTech, which is an I-beam frame and fork reinforcement for ultra-stiffness and the translation of power input. A BB86 Press-Fit increases the bottom bracket area in order to attach a larger down tube and seat tube, and larger chainstays for lateral and vertical frame compliance. The bearings are housed inside the frame to lower weight when compared to a standard external bearing bottom bracket. The carbon fork is tapered for additional stiffness and improved handling under torque during sudden acceleration. Shimano Tiagra handles the drivetrain duties. Women tend to have smaller hands and a shorter reach. The Tiagra shifters have a reach adjustable and ergonomic design. The wide link rear derailleur improves shifting efficiency, prolongs the life of the pivots and can accommodate the more forgiving 28-tooth cassette. Shimano Tiagra compact crank with a 50/34 chainring configuration gives you the most flexibility for achieving a comfortable cadence during ascents and descents. Oval Concepts handlebar, saddle and seatpost provide miles of maintenance free durability. The 3D forged aluminum stem has a slight 6 degree rise for added comfort, relieving the shoulders and back of any undue tension. The Supreme 3.0 is finished off with luxurious suede handlebar tape that is soft and forgiving to the touch.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 1049.00

Fuji D6 1.0 Triathlon Bike - 2012
Description: Fuji D6 1.0 Triathlon Bike - 2012. One of the most successful triathlon/time trial designs of all time is now available again--but in limited quantities. The Fuji D6 is fast, light, and sleek to deliver you to the top of the podium, or just deliver up a personal best. With the D6 1.0, you get the very best parts and components money can buy, but at an absolutely great value that goes easy on the wallet. The D-6, thanks to its proprietary design, is one of the most dominating triathlon bikes on the market. Fuji does not stamp-out frames like many competitors. From concept to prototype and testing to a bike's final fabrication, Fuji invests heavily in their research and design. Fuji uses two unique carbon fiber blends, custom configured, to maximize the frame and fork's strength to weight ratio. Their premium D6 carbon is high-modulus (high degree of stiffness) is the very same C4 carbon used on their professional race bikes to keep the D-6 as light and compliant as possible. Aero tubing and concealed brakes give the D-6 and its rider every advantage against the clock. The FC-440 aero fork features a carbon steerer for additional stiffness against acceleration and internally routed cables for a clean look. All of these details translate into a super light bike with an extended fatigue life. The Fuji D-6 1.0 features a full Dura-Ace Di2 790 electronic 10-speed drivetrain. More than in any other type of bike, Di2 revolutionized the TT/tri bike by enabling the rider to shift from both the basebar and the aero bars. This means improvements in safety, handling, and efficiency. Not only that, but electronic shifting is a revolution that gives you more accurate, reliable, and powerful shifting . A stiff and lightweight Rotor 53/39 crankset and 11/25 crank and cassette ratio are aggressive enough for you to spin up a high gear and unleash every watt you have. Oval 915 carbon wheels feature a deep aero profile to help you slice through the wind and improve stiffness, while the alloy brake track makes stopping easier and more reliable, especially when the weather isn't exactly ideal. Hutchinson Atom Comp tires are lightweight, with a narrow profile shape that helps reduce frontal drag--essential on a fast and flat course. A super premium Profile Designs Volna S-bend handlebar and Oval 900 carbon stem help stiffen up the front end, and improve comfort for those long, solo drags. A Fuji multi-position seat mast topper makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 4399.00

Fuji Sportif 2.5 Road Bike - 2016
Description: Fuji Sportif 2.5 Road Bike - 2016. Incredible value, fitness fun, and great performance can all be yours with the Fuji Sportif 2.5 road bike. This bike's broad appeal starts with its sporty look and comfort geometry that everyone from seasoned riders to beginners love. But look a little closer, and you'll see there's plenty of performance packed into the Sportif 2.5. Fuji created comfort geometry that puts you in a more upright riding position, a position that takes pressure off your neck, back, and butt. The position is less fatiguing, so you can ride longer. This more comfortable geometry means not only is the Sportif a great fitness bike, it can also handle gravel and long-distance racing, or the dirt roads where you live. The Sportif 2.5 features the lightweight and durable Fuji A2-SL compact double-butted alloy frame. Top and down tubes are made using the hydroforming process for increased strength and durability. The Sportif 2.5 has a reliable Shimano drivetrain, with 7-speed cassette and a Fuji 50/34 T compact crank. This puts a total of 14 gearing options at your command to help you go fast on the flats and spin up the hills. Vera Corsa DPM27 double-walled rims are light and durable, and the Vera Helios 700x25mm tires have the durability to handle highway or country miles. Oval Concepts components complete the Sportif 2.5, including the comfortable Oval Concepts 301 handlebar with padded suede tape and the Oval Concepts R300 saddle with steel rails. If you're looking for a bike that blends fitness performance with riding comfort, the Fuji Sportif 2.5 road bike is an excellent choice.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 419.00

Fuji Transonic 2.3 Road Bike - 2016
Description: Fuji Transonic 2.3 Road Bike - 2016. Aero is the new buzzword in the cycling industry, and it's much more than just hype. Study after study has shown that aerodynamics Is the single most important factor when it comes to unleashing a rider's full potential. Those gains can come from a lot of places--like body position, deep section wheels, and helmets--but the frame is one of the most important places Which is why Fuji introduced the Transonic, which incorporates all the latest aerodynamic advances of the last few years into a single, race proven platform. The Fuji Transonic 2.3 Road Bike is the result of years of aerodynamic research and engineering. Fuji was one of the first companies to go aero with their beloved SST model. They've evolved the concept further, taking lessons learned from the development of their other super bikes, the Norcom Straight and Track Elite, plus input from their pro riders on the Caja-Rural pro team, who have ridden the bike to victory after victory in 2016. The Fuji Transonic frame has been design to help you cut through the wind. Fuji's engineers spent several years wind-tunnel testing and FEA-modeling the Transonic frame to achieve the right shape to help you gain an advantage on your competitors. They found that while aerofoil shapes may be aerodynamically efficient, they compromise the rigidity of the frame. They also don't perform as well in a cross-wind, and can compromise your control of the bike To solve this problem, Fuji uses a wide cross-section tube shape made from C5 high modulus carbon fiber that cuts through the wind but increases stiffness, and increases your control of the bike at speed. They also borrowed some of the most successful wind-cheating elements of their hyper-fast Track Elite and Norcom Straight TT models. An aerodynamically contoured head tube-fork-downtube junction blends the frame areas together to ensure smooth, uninterrupted airflow over the front of the bike and across the downtube. The seat tube-seatstay junction is sculpted to reduce turbulent air exiting the seat tube -- in the Transonic's case, contoured around the rear brake to shield it from the wind. An aero seat post with an integrated seat clamp that produces cleaner airflow, plus a roughened surface on the front of the seat post to ensure the post doesn't slip. The seat tube is also contoured around the rear wheel to minimize drag. But what good is aerodynamics without top-shelf components? Shifting duties are handled by Shimano's popular competition-level Ultregra 6800 groupset, a revolution in mechanical shifting. 6800 is arguably the most popular groupset in the world with riders of all levels, and is more than just a refinement of the previous 10-speed 6700 gear, but has been completely redesigned to deliver the best that mechanical 11-speed has to offer. With improved ergonomics, a redesigned and more powerful front derailleur, Shimano has made sure that Ultegra 6800 is more than enough to put you on the top of the

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Fuji Price: USD 1759.00

Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor 3 Soft Strap
Description: Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor 3 Soft Strap. The Premium Heart Rate Monitor 3 Soft Strap provides highly accurate, wireless transmission of your heart rate to Garmin compatible devices. Adjustable strap fits snugly around your chest and its softer fabric gives more comfort than ever before. Now features an anti-static conductive layer and contact patch, so your shirt or Cycling Jersey won't interfere with data transmission.

Store: Performance Bicycle Brand: Garmin Price: USD 69.99

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