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Problem Solvers Copper Fire Pit Table Backyard Grilling Solutions
Description: Our Copper Fire Pit Table does double-duty as a handy table when you're not using it as a fire pit! Perfect for evenings (and afternoons) on the patio, it's made of a beautiful hammered solid copper bowl with a sturdy metal base in a weatherproof black finish. Ingenious design includes a fitted copper lid that converts it into a handy side table. A mesh spark guard is included to contain sparks. The poker matches the metal base in a weatherproof black finish and rests on a hook for convenience. Solid hammered copper fire pit table Multi-use fire pit converts to a table with included lid Mesh cover contains sparks Poker included Beautiful copper finish Dimensions 29" dia. x 24"H

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 399.95

Problem Solvers Campfire Fishing Pole Backyard Grilling Solutions
Description: Looking for a fun, safe way to roast multiple marshmallows or hot dogs over an open fire? The Fireside Fishing Pole and optional holder make fireside cooking even more fun! Instead of a hook, our Fireside Fishing Pole has a unique mechanism that holds either 4 marshmallows or 2 hot dogs. A safety stop keeps the wire from swinging hot food back toward the cook, so you'll feel good about the kids using it. Food flips easily with just a flick of the wrist for even cooking. It's a practical, fun way to enjoy food and fire! Fire Fishing Pole and Holder (sold separately) Stainless steel pole and fishing wire are rust-proof and fire-proof Fishing pole safely cooks 4 marshmallows or 2 hot dogs Safety stop keeps the hot food from swinging back Food turns with a flick of the wrist for even cooking A fish embellishment adds to the fun designDimensionsFishing Pole 34"LHolder 36"L

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 24.95

Problem Solvers Chrome-Plated Steel Hot Dog & Marshmallow Cookout Set Backyard Grilling Solutions
Description: Here's a fun and easy way to make fireside food! Great for fire pits, campfires, and even your wood fireplace, this complete set includes four picnic forks, two "big stick" hot dog forks, two extendable forks and one brat/hot dog roaster. Enough to share with friends and family! 9-Piece Hot Dog & Marshmallow Fork Set Perfect for large campfires and bonfires Chrome-plated steel with wood handles Set includes 4 picnic forks, 2 big stick hot dog forks, 2 extending forks and 1 brat and hot dog roaster Great for indoors or out - hearthside, fire pit, camping or backyard funDimensionsPicnic forks: 22"LHot dog forks: 33"LExtension forks: extend to 32" L

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 39.95

Problem Solvers Cedar Shelf Dividers For Wire Shelving Basement Organizers
Description: Problem: Your wire shelves don't protect your precious woolens, or allow you to neatly stack your clothes. Solved! Our 2-piece Cedar Shelf Dividers easily fit onto your wire shelving to help stack and organize clothing in your closet. Best of all, the 100% natural-grown cedar wood dividers deter moths and mildew from your silks, woolens and precious clothing. Dividers are easily installed with Spring N Loc brackets. There's no cutting or measuring necessary. You'll enjoy the fresh, pleasant cedar scent that drives bugs away. Plus, your clothing will remain neatly folded and damage free. Cedar shelf dividers improve wire shelving 100% natural cedar wood Cedar repels moths, roaches, silverfish and mildew Spring-loaded brackets on dividers make for easy installation Pleasant cedar scent will refresh your closet and clothing SizeEach divider 12"L x 3/8"W x 9-3/4"H

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 34.95

Problem Solvers Monkey Bars Bike Rack Basement Organizers
Description: Problem: You prefer to keep your bikes stored safely indoors, but they occupy too much valuable garage/entryway space. Solved! The Monkey Bars Bike Rack allows you to store up to 6 bikes neatly and securely in any indoor storage space. Strong enough to support up to 200 lbs, this bicycle storage rack is a compact and efficient way to store multiple bikes. Maximize the space in your entryway, garage, workroom, storage shed and more by securely hanging up to six bikes from this monkey bars bike storage system. It frees up valuable floor space, while providing a neat, long-term solution to your bike storage problems. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty and installs in as little as 15 minutes! Bicycle storage rack Holds up to 6 bikes (up to 200 lbs.) Adjustable hooks slide on bar Industrial steel frame easily installs in 15 minutes! Includes lifetime warrantyDimensions51"W x 5"D x 4"H

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 119.95

Problem Solvers Wooden Shoe Storage Chest With Handle Basement Organizers
Description: Problem: You need a sturdy and practical storage unit that doesn't take up a lot of space. Solved! Storing shoes has never been this easy or good looking. Our wooden shoe storage chest/shoe organizer is small enough to fit into any entry way, mudroom or bedroom. This practical shoe organizer/storage chest serves as a bench and conceals a pull-down tilt drawer with three shelves. The chest can hold up to nine pairs of shoes. It's constructed with MDF wood with veneer and finished in a walnut stain. Metal drawer pull and hinged drawer. Small wood shoe storage chest Great for entry ways, mudrooms or bedrooms Serves as extra seating with drawer and three shelves Holds up to nine pairs of shoes Finished in walnut stainSize36"L x 16"D x 24"H

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 179.95

Problem Solvers Clean Wave Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer Bathroom
Description: Problem: Germs and bacteria thrive in the moist environment of a toothbrush, and leftover plaque and bacteria can live long after ordinary rinsing. Solved! The Clean Wave Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer uses safe UV-C light to eliminate up to 99% of viruses, germs, and bacteria from your toothbrush. Sturdy case protects your toothbrush from airborne germs, bacteria and from cross-contamination from other toothbrushes. Built-in timer provides automatic 6-minute sanitizing cycle. Kills up to 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses Portable Built-in timer with 6-minute cycle Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) Available ColorBlue/whiteSize8-34"L x 2-12"W x 1"D

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 24.95

Problem Solvers Grout Cleaner, set of 2 Bathroom
Description: Problem: You can't get that grout stain out! Solved! These specially formulated polymer "erasers" remove almost any stain from your tile grout instantly, using no chemicals! Simply hold the eraser at a 45-degree angle and rub it gently over the stained area. Works on coffee, algae, mildew, soap scum, rust, wax buildup, and more. Erasers can be used on wet or dry, sanded or unsanded, sealed or unsealed grout. Two bars of different sizes. Grout cleaner Chemical-free polymer eraser removes almost any stain Easy to use on any kind of grout surface Works on coffee, algae, mildew, soap scum, rust, wax buildup and more Includes two bar sizes

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 12.95

Problem Solvers Magnetic Shower Curtain Holder Bathroom
Description: Problem: Water floods bathroom floors when kids or other members of your household take a shower. Solved! This Magnetic Shower Curtain Holder clasps your shower curtain firmly in place to keep water in the shower and off floors. Prevent water from escaping during showering with this straightforward solution that requires no tools to install. The Magnetic Shower Curtain Holder creates a magnetic seal to trap water inside the shower or tub, preventing leaks, puddles and other dangerous, slippery messes. Perfect for parents, the shower curtain holder works with most curtains or liners to prevent costly water damage to floors, walls and other bathroom fixtures by keeping water contained and floors dry, no matter who is using the shower. It's also great for older bathrooms without fans, as it allows you to dehumidify your bathroom by opening a window and also prevents the curtain from flapping (and water from splashing) if a gust of wind blows in through the open window. Simply adhere one magnetized piece of the holder to your shower tile or bathroom wall and the other to your shower curtain, and watch as the magnets keep the curtain clasped firmly in place. Shower curtain clasper Magnetized design holds shower curtain firmly in place to prevent water from escaping Adheres simply to the wall and curtain; no tools necessary! Eliminates dangerous puddles or water damage Works with most standard curtains or linersSize1-1/5" x 1-1/2" x 30

Store: Problem Solvers Brand: Problem Solvers Price: USD 29.95

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