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Daisy Shatterblast. 4 target stakes and 8 breakable target disks
Description: The most exciting target concept to ever hit the market! Instant gratification! Made of bio-degradable, non-toxic clay, ShatterBlast target disks S-H-A-T-T-E-R when you shoot them. Simply push a target stake into the ground or bale of hay, (check to make sure your backstop is safe) , insert a 2" disk and blast away. Can you hit one with a rifle at 50 feet? How about six in a row with a CO2 pistol at 15 feet? Break one in half, it's even tougher! This makes shooting even more FUN! Shown below as package on the right. Buy more target disks here!

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Daisy Price: USD 10.74

Daisy Shoot-N-C Self-Adhesive Airgun Targets
Description: Each hit on your Shoot-N-C target explodes in bright color, so you know exactly where you hit! And the adhesive backing lets you quickly and easily place targets over existing targets or on any penetrable backdrop. Use indoors or out! Shoot-N-C targets make airgun shooting fun and exciting. Pack includes 60 1" targets, 30 2" targets and 20 3" targets.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Daisy Price: USD 9.54

Do-All Outdoors Bullet Box, Pellet & Rimfire Trap, 10"x11"
Description: Do-All Outdoors Bullet Box For airgun and rimfire gun projectiles

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Do-All Outdoors Price: USD 71.99

Ecotarget Ice Target Mold, 2 Target Sizes
Description: Ice target mold 2 target sizes (5 are 3"Wx4"H and 4 are 1.5"Wx2"H) Fill mold with water, freeze, pop out targets and shoot Shot targets produce an exciting shattering effect Environmentally friendly No cleanup or dangerous residue that could injure people, pets or wildlife Cheap to make User-adjustable for thickness and color Use with pellet guns or firearms (never shoot steel BBs at these...they'll ricochet) Made in USA If you can turn on a faucet, you can make your own reactive targets. No technology, no special skills, no mess. ALWAYS wear safety glasses and remove all pets from the area as the targets will shatter in all directions. DIRECTIONS: Place empty mold in freezer Fill cavities with water (soda bottle works well) For 1/4" thickness, fill to witness mark found at apex of each target For 3/8" thickness, fill to the top of the cavity To remove targets from mold, remove mold from freezer & let rest on counter for 3-4 minutes at room temp To unmold, hold mold upside down over a towel and gently twist at opposite corners Store unmolded targets in freezer til you're ready to shoot If you want to enhance your targets, add some food coloring. That also makes them easier to see. Get more than one mold and stack filled molds in your freezer. Fill and leave them in the freezer until you're ready to use them. That way, you'll always have some available whenever the mood strikes you to shoot. In warmer weather, your ice targets may melt faster than you like. Inhibit fast melting by making pykrete, which is a mixture of 14% sawdust and 86% water (by weight...frozen) . They'll last longer than dry ice but won't shatter as well as plain ice targets.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Ecotarget Price: USD 11.99

Gamo Competition Target
Description: Competition target Corrosion-resistant powder coating Designed for 1-2 shooters Easy to assemble For use with all airguns up to 1000 fps Quick disassembly for storing or transporting Do not use with steel BBs. Use only with lead airgun ammo Tired of shooting at cans? Try a fun spinner! This sturdy unit has a metal powder-coated frame that will deliver hours of shooting pleasure. Shoot at the spinners sticking out on the sides, and the horizontal rod with screw threads will turn. As the threaded bar turns, it sends the horizontal target moving one way or the other. Shoot the spinner at the top, and it'll turn the threaded rod in one direction. Shoot the spinner at the bottom, and the threaded rod turns in the opposite direction. There are 2 spinners, each attached to one threaded horizontal rod. Compete against another shooter for hours of fun. Or shoot by yourself, switching between spinners. Loads of fun!

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Gamo Price: USD 23.99

Gamo Cone Pellet Trap, Collapsible, 100 Paper Targets
Description: Gamo cone pellet trap Heavy steel construction Collapsible Accepts 5.5"x5.5" targets 5.5"x5.75"x7.5" 1.9 lbs. Some assembly required Includes 100 paper targets Use only .177-caliber lead pellets with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 fps or less Hone your shooting skills with Gamo's high-quality cone pellet trap. The trap can be used freestanding or hung on a wall. Recommended for use with lead airgun ammo only. Do NOT use steel BBs when shooting at this trap. BBs can rebound and ricochet, causing permanent injury to the eyes. Everyone in the area should wear safety glasses when someone is shooting. Do not leave the cone trap exposed to the outdoors. Take it inside when not in use. Have a suitable backstop in the event you miss the cone trap.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Gamo Price: USD 20.34

Gamo Deluxe Spinner Targets, 10 Spinners
Description: Deluxe spinner targets Due to the multiple rods, can be assembled in many configurations. The tallest assembly being 35"H x 6"W. 10 spinners Removable target holder interchanges with horizontal spinners Powder-coated, corrosion-resistant finish Sturdy construction Includes 24 orange bullseye stickers, 6 balloons & 100 paper targets 1-year limited warranty For .177 pellet guns with muzzle velocities up to 1000 fps. Use lead pellets only (not alloy) . Place targets at least 25 yds from muzzle of gun

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Gamo Price: USD 35.99

Gamo Deluxe Zombie Spinner Airgun Target, Incl. Stickers & Paper Targets
Description: Deluxe zombie resetting spinner target 4 spinners with 2 targets each Paper target holder on top of frame Corrosion-resistant, powder-coated frame Use only with .177-caliber lead airgun pellets (up to 1,000 fps) Includes zombie stickers and zombie paper targets Use .177-caliber lead pellets only. Place target at least 25 yds from muzzle of gun. Do not shoot steel BBs at this target, as they will ricochet. Use with guns shooting a max velocity of 1,000 fps. Set this up in your backyard and spend the day shooting without having to go downrange to see if you hit. The spinners will whip around and reset for the next shot. With so many spinners, you could invite friends to come over and do some shooting at the same time.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Gamo Price: USD 35.94

Gamo LED Light Airgun Target Trap,
Description: Gamo LED light airgun target trap Corrosion-resistant powder coating Durable construction Precision target system Red, yellow and white LED lights Automatic reset function Portable and easy to set up For airguns shooting .177-caliber lead pellets with a muzzle velocity of 750 fps or less Do not use this target at distances closer than 15 ft. The pellets could fragment on impact and cause injury or even ricochet and bounce back to the firing line. Do not use steel BBs or alloy pellets. Use only .177-caliber lead pellets. Do not shoot at this target with guns exceeding 750 fps muzzle velocity.

Store: Pyramyd Air Gun Mall Brand: Gamo Price: USD 35.99

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