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Description: The CoreStretch is an innovative tool for helping you safely stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments not only in your back, but also in your shoulders, hips and legs. Effective even on hamstrings and shins, the CoreStretch takes you through a wide array of exercises at three fitness levels, and has ten length adjustments from 29 to 50 so it can be used comfortably by almost anyone.

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 75.00

Humanscale Foot Massage Machine
Description: Take off your shoes and stimulate your feet s pressure points while you work with the Humanscale Foot Massage Machine. Elevate your feet to relieve pressure while the five rows of massage balls smooth out knots and increase your blood flow. The constant movement helps prevent blood clots, varicose veins, and pressure on the Achilles tendon caused by excessive sitting. The Humanscale Foot Massage Machine can increase healthy circulation and fully engage your lower body muscles.

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 129.00

Humanscale Keyboard Tray with Clip-on Mouse Platform
Description: Adjustable keyboard tray for any height, depth, or posture Clip on mouse tray included Right handed and left handed user friendly Mouse not included

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 319.00

The LumbarCushion by Tempur-Pedic
Description: Extra lumbar support for extended periods of sitting. Dark navy blue cover is removable and washable Replacement covers available (sold separately) Pairs well with The SeatCusion by Tempur Pedic (sold separately)

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 89.00

Tempur-Pedic Travel LumbarCushion
Description: This LumbarCushion by Tempur Pedic Travel provides a smaller option for easy travel. It fits easily in a carry on bag so you don t have to travel with back pain. When you re not traveling try this product in conjunction with the Tempur Pedic Home and Office Seat Cushion. The Travel Lumbar is made with TEMPUR pressure relieving material and will help get rid of pressure points in your back to relieve back stiffness and discomfort. Take along the LumbarCushion by Tempur Pedic Travel, a smaller version of the Lumbar Support Cushion.

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 59.00

Rock-N-Stop Footrest
Description: Proper positioning of the feet in relation to the rest of the body can help reduce the strain on your back and neck muscles. Rock N Stop Footrest allows you to rock your feet stimulating blood circulation in your legs. Grooved wood top matches any d cor. Choose from two colors Cherry wood or Black wood. Also available in two heights: 3 or 6.

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 69.00

Adjustable Footrest
Description: Reduces pressure on your lower back, hamstrings, spinal column, and buttocks Adjustable foot rest provides a gentle rocking motion to stimulate lower body circulation Comes in two sizes to accommodate all heights. Helps maintain good posture during prolonged periods of sitting Prevents slouching, while reduces foot swelling

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 49.00

Humanscale Liberty Office Chair
Description: Humanscale s Liberty Office Task Chair includes these key product features: 1. Intelligent recline to automatically adjust support and angle through every stage of reclining. 2. Body form adjusting mesh back for a custom fit with no adjustment needed 3. Adjustable armrests 4. Size designed to fit 95 of people 5. Castors to easily roll across multiple floor types.

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 949.00

Lifeform Ultimate Executive Padded Footrest
Description: Padded with temperature sensitive LIFE Foam memory material Non slip, bean bag underside that moves with you to comfortably adjust your legs and feet to the proper angle Increase circulation and reduce fatigue by adding this foot rest to your office chair Shown in Mocha Premium Leather. Available in Standard Black leather with matching wood finish or in premium leather, which comes with a cherry wood finish to coordinate with the Lifeform Ultimate Upgrade on your Ultimate Executive Chair.

Store: Relax The Back Brand: Price: USD 175.00

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