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Zebra - Sarasa Retractable Gel Pen, Assorted Ink, Medium - 14/Pack
Description: Evolutionary Rapid Dry Ink technology dries in less than a second, eliminating smears and smudges. The perfect pen for lefthanders. See-through barrel lets you know when you're running low on ink.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Zebra Price: USD 13.78

Shade Cloth 8 x 12 - Green
Description: Keep your greenhouse from overheating under the hot summer sun with our commercial-grade, 60% green, knitted shade cloth. The 40% light transmission is perfect if you have delicate plants that don't require full sunlight. The taped edges with corner brass grommets make installation a snap over your greenhouse roof. It can be used as a wind screen or in any area that requires shade. (Hold-down not included)

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Poly-Tex Price: USD 55.97

Electronic Flying 1 Acre Insect Controller
Description: Don't let mosquitoes and other flying pest ruin your outdoor activities. For over 30 years Flowtron has been making insect control systems, and Protecting the Health and Quality of Life for customers around the world. This unit is effective in killing a broad range of insect pests including mosquito species, which can transmit West Nile virus and other infectious diseases. It is a great solution for outdoor areas up to 1 acre using our patented, high efficiency, non-clogging killing grid that is safer, cleaner, more effective and more dependable than other imitators. The high tech vertical grid keeps clean and working reliably all season. This electronic insect controller performs without pesticides, propane tanks, nets or glue panels. It includes a Free USDA tested Octenol cartridge in the carton. Octenol is a by-product of human respiration, it lures a wide range of mosquito and biting fly species into the unit's killing grid. This unit is extremely efficient and operates for only pennies a day. It is rugged, with weatherproof construction and will not rust, crack or fade and features easy bulb replacement. Reclaim your outdoor living space by ridding it of unwanted pest, order yours today.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Flowtron Price: USD 42.98

Tramontina Limited Editions LYON 7 Piece Multi-Cooking System
Description: Tramontina LYON Cookware is made from precision forged extra-heavy gauge aluminum alloy and a ceramic-reinforced nonstick surface, providing gourmet enthusiasts with consistent results. The thick lid and sidewalls create a perfect environment for sealing in flavor. With durable four-layer ceramic nonstick and airtight seal, less oil is required for cooking, making this ideal for preparing healthy meals. Inside the pot, food vapors condense and return uniformly to the food, creating a moist environment in which food is basted in its natural juices, preserving nutrients and maintaining natural flavors. The efficient design reduces cooking time, requires less energy to cook and helps keep the kitchen cooler, all while producing delicious and flavorful meals.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Tramontina Price: USD 269.94

Jaguar Plastics - Super Extra-Heavy Liners, 56gal, .63mil, 43 x 48, Natural - 200/Carton
Description: Star seal bottom helps prevent leakage. High-density polyethylene offers superior film strength ideal for paper and non-sharp objects. Individually folded and dispensed.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Jaguar Plastics Price: USD 49.94

Description: The Chromacryl Student's Acrylic Paint Set includes 6 colors: cool yellow, cool blue, warm red, deep green, black and white.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: School Specialty Price: USD 110.88

Hand-painted Oil Reproduction of Claude Monet's Le Coucher Du Soleil La Seine.
Description: Le Coucher Du Soleil La Seine has been carefully recreated detail-by-detail, color-by-color to near perfection. Why settle for a print when you can add sophistication to your rooms with a beautiful fine gallery reproduction oil painting? While Monet successfully captured life's reality in many of his works, his aim was to analyze the ever-changing nature of color and light. Known as the classic Impressionist, Monet cannot help but inspire deep admiration for his talent in those who view his work. This work of art has the same emotions and beauty as the original. Why not grace your home with this reproduced masterpiece? It is sure to bring many admirers!

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Price: USD 142.34

Description: In a weathered and distressed sea blue finish, this simple cabinet has a bold personality full of rustic charm. One single deep drawer has a decorative pull and there is a pullout tray to extend the area on top. Tapered legs flow gracefully down and support an open shelf for display.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: Treasure Trove Accents Price: USD 188.87

Ukulele For Dummies Starter Package
Description: The UKFD Ukulele For Dummies Starter Package includes everything you need to begin learning the ukulele today. You'll be able to begin playing, and gain experience, thanks to the included Ukulele Basics For Dummies Book with Instructional CD. The Kohala ukulele features an attractive, satin finish. Also included is a padded, nylon gig-bag with zippered storage pouch, carry handle and shoulder strap, plus a Kohala Digital Tuner.

Store: Sam's Club Brand: For Dummies Price: USD 85.68

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