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Daveas GourmetA Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
Description: So darn hot itas spooky! Daveas Gourmet has become world-famous for its assortment of amazing hot sauces, and this one takes the cake for many fans.This is a delicious addition to any food, but especially sauces, meat, and internationally inspired dishes.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Dave's Gourmet Price: USD 12.00

Durgol Express Decalcifier
Description: Make sure your morning cup is as great as it can be. Powerfully and effectively remove lime and calcium build-up in your coffee makers with this formula made in Switzerland.Proven to work 5a10 times faster than other brands, the Durgol decalcifier is clean rinsing and leaves no smell or taste. Simply combine 8 oz. of Durgol Express with equal parts water and run it through coffee makers, then rinse with 1a2 tank fillings of water.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Frieling USA Price: USD 15.95

Staub Rooster Knob
Description: Give your Staub cookware a charming new look with this animal-shaped knobs. Miniature works of art, these sculptural knobs are beautifully crafted from gleaming stainless steel. To customize the lid of your pot or pan, simply unscrew the knob and replace it with one of these charming options. Compatible with all standard Staub cast-iron ovens and cocottes. Available in rooster and fish shapes, each sold separately.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Staub Price: USD 29.95

WiltonA Basketweave Decorating Tip #48
Description: Create beautiful basketweave designs for cakes, cupcakes, or cookies with these popular tips from Wilton. Tips #47 and #48 are perfect for making smooth or ribbed stripes. Both tips work with standard-size bags and couplers. Dishwasher safe.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wilton Price: USD 1.50

CuisinartA Stand Mixer
Description: Engineered with plenty of power for mixing, kneading and whipping, this heavy-duty mixer boasts twelve speed options for precision control over every task. The included toolsaa chefas whisk, flat mixing paddle, and dough hookaadapt to a variety of recipes, and the 5.5-quart stainless steel bowl easily accommodates large batches.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Cuisinart Price: USD 249.00

Cole & Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set
Description: Perfect for any table setting, these handsome mills feature sleek, modern materials and design. Precision grinding mechanisms deliver a consistent, uniform grind in textures from fine to coarse. Established in England in 1919, Cole & Mason is passionate about the art of perfect seasoning, pairing classic styles with modern innovation to help home cooks get the most out of their spices.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Cole & Mason Price: USD 79.95

Diamond Cookie Cutter
Description: A batch of cookies fresh from the oven sweetens any occasionacelebrate year-round with fresh-baked treats for family and friends. Our collection of cookie cutters in a huge array of fun shapes and sizes is perfect for kidsa parties or after-school snacks, and helps create the perfect complement to ice cream and coffee. 3.5.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ann Clark Price: USD 1.25

Miyabi Birchwood Santoku Knife
Description: Authentically Japanese in design, each knife features 101 layers of steela50 layers clad on each side of the Cryodur-hardened SG2 microcarbide steel coreaforming a delicate Damascus pattern with a Rockwell hardness of 63. Each blade in the Birchwood collection is hand-honed using a traditional three-step honbazuke process. Itas sharpened twice on whetstones with custom grits, followed by mirror polishing on a leather wheel. The genuine hamon edgeaa visible line where flexible outer layers and incredibly hard core layer meetais reminiscent of legendary Japanese swords. A hamon edge is a sign of superior craftsmanship. The D-shape of the natural Masur birch handle creates a comfortable grip and ensures tireless cutting, even with frequent use. Handle features an intricate mosaic center pin, red detailing, and engraved endcap. This elegant, efficient santoku knife works well with a forward and backward stroke or straight-down chop. The name translates roughly as athree usesaaitas for slicing fish, cutting meat, and chopping vegetables. 7? blade. Hand wash. Sharpen with Miyabi sharpening stones. Limited lifetime warranty. Made in Japan. Catalog, website and select stores...

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Miyabi Price: USD 279.95

Scanpan Evolution Grill Pan
Description: This professional-quality grill pan features Scanpanas legendary ceramic titanium nonstick cooking surface, resulting in a pan thatas great for grilling meats, fish, veggies, sandwiches and moreaall without sticking.Scanpanas industry-leading nonstick cooking surface makes it easy to cook low-fat meals without sticking or scorching. Unlike standard nonstick, Scanpanas GreenTEK ceramic-titanium coating is great at searing and browning, is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and is even safe for use with metal tools. The next stage in nonstick cookware, Scanpan Evolution is built from 100% recycled aluminum and features an improved nonstick coating as well as ergonomic, rivetless handles for a completely smooth cooking surface. Scanpan Evolution is only available at Sur La Table.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Scanpan Price: USD 99.95

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