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Regency Natural Ultra-Fine Cheesecloth
Description: All-natural cheesecloth is made of durable, lint-free cotton with no bleach or additives. Great for a variety of culinary uses, including straining soups and sauces, basting turkeys, making cheese, forming packets for herbs and spices, and straining jams and jellies. Also ideal for hundreds of uses in the home, including polishing, cleaning windows and mirrors, finishing furniture, and protecting shrubbery and plants. Not intended for use with flame. 7A 1/2 x 5.8 x 0A 1/2 ; 4 oz. Made in the USA.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Regency Price: USD 5.00

Tinned Steel Individual Pie Pan
Description: Tinned Steel Individual Pie Pan, 5

Store: Sur La Table Brand: R & M Intl Corp Price: USD 2.95

OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Fish Turner
Description: Perfect for turning delicate fish fillets and crab cakes, folding omelets, flipping burgers and more, this handy spatula features a flexible head that slides easily under delicate foods and a soft, nonslip handle for a secure, comfortable grip. Thanks to the silicone coating, turner is safe for use with nonstick pans.Web only.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 11.00

OXOA Bottle Brush
Description: Two types of bristles allow for both serious scrubbing and gentle cleaningaitas safe for crystal, stemware, baby bottles, vases and more. Neck flexes for easy reach inside bottles, and the non-slip handle provides a sure grip, even when wet. Stainless steel with plastic grip and bristles. 2A 1/2 x 2A 1/2 x 12A 3/4 . Hand wash.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 8.95

OXO Good Grips Nylon Turner
Description: Perfect for flipping burgers, sautAing veggies, scrambling eggs and more, this heat-resistant nylon spatula is safe for use with any cookware. Turner features a slender nonslip handle for a secure grip and a stylish stainless steel accent. Web only.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 7.00

OXO Good Grips Silicone Steamer
Description: This innovative silicone steamer basket delivers perfectly steamed foods and rolls up for compact storage. The large center area easily accommodates fish fillets or other large items, while the high walls keep cooking foods contained. Silicone feet elevate the steamer over boiling water and wonat scratch nonstick surfaces. Corner pleats allow the steamer to be used with a wide array of pot sizes and large, stay-cool handles allow easy transferring of food.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 16.95

Kuhn Rikon Foldable Splatter Screen
Description: This handy screen helps prevent splatters but still allows access to cooking foods. Need to add ingredients, stir, or check on a dish? Simply lift one side of the screenathanks to the central fold, the other half stays securely on the pot. Durable silicone screen features a sturdy wire-reinforced rim and cleans up easily in the dishwasher. Handles lock together for compact storage.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Kuhn Rikon Price: USD 20.00

Crescent Moon Cookie Cutter
Description: A batch of cookies fresh from the oven sweetens any occasionacelebrate year-round with fresh-baked treats for family and friends. Our collection of cookie cutters in a huge array of fun shapes and sizes is perfect for kidsa parties or after-school snacks, and helps create the perfect complement to ice cream and coffee. 3.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ann Clark Price: USD 1.25

Vintage Friends Paper Cocktail Napkins
Description: Humorous cocktail napkins add some fun and personality to your party. Environmentally friendly napkins are biodegradable, bleached without the use of chlorine and use water-based colors. Sturdy triple-ply construction. Made in Germany.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Shannon Martin Price: USD 7.00

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