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Dotted Red Treat Sheets
Description: An easy way to dress up your baked treats for special occasions and gift giving. These adorable decorative sheets with a fun dot print are perfect for lining bakery boxes, gift bags, cake stands, serving platters and more. Made of greaseproof parchment.Includes: 24 sheetsMaterial: ParchmentCare: DisposableDimensions: 7 length x 8 heightMade in the USA

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Regency Price: USD 7.95

WusthofA Tri-Stone
Description: A dull knife is not only ineffective but is also dangerous. Keep those blades sharp and safe with this convenient three-in-one stone sharpener from WA 1/4 sthof. Whether youare repairing a dull, damaged edge or maintaining out-of-the-box sharpness, three different grits allow you to fine-tune your sharpening and all-in-one design spares you the hassle of dealing with multiple stones. Included holder provides a stable surface for sharpening, while the bonus water bottle helps you keep the stone clean and properly lubricated. Stones are color coded and engraved with afine, medium and coarsea for ease of use. An excellent sharpening system at an incredible value.Includes: Coarse (240#) , medium (1000#) and fine (3000#) stones, holder, 30ml water bottleManufacturer: WA 1/4 sthofMaterial: Stone, woodCare: Soak in water for 10 minutes prior to each use to remove lingering metal dustDimensions: 7 x 2 (stones) ; 9A 1/2 x 1A 3/4 (holder) Warranty: Limited warrantyMade in China

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wusthof Price: USD 49.95

WusthofA Gourmet Carving Set with EpicureanA Cutting Board
Description: Great for everything from serving up perfect cuts of prime rib to slicing leftovers for your favorite sandwich, this attractive, functional set contains everything you need to carve and serve meats in style. Pairing timeless WA 1/4 sthof quality with Epicureanas revolutionary USA-made cutting surface, this set features a hollow-ground carving knife that slices through meats with ease, a serving fork for steadying the meat while slicing, and a cutting board that will not dull knife blades. An attractive addition to any kitchen, this set offers three great pieces for one incredible price.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wusthof Price: USD 63.96

Bialetti Kitty 6-Cup Espresso Maker
Description: A modern reimagining of Bialettias classic espresso maker, this two-part stainless steel stovetop brewer delivers delicious, rich espressoaadd a dollop of foam for an espresso macchiato or pour over a scoop of ice cream for a creamy affogato. One sip, and youall understand why thereas a Bialetti brewer in 90 percent of Italian households.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Bialetti Price: USD 59.95

Marques de Grinon Estate-Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Description: The first extra virgin olive oil produced by Marques de GriAon, this estate-bottled blend features Arbequina and Picual oils for a well-balanced, intensely aromatic oil with notes of green tomatoes, fresh grass, artichoke and green almonds. Adhering to the highest standards of cultivation and production, the olives are processed within two hours of harvest, resulting in a gleaming, pleasantly pungent oil that has garnered the attention of oil experts around the world. Packaged in dark Bordeaux-style glass with the royal GriAon crest. 2008 Award-Winner: Outstanding Oil at the Fancy Food Show.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Price: USD 30.00

DeaLonghi EcoDecalk Descaling Fluid
Description: Keep your espresso machine running smoothly with this eco-friendly descaling fluid. Developed from natural, nonpolluting and biodegradable raw materials, this descaling fluid will help increase the life of your espresso machine and is an environmentally responsible alternative to harsh chemicals. Each bottle contains enough fluid for four cleanings.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: DeLonghi Price: USD 15.00

Lekue 22-oz. Green Steamer Case with Tray + Free Cookbook
Description: Take the hassle out of cooking with this convenient platinum-silicone steam case. Promote healthy steam cooking and save all the nutrients, too. Delicious steamed, oven- or microwave-prepared foods retain their nutrients and flavors. Veggies come out crisp and hot. The removable inner tray is perforated to allow for draining. Remove the tray for astew-typea cooking. The shape of the case provides for ideal steam circulation and faster, more even cooking. Withstands temperatures up to 428AF. 2A 1/2 x 9A 1/2 x 5A 1/2 Made in Spain. Dishwasher safe.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Lekue Price: USD 25.00

WusthofA Epicure Santoku Knife
Description: The engineers at WA 1/4 sthof went back to the cutting board and spent two years designing a new collection from scratch just for us. The result: The most innovative and technically advanced Western knives weave ever offered.Material: Stainless steel and wood fiberCare: Hand washDimensions: 3A 1/2 Warranty: Lifetime warrantyMade in Solingen, GermanyALL-NEW DESIGN FROM BLADE TO BOLSTER TO HANDLEExtra knuckle clearance. Perfect balance. From USA-made Epicurean handle to wide, ceramic-coated blade, itas by design that an Epicure knife feels like it belongs in your hand. REVOLUTIONARY CERAMIC-COATED BLADEEach blade has been treated with a revolutionary invisible ceramic coating to make cleanup easy, prevent food from sticking and protect against damage over time.NEWLY REDESIGNED WIDER BLADES ARE MORE USER-FRIENDLYEngineer Bjorn Berger designed the wider blade shapes with a slight curve to enhance stability, comfort, and knuckle clearance.ULTRA-HYGIENIC AND ERGONOMIC EPICUREAN HANDLEThe Epicurean recycled-wood-fiber handles are made in the USA of the same silky smooth, ultra-durable material used to make professional cutting boards.NEW FORGED BOLSTER FOR INCREASED STABILITYTo create a knife of unmatched strength and stability, the experts at WA 1/4 sthof used almost 200 years of experience to rethink traditional bolster design. Youall feel the results every time you use this knife.DOUBLE-RIVETED FULL-TANG HANDLEThe sturdy two-rivet handles are made of epicurean, a unique wood-fiber composite used in commercial kitchens thatas ultra-durable and hygienic.MULTIPURPOSE WORKHORSESantoku means aThree Virtuesa in Japanese, and this knife gets its name for the three strengths it demonstrates in the kitchen: Cutting vegetables, thin-boned meats, and fish.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wusthof Price: USD 189.95

Kimberley Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Vinegar
Description: Produced from the finest Californian wines using the time-honored Orleans fermentation process, Kimberly artisanal vinegars balance robust, varietal wine flavors with just the right amount of acidityaperfect for vinaigrettes, reductions and everyday use. This Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar is aged in wooden barrels for a robust flavor and is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Price: USD 12.95

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