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Star SG817FT76 Stellar Lite Fast Taper Rods
Description: Our new Fast Taper Stellar Light rods are designed for the increased popularity of casting light plastic baits with or without jig heads. They are also great for casting light lures and bucktails when a fast, long cast is desired. We use Fuji Concept guides which are a perfect match for these actions. These actions also work well for kayak fishing where casting without shifting body weight is important. There are 9 models with regular style butt and foregrips and 5 models with the new style split butt grips. For any type of inshore fishing there is a Stellar Light rod for you.A $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Star Rods Price: USD 109.95

Princeton Tec Corona Headlamp COR-GR Green
Description: The Princeton Tec Corona regulated-LED headlamp floods your entire field of vision with an even distribution of light. Designed to reduce eye fatigue, the Corona's wide beam eliminates the need for your eyes to adjust quickly from very bright to dark areas, as they do with standard, narrow beam lights. Excellent peripheral lighting simulates normal daylight conditions and allows you to take advantage of your entire field of vision without moving your head. Proprietary heatsink technology and 8 shock-resistant, wide-angle Ultrabright LEDs are the foundation of the Corona. You can switch between 8, 5, 3 or 1 LED output, making it a great hands-free lighting choice to satisfy all of your outdoor, work and personal lighting needs. Corona is UL certified: Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & DUL Temp Code: T612 ModesBurn TimeBeam Length1 Ultrabright - Blink160 hours18 meters1 Ultrabright - High55 hours18 meters1 Ultrabright - Low70 hours10 meters3 Ultrabrights - Blink120 hours30 meters3 Ultrabrights - High46 hours30 meters3 Ultrabrights - Low55 hours15 meters5 Ultrabrights - Blink80 hours40 meters5 Ultrabrights - High38 hours40 meters5 Ultrabrights - Low45 hours25 meters8 Ultrabrights - Blink48 hours51 meters8 Ultrabrights - High30 hours51 meters8 Ultrabrights - Low36 hours30 metersPrinceton Tec Corona User Manual (gif image file, 251Kb)

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Princeton Tec Price: USD 57.99

Okuma CW-303DLX Cold Water Line Counter Reel
Description: Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Reels feature corrosion resistant frame and side plates. The Cold Water series from Okuma are comprised of quality external components including, an aluminum spool engage lever, ratcheting aluminum star drag, a titanium coated wide-mouth levelwind, machined aluminum spool and a stamped aluminum power handle featuring an ergonomic non-slip rubber grip. The Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Reels also feature quality internal components such as; heavy-duty machine cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse system and a full Carbonite drag system. The internal components are held solidly in place with the Okuma Mechanical Stabilization System, a one-piece hold plate that maintains long term alignment of the gears and shafts. Machined Aluminum spoolQuick-Set anti-reverse, 1-way bearingPrecision cut, heavy duty brass gearsTitanium coated level windOversized, smooth multi-disc Carbonite Drag systemErgonomic, oversized knobLine Counter measuring line in feetLarge Star Drag mechanismLine Clicker

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Okuma Price: USD 119.99

Shimano WOL020 Jigging Wind-On Leader 20lb
Description: Shimano Jigging Wind-On Leaders are exclusively designed for Butterfly Jigging. Connection between the main braided line, and the shock leader, is easy and fast from a loopto- loop system, virtually eliminating bulky knots. Plus, the shorter braided and hollow section provides for a smooth long cast, resulting from less friction through the rod guides.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Shimano Price: USD 17.99

Star Rods EX2050SAR Aerial Stand-up Rod
Description: For the cost-conscious beginner or serious fisherman, Star Aerial Inshore Spinning & Casting rods feature graphite reel seats and premium guides.A $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Star Rods Price: USD 179.95

Spyderco C10FPBL Endura4 Lightweight Flat Ground Plain Edge Knife
Description: Simply put, a well constructed, rugged, versatile knife. It will become your "go-to" tool for emergencies when you need something razor sharp. It is said, contrary to popular belief, that you won't cut yourself with a sharp knife, but a dull one. The reason being is that a dull knife can slip and come back at the operator. In contrast, these are-no pun intended cutting edge knives.4-way Clip. Screw-together constructionSkeletonized steel internal liners. Phosphor bronze washersFRN Bi-Directional Textured handleDavid Boye Dent - Enlarged opening holeSpine jimping, full flat-ground blade

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Spyderco Price: USD 109.95

Seaguar 60FP25 Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader Material 25yds
Description: Virtually invisible. Smaller Diameters. Incredible knot and tensile strength. Perfect shock leader. Extremely soft, with low memory. Seaguar Fluoro Premier and Seaguar Fluoro Premier Big Game. We took fluorocarbon to the next level. Ater all, we invented it.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Seaguar Price: USD 28.99

Humminbird XT-14-74-HDSI-T TM for ION & ONIX Side Imaging
Description: The Humminbird XT-14-74-HDSI-T is a 200/50/455/800kHz Side Imaging Transom Mount Transducer for Humminbird and ION and ONIX Series Units. Mount on the transom (back of the boat) .Available on many models, the impact release feature pivots transducer out of the way if struck by an object

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Humminbird Price: USD 349.99

St. Croix TIS66HF Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rod
Description: Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods are handcrafted with St. Croix's exclusive SC graphite for strength and durability. St. Croix Tidemaster rods are fitted with premium saltwater-grade hardware including Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides featuring new 316 stainless steel frames for dramatically improved corrosion resistance. Tidemaster rods are meticulously finished with two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish. Purchase any St. Croix Rod other than a St. Croix Ice Rod, Ice Combo and receive a FREE St. Croix Khaki Logo Cap - $20.00 retail value. The FREE St. Croix Khaki Logo Cap will be added automatically to your shopping cart.A $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: St. Croix Price: USD 170.00

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