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Owner 5122-045 JigRig Hooks w/ Lead Weight - 5/0 - 1/4oz
Description: Owner 5122 JigRig Hooks w/ Lead Weight are the ultimate hooks for fishing soft plastic baits along the bottom. The slim-profile weight, with bait in tow, drops straight down, penetrating vegetation until you feel it hit bottom. Then, as you slowly retrieve the snagless rig over bottom contours, your bait, rigged on a hook that pivots independent of the weight, freely moves about, tantalizing even the most wary bass. With the weight leading the way, the compact profile of this rig allows for longer, more accurate casts. Weights can easily be removed and added to the split ring without re-tying line or re-rigging bait. Perfect for Texas Rig'N, the light wire hook (Attached to a solid ring) features an extra wide gap, Z-lock shoulder bend, Super Needle Point, and Black Chrome finish. All packs include 2 Jig Rigs.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Owner Price: USD 7.49

Sea Striker CL25 Crab Throw Line
Description: A weighted 25' throw line to reel in bushels of crabs. Won't dry rot or frey from the corrosive effects of salt or brackish water. Some crabbers elect to just use throw & a net for ease of use, and less load to carry in contrast to traps. It also takes more patience and skill to reel crabs in on a line!

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Sea Striker Price: USD 1.49

Hopkins Shorty Plain Lure S-1
Description: The Shorty resembles baitfish with thick bodies that are heavier than conventional spoons for improved casting or deep jigging. Great for freshwater or saltwater species, this lure has a hammered finish which creates a very strong appeal to fish. These lures have 2 features which make them more efficient than other lures of the same genre. They mimic schooling shad very closely and the other feature is due to their makeup, they can be cast into moderate to heavier wind conditions much easier than a lighter weight lure.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Hopkins Lures Price: USD 4.49

SeaSucker 5280 Medium Duty Handle
Description: Our custom-made handle with two 4 1/2" SeaSuckers is rated to hold over 200 lbs! That's a lot of pulling power. Use it as an extra hand-hold or grab bar, or use it like we do - as a carrying handle. We attach it to the side of our heavy displays and carry them in and out of the boating and fishing shows we do. The starboard handle is pre-drilled for adding extra attachments, such as a cleat.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Seasucker Price: USD 104.99

Maretron DM-DB1-DF-06.0 Mid Double-Ended Cordset 6 Meter Blue
Description: Maretron Mid Double-Ended CordsetsMechanical: Contact Carrier Mat/Color: Thermoplastic PUR/Blue-GrayMolded Body Mat/Color: Thermoplastic PUR/Blue-GrayContact Mat/Plating: Brass/GoldCoupling Nut Mat/Plating: Brass/NickelConnector Outside Diameter: 0.59"Electrical Current Rating: 4.0 AmpsVoltage Rating: 250 VCableOuter Jacket Mat/Color: PVC/GrayConductor Insulation Material: PE (data pair) , PVC (power pair) Number of Conductors: 2x16 (1.29mm) AWG, Data 2x20 (0.81mm) AWG, 20 (0.81mm) AWG Drain Wire Shielding (3 Levels) Environmental Protection Class: IEC IP68, NEMA 1,3,4,6PTemperature Rating: -40 deg C to 80 deg C to (-40 deg F to 176 deg F) Approvals (Cable) UL: PLTC 75 deg C Sunlight Resistant E90625, AWM 80 deg C 300V (Cable) CSA: CMX-OUTDOOR-CMG LL54185 75 deg C, AWM I/II A/B 80 deg C 300V FT4 NMEA: NMEA 2000 ApprovedIEC: IEC 61162-3

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Maretron Price: USD 34.99

Penn SSTMARLINPNK Cabo Marlin 100% Cotton Tee Shirt Pink (Women) - Size Large
Description: Official PENN short sleeve tees feature 100% high quality cotton construction with a tagless neck for added comfort. Each tee features a fish print back graphic, with the PENN shield logo on the front chest pocket (No pocket on SSTMARLINPNK models, PENN shield located on chest) . Sizes range from M-XXL in Men's and S-XL in Women's.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Penn Price: USD 21.99

Maretron NM-NG1-NF-04.0 Mini Double-Ended Cordset 4 Meter
Description: Maretron Mini Double-Ended Cordsets: MechanicalContact Carrier Mat/Color: Thermoplastic PUR/Blue-Gray Molded Body Mat/Color: Thermoplastic PUR/Blue-Gray Contact Mat/Plating: Brass/Gold Coupling Nut Mat/Plating: Brass/Nickel Connector Outside Diameter: 1.06"Electrical Current Rating: 9.0 Amps Voltage Rating: 300 VCable Outer Jacket Mat/Color: PVC/Blue Conductor Insulation Material: PE (data pair) , PVC (power pair) Number of Conductors: 2x15 AWG, 2x18 AWG, 18 AWG Drain Wire Shielding (3-Levels) : Braid (Overall) , Foil (Power Pair) , Foil (Data Pair) Environmental Protection Class: IEC IP67, NEMA 1,3,4,6P Temperature Rating: -40 deg C to 80 deg C (-40 deg F to 176 deg F) Approval (Cable) UL: PLTC 75 deg C Sunlight Resistant E90625, AWM 80 deg C 300V (Cable) CSA: CMX-OUTDOOR-CMG LL54185 75 deg C, AWM I/II A/B 80C 300V FT4 NMEA: NMEA 2000 Approved

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Maretron Price: USD 46.99

Crowder Bluewater SU4066U AFTCO Unibutt Stand-Up Rod
Description: Crowder Blue Water Rods consist of the finest materials and components available today. Our blanks are built with premium E-Glass and are designed to handle the most strenuous loads. Blue Water Rods are built with top quality Fuji and Aftco components. Crowder offers the largest selection of models, whether you're fishing for king mackeral or giant tuna. Blue Water Rods consist of Stand-Up, Big Game, Spin Troll, and IGFA Rods. Crowder Rods has designed the right rod for every venture.A $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Crowder Rods Price: USD 319.99

Smith Sport Optics ANPCGMMW Pivlock Arena Sunglasses
Description: The Smith Sport Optics Pivlock Arena Sunglasses are engineered and designed for elite level athletes with ergonomic face fit to perform in the most extreme conditions. These sunglasses are lightweight and feature 2-position adjustable nose piece, slide-on temple ends. They are the perfect sunglasses for running or cycling. Medium Fit / Medium CoverageCarbonic LensesTR90 Frame MaterialHydroleophobic Lens CoatingTwo-Position Adjustable Nose PadsSlide-On Temple Tips7x4 Toric Lens CurvatureIncludes clear and ignitor lensesLifetime warranty

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Smith Price: USD 159.00

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