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Berkley Nanofil Filler Spools 300yd NF30010-HV
Description: The new Berkley Nanofil filler is the longest casting line by Berkley yet. Anglers will experience exceptional casting distance and accuracy allowing much more water coverage and therefore as a result catch more fish. The Berkley Nanofil lines have zero stretch which means the best sensitivity available. Anglers will feel everything through their line. The Nanofil line has amazing strength along with durability and a high diameter ratio. It is thin and light. Berkley has outdone themselves with this Nanofil line that has zero memory which means no more line tangles spend less time untangling and more time angling. Berkley Nanofil lines are durable, strong, and thin. Perfect for any angler looking to catch more and more fish. Made from gel-spun polyethyleneSpinning reel fishing line with Dyneema nanofilaments which is The Worlds Strongest Fiber. Uni filament process

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Berkley Price: USD 38.95

G Loomis Pro4x10810-4 Pro4x Fly Rod
Description: G.Loomis Pro4x Fly Rods have expert fly anglers wondering how so much performance gets packed into such an affordable package. A new taper design along with a noticeable weight-reduction in the upper half of the blank allows G.Loomis to make a fly rod that is incredibly light, recovers quickly and casts with unbelievable precision. It's the G.Loomis way. reduce as much weight as possible, take total advantage of the materials and create a taper that is dynamic, efficient and user-friendly. Pro4x Fly Rods are as beautiful to look at as they are to cast. A rod any flyfisher would be proud to own! Pro4x10810-4Large permit, small tarpon, big snook. you name it, this rod will handle them all. When those big fish do everything they can to get back into the protection of their cover or habitat, this rod will tell them "no". It's an exceptional big fish rod, but the biggest advantage is the light weight.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: G Loomis Price: USD 375.00

Grip-Rite 12 Ga 1-1/2 In. 4D 316 Stainless Steel Deck Nails - 5 Lbs
Description: Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel Deck Nails are suitable for any exterior application, including gazebos, fences, decks, and docks. These marine grade hand drive deck nails blend with grains, diffract sunlight, and offer greater holding power thanks to their textured head head and aggressive ring shank. Marine grade Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners are the absolute best choice for building in coastal areas. When building near salt water, common stainless steel fasteners just won't cut it. Marine grade 316 stainless steel has been used for years in wooden boat construction and repair because it is the best performing alloy in terms of corrosion resistance. If your building materials are designed to stand the test of time, it only makes sense to use a 316 stainless steel fastener that is designed to match that long life expectancy. Learn more about Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel FastenersGrip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners (PDF, 1.9MB) These items are not eligible for free shipping promotions.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Grip-Rite Price: USD 47.36

Seeker BCBW6586-1/2'T Blue Lightning Inshore Specialty Rod
Description: The Blue Lightning Inshore Series rods by Seeker are composite design combined with high density S-Glass matrix and military spec longitudinal graphite fiber. These rods were designed with inshore species in mind. These rods have the actions necessary to cast baits into the right spots with accuracy, while at the same time having the power and backbone that the angler needs to power the fish out of hiding and to the landing net. Features: EVA foam gripsGraphite reel seatsUltra hard TiCH ring guides accented in blueCoated with durable transparent blue poly-urethane coating for long lasting glossy finish while providing UV protection for glass and graphite fiberMade in USAA $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Seeker Price: USD 204.00

Maretron TFT-1.25BSP 1.25in BSM Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube
Description: The Maretron TFT-1.25BSP is a 1.25in BSM Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Maretron Price: USD 66.99

NavPod GP1093 SailPod for 9.5" Wide Guard - Pre-Cut for 7015/7215
Description: The NavPod SailPod GP1090 Series for 9.5" Wide Guard is for mounting a single radar or chartplotter at the helm where you can easily operate and clearly see the fine details of the screen. A single SailPod is best mounted on a Single Bend AngleGuards or use a Double Bend AngleGuards to fit an InstrumentPod on the top vertical section and SailPod below on the angled section. NavPod SailPod GP1090 Series for 9.5" Wide Guard Features: Acrylic capped ABS plasticChromed stainless steel tamper-proof fasteners and wrenchDouble seal for watertight integrityStainless steel mounting hardware and mounting gaskets

Store: TackleDirect Brand: NavPod Price: USD 539.99

Hansom Tackle LN19 Rubber Mesh Landing Net
Description: The Hansom Rubber Mesh Landing net is designed with rubber so it's tangle free for easy use. This net also collapses for easy storage.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Hansom Tackle Price: USD 34.99

Seeker SS 6470-7' S Super Seeker Spinning Rod
Description: Super Seeker rods are truly technologically advanced rods that combine the classic look with the latest technology in materials. The blank color is brown with a tangerine finish. All blanks have a double-coat of urethane finish. Super Seeker rods are the most powerful and fastest recoil rods Seeker has ever built. This is accomplished by using 120 carbon fiber and Super Glass with Seeker's new EH04 Epoxy Resin System. Super Seeker rods are built to match today's powerful two speed reels such as American made Avet reels. When rods break they usually break on the bottom side of the rod. The top side of the rod can stretch more than the bottom side can compress. By using the Super glass tip and the EH04 resin system it gives these rods three times the compression strength of "E" glass and produces faster recoil. Super Seeker front and rear grips use a new material called E.P.D.M. It is softer but more durable than Hypalon reducing wrist fatigue. The color is unique to Seeker Rods. Have Fuji Titanium Plated guides with the Silicon Carbide inserts. The reel seats are 6061-T6 Aluminum black hard anodize.A $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Seeker Price: USD 428.00

Abu Garcia VERC70-5 Veracity Casting Rod
Description: The Abu Garcia Veracity Rods are exceptionally sensitive and lightweight making it the perfect balanced package engineered for today's serious anglers. These rods are constructed from 36 Ton graphite with Nano technology, which allows these rods to deliver the perfect combination of sensitivity and impact resistance. Features:36 Ton graphite with NanoTechnology for decreased weight and increased impact resistanceTitanium alloy guides with Ti inserts allow for a super lightweight guide giving the ultimate in rod performanceHigh density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durabilityMicro Guide system provides improved balance and sensitivityTexas rigged hook keeper for all bait applicationsA $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Abu Garcia Price: USD 149.95

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