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Hi-Seas Quattro Plus Low-Vis Camo Line 2 lb. Spool GSQ-2-12
Description: HI-SEAS popular Quattro Plus camouflage fishing line provides excellent performance while retaining all the qualities that anglers have come to love, especially its ability to disappear underwater! Quattro Plus does for fishing line what camouflage clothes do for a hunter - it breaks up visual patterns so it blends into the background. Its unique formulation gives it incredible linear and impact strength with excellent abrasion resistance.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Hi-Seas Price: USD 55.49

Yo-Zuri HD25LB-CL HD Fluorocarbon Leader
Description: Yo-Zuri HD Fluorocarbon is a fluorocarbon leader that maximizes the advantages of fluorocarbon with a clear tint. Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in the water until it gets nicked or scraped up. If this happens, that section of the leader actually lights up from the sunlight. The clear line helps reduce this problem keeping an anglers presentation as natural as possible. Yo-Zuri HD Carbon has incredible abrasion resistance, ultimate invisibility, higher sensitivity, superior knot strength, and is a softer, suppler leader material than other fluorocarbons on the market.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Yo-Zuri Price: USD 14.99

MDR Weatherseal Tape
Description: MDR Weatherseal Tape is ideal for cushioning windows and doors. Absorbs shock and eliminates vibration. Prevents metal to metal contact.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Marine Development & Research Price: USD 10.99

Lee's Tackle Clamp-On Antenna Mount Size #2
Description: Heavy duty Clamp-On brackets come ready to mount fixed antennas. These brackets are designed to fit standard size aluminum pipe. Constructed from marine grade aluminum, all brackets are anodized after fabrication for 100% anodized protection. These brackets come standard with bright silver anodized finish. Quickly attached or detached with only an Allen Wrench, they are the perfect retro-fit item.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Lee's Tackle Price: USD 59.99

AFW TKB00005 Brass Coastlock Snap Swivels Kit, 67 Pieces
Description: AFW Product Code: TKB00005Brass Coastlock Snap Swivels25 pc - #7 - 75 lb (34 kg) , Black12 pc - #5 - 90 lb (41 kg) , Black12 pc - #3 - 100 lb (45 kg) , Black6 pc - #1 - 150 lb (68 kg) , Black6 pc - #2/0 - 225 lb (102 kg) , Black6 pc - #4/0 - 350 lb (159 kg) , Black

Store: TackleDirect Brand: American Fishing Wire Price: USD 22.99

Maretron TLM100 Tank Level Monitor
Description: The Maretron TLM100 Tank Level Monitor is used to sense levels of liquid tanks using ultrasonic technology and transmit the liquid levels over the NMEA 2000 network. This allows you to observe tank levels anywhere on the vessel where there is an NMEA 2000 compatible display such as the Maretron DSM250. The TLM100 Tank Level Monitor is capable of sensing tanks up to 40" (1.02m) in depth. It can be used for diesel, fresh water, grey water, black water, and oil tanks. Unlike most tank senders that only work with rectangular tanks, the Maretron TLM100 can be calibrated for irregular tank shapes so you know the true level of your tanks. The Maretron TLM100 Tank Level Monitor can be mounted on tanks with a SAE J1810 5-hole mounting pattern, or to tanks using 1.5" NPT or 1.25" BSP threaded openings via available adapters. The TLM100 Tank Level Monitor has an optional airlock for black water applications to keep the face of the ultrasonic transmitter from fouling, and an optional focus tube to allow use on boats with planing hulls when the vessel spends a significant amount of time with the bow pitched up. Best of all, the Maretron TLM100 is NMEA 2000 certified so you can view any and all tank levels anywhere on the vessel using a compatible NMEA 2000 display. The Maretron TLM100 Tank Level Monitor is a key component of Maretron's N2KView vessel monitoring and control system.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Maretron Price: USD 173.99

Betts 20-8 Mono Series Super Pro Bait Casting Net
Description: Betts Mono Series Super Pro Bait Nets are tightly woven, strong and durable casting nets. They spread out extremely easily and sink with ease. You'll be hard pressed to find a product with as much craftsmanship and quality for the money as Betts.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Betts Price: USD 129.99

Grip-Rite 12 Ga 3-1/4 In 12D 316 Stainless Steel Siding Nails 25 Lbs
Description: Split-Proof Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel Siding Nails are designed to attach fine wood sidings, including redwood and cedar, to wood studs. These marine grade siding nails feature a blunt diamond point, slender ring shank, and small, textured head. Reduces splitting, blends with grain, and accepts finishes. Marine grade Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners are the absolute best choice for building in coastal areas. When building near salt water, common stainless steel fasteners just won't cut it. Marine grade 316 stainless steel has been used for years in wooden boat construction and repair because it is the best performing alloy in terms of corrosion resistance. If your building materials are designed to stand the test of time, it only makes sense to use a 316 stainless steel fastener that is designed to match that long life expectancy. Learn more about Grip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel FastenersGrip-Rite PrimeGuard MAX 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners (PDF, 1.9MB) These items are not eligible for free shipping promotions.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Grip-Rite Price: USD 223.50

Mustad 412NP-BN Heavy Duty Beak Bait 10/0 Hook 2pk
Description: The Mustad Beak Bait Hook is available in the following sizes:2/010/08/06/04/0

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Mustad Price: USD 5.99

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