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Shimano Talica TAC50II Lever Drag 2 Speed Reels
Description: These High Speed, Compact Leverdrags, with Powerful Gears and Drag Curves were designed for fly-lining live baits or chunks into the chum line on Long Range Stand-Up Tuna Boats, utilizing PowerPro with short top shots. Small Reel - Big Fish! The TAC8II and TAC10II were designed for fishing 40-50lb PowerPro with a 30-40 Fluorocarbon leader (up to 13 lbs of drag at strike and 20 lbs at full) , whereas the TAC12II and TAC16II were designed for fishing 65lb-80lb PowerPro with a 60lb-80lb Fluorocarbon top shots (up to 22lbs of drag at strike and 40 lbs. at full) .

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Shimano Price: USD 1199.99

Scotty 405-BK ORCA Rod Holder w/ 459 Adjustable Rod Holder Extender
Description: The Scotty ORCA Rod Holder is the fastest rod release of any holder on the market. Fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon offers strength, resilience and reliability. With one quick motion, your fishing rod is lifted straight out into the fish fighting position. This model includes the 459 Adjustable Rod Holder Extender, which provides the option for you to position your Scotty Rod Holder into that perfect fishing fighting location. Conveniently position your rod holder closer to you on your kayak or your downrigger to eliminate reaching for your rod. When adjusted properly, this configuration allows for a closer inboard positioning of the ORCA rod holder, creating a faster and easier rod removal. Unique Side or Deck Mounting Bracket with new Lock Down FeatureTilts up and down, including upright for rod storage when travellingLess missed strike opportunitiesSwivels 360 degreesLocks closed for travellingOrca Interior Diameter: 1.60" front, 1.86" backExtends the height of the rod holder by 6-1/2"Comes with a star knob bolt

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Scotty Price: USD 36.99

Spyderco C11PSBBK Delica4 Lightweight FRN Combination Edge Knife
Description: The Spyderco Delica4 folding blade offers a solid design with a smooth metal handle that gives you surface area for adding personal engraving or embellishment. The hollow-ground, modified skinning-style blade is made of AUS-6 which is loaded with a carbon level of around 1-% for advanced edge retention. Two sets of pre-drilled holes let the clip be positioned for tip-up or tip-down carry. Blade Steel: AUS-6Blade Thickness: 3/32"Stainless-steel clipDiameter of Blade Hole: 15/32

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Spyderco Price: USD 119.95

Seaguar 06 TS 1000 Tatsu 1000Yds Fluorocarbon Line
Description: Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line. Throughout the centuries, the mythical, mighty dragon has been described as fierce, formidable, stealthy, and virtually indestructible. Like the flexible, lithe, and armored scales of a Dragon, TATSU has a tough, but soft exterior, while hiding an inner strength incomparable to any other line on the planet. TATSU is a Double Structure Fluorocarbon (DSF) line. Made with two custom, 100% Seaguar Fluorocarbon resins, extruded in one solid piece, TATSU is simply the best of the very best in Seaguar lines. No other competitor can match Seaguar's proprietary extrusion process that releases the performance power of this uniquely structured line. Seaguar's strongest and softest line, TATSU is the apex of Fluorocarbon. It is made exclusively from 2 different 100% Seaguar resins.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Seaguar Price: USD 163.99

PowerPro Depth Hunter Braided Fishing Line 333yds, 65lb
Description: PowerPro Depth Hunter metered braided fishing line is ideal for jigging and trolling. PowerPro Depth Hunter allows you to target fish at specific depths of the water column and set up trolling spreads with lures at precise distances. PowerPro Enhanced Body TechnologyTM with multiple-color dying process.4-Color - Blue / Yellow / Green / Orange.25ft per color = 100ft / 4-color. Color repeats every 100 feet.2" Black hash or tick marking every 5ft for precise lure depth placement. Available sizes: 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, 100lb & 150lb (150lb available only in 1500yd & 3000yd lengths) .Available lengths: 167yds, 333yds, 500yds, 1500yds, 3000ydsApplication: jigging and trolling.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Power Pro Price: USD 46.49

PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Fishing Line White 40LB 100 Yds
Description: PowerPro braided Spectra fiber with Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) gives you awesome handling performance on any reel. Unlike the older style braided lines, fishing with PowerPro is as easy as fishing with monofilament. An incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line, PowerPro doesn't bury in the spool, and casts long and smooth - even after a hard strike. PowerPro outperforms monofilament lines in any situation and leaves other superlines in the dust.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Power Pro Price: USD 12.49

Maretron DSM150CVR-03 Covers Package of 2 White
Description: Package of 2 white covers for the Maretron DSM150 Multi-Function High Bright Color Display.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Maretron Price: USD 10.99

AFW FWSS03B/50 310Lb. 50pk Stainless Steel Crane Swivels Black
Description: American Fishing Wire Mighty Mini Crane Swivels are 100% stainless steel and are 3 x's stronger than conventional brass swivels of the same size. Smart anglers know that terminal tackle can spook wary game fish. That's why AFW engineered this line of compact, 100% stainless steel crane swivels to be smaller and stronger than the leading brands of swivels on the market. Now you can use swivels for your rigs, and snap swivels for attaching lures, that are less visible and significantly more powerful. Mighty-Mini Swivels also have less drag and provide enhanced rotation for more strikes. For decades, crane swivels were manufactured from brass because it is a relatively corrosion resistant material and easy to manufacture. Still today, the leading brand of mini swivels continues to use brass bodies with stainless steel rings that cannot match the strength of Mighty Mini Swivels. Recent advances in manufacturing enable AFW to bring you these revolutionary, smaller and stronger components. Mighty Mini Swivels are available in stealthy gunmetal black finish.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: American Fishing Wire Price: USD 8.49

Penn PURII5000701MH Pursuit II Spinning Combo
Description: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant graphite bodyMachined and anodized aluminum spool4+1 Stainless steel bearing systemGraphite composite blankStainless steel guides with aluminum oxide insertsA $7.00 oversize packaging charge applies to this item as it ships in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

Store: TackleDirect Brand: Penn Price: USD 69.99

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